Jane the Virgin S1E10 - "Chapter Ten" Recap

Jane's grandmother Alba is in the hospital and Jane wants to pray for her to get better but she finds that Alba's rosary is not in her  bag so she wants to go back to the hotel to find it. Her mother advises her against it because of the storm that's headed their way. Jane remains undeterred.

Michael and his partner Nadine had just discovered Sin Rostro's secret tunnel underneath the hotel, which they enter to explore. They find a retinal scanner keeping a door locked and Michael decides to call for back-up so they can bust through the wall.

Rafael's father needs to head out, though his wife advises him against flying in this weather. Rafael assures his father he can run the hotel in his absence, since Lachlan is still out. Rafael learns that he must move forward with the 15% layoffs that Lachlan had been about to do. Rafael feels briefly optimistic before he goes to his office and finds Petra waiting for him. She has signed the divorce papers and says she'll leave just as son as Rafael pays her pre-nup. Rafael isn't keen on giving it up since "Petra" signed it but Petra isn't real. Petra is prepared to tell him the truth, saying she has been on the run from an evil man. But Rafael won't believe her, because he's been fed one (or several) too many lies. An alarm sounds saying that it's now a Category 2 hurricane.

Jane is still on the hunt for Alba's rosary, which one of the other hotel staff, Regina, had found and returns to Jane.

Rose overhears her husband, Rafael's father, on the phone saying that he has no choice and must get out before the storm hits. He also says he'll need 5 million dollars. When he comes out, he claims he was on the phone with his driver and promises to call her once he reaches Prague.

Back-up arrives and gets through the lock in the tunnel. When they enter, they find some sort of surgical operating room. Now they must figure out why Sin Rostro would need such a room. They learn that the room is connected to the medical recovery suites in the hotel. There were 5 patients registered as of this afternoon. The patients were all relocated to Holy Crown hospital before the hurricane hit. Rafael had done it as a precaution. Nadine orders that officers be sent over to get those patients identified asap. Michael remains as determined as ever that Rafael is Sin Rostro, though at this point, I'd reckon it's Rafael's father. Nadine seems to have the same idea and thinks that Rafael's father Emilio should be questioned. Michael wants Rafael brought down to see if the retinal scanner recognises him but Nadine says that the scanner was broken by the tech crew that got the door open. Michael decides he'll go off and "rattle his cage."

Rafael is trying to manage the hotel and spots Jane trying to leave the room. He insists that she has to stay put and orders the hotel to be put on lockdown when the wind blows a large piece of wood into the hotel lobby. Some of the hotel staff become alarmed when they learn that cuts are coming and ask Jane to learn if it's true. Jane doesn't want to take advantage of their relationship that way and says she'll wait to do so later but they point her in the direction of Rafael, who is getting grilled by Michael about the secret tunnel. Rafael is fine with Michael sharing whatever suspicions he has while Jane is present so he does so. Jane is shocked but Rafael stands his ground. Once the conversation is over, he leads Jane away and says that Michael is just trying to make him look bad.

Petra is telling her mother that they'll just sell her jewellery and they can get away. Petra's mother is concerned about the hostage Ivan, who tries to claim that they've been good to him so he won't tell Milosh where they are.

Jane calls her mother who is filling out forms and sitting with Alba, whose condition has not changed. The call gets dropped because of the storm. Xo is amazed to see Rogelio, who pulled some strings and got a police escort so he could be there with her in this dire hour. He dries her tears with a handkerchief from the swag bag from some fancy celebrity after party he had come directly from.

Jane gets into an argument with her friends on the celebrity staff who think that she doesn't understand their worries because she suddenly has a rich father and a rich boyfriend. She goes to visit Rafael and asks about the layoffs. He says that it's unfortunately true because his father wants to make a 15% cut straight across the board. She asks to see it because of her friends, and he allows her to see it. She finds one of her friend's names, Frankie, on the list. Jane lets Frankie know that the layoff is coming but apologetically tells her that it's not her place to ask Rafael to not fire her. Frankie agrees that Jane has changed. Michael corners Jane in an elevator and admits that he's following her because he's concerned about her. Then they get stuck in an elevator together because of the storm. Michael radio's Nadine to let maintenance know.

Xo gets some bad news that immigration will be notified when the storm lifts and Alba will be deported back to Venezuela.

Rose goes to the hospital to visit Luisa, who if you'll remember was wrongly committed by her family. We learn that Luisa has been thriving because of the steady routine and overall has enjoyed her time inside, or at least as much as she can. Rose tells Luisa she feels bad about what she did and what happened. Rose claims that she panicked and feels ashamed, before claiming she wants to be with Luisa. Luisa remains angry over what happened and shouts at Rose to get out.

The storm blows a branch into Petra's room so the hostage begins shifting his chair over to where there are large shards of broken glass on the ground.

Michael continues to nag Jane about Rafael, who implores him to stop and lets it slip about Alba being in the hospital. He apologises and then says he'll try to radio to the hospital where another cop is there. Using the walkie-talkie, Jane is able to talk to Xo and gets the news that Alba's condition remains unchanged. Xo switches to Spanish and tells Jane about Alba being possibly deported. Jane promises to get there as soon as she can. Xo insists that she not take any risks because she's pregnant. Jane shares the bad news with Michael.

Petra returns to her room where she finds Ivan has tied up Petra's mother and is threatening her with a shard of glass, wanting all of Petra's jewellery. Petra is able to get Ivan's gun out of the drawer but not before he runs off shouting about jewels.

Jane and Michael reminisce over their shared history. Jane is worried about her grandmother and just as Michael moves to hold Jane and comfort her, the elevator doors open, exposing the two of them to Rafael, who hears Michael tell Jane to let him know about any updates regarding Alba.

Rogelio assures Xo that he will use all of his celebrity power, wealth, status, and connections to try to help Alba. Xo thanks him and is saddened about never being the daughter that Alba wanted.

Jane tries to convince Rafael to save Frankie but he says that he can't, as she's a new hire and has been late repeatedly. She says she wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important. He then says that the next person on the list is Regina, the woman who had returned Jane's bracelet. Jane doesn't want her fired either, especially since she has two kids. He tells Jane that she must decide between the two and that this part of his job, which is never easy. Rafael goes to check on the circuit breaker.

Rose comes back into Luisa's room, unable to leave because of the storm. She apologises again and presents Luisa with some powdered sugar donuts, which are their go-to post-coital snack. Rose says she knows she can't make up for locking up, but says she can do "other things." The two succumb to their attraction, and Luisa opts to tie Rose up and have her way with her. Meanwhile, Luisa's mute roommate sits and watches. The following morning, Rose says that she'll tell Luisa's father at some point, before asking about someone named "Allegria" (a name she had overheard him say on the phone). Luisa says it's the name of her grandmother on her mom's side. Rose wandered why Emilio would be spending money on a dead woman, until Luisa says that he named his house in Croatia after her.

Xo prays for Alba to get better and recalls a time when Alba taught her to cook in order to not mess up Jane's school "Heritage Day." Xo promises to live a more god-like life if Alba wakes up. She promises to live a chaste life and that she won't let a man between her legs again without a ring. Alba is shown to have woken up but waits to reveal this to Xo until after she finishes her prayer. Alba doesn't remember the accident, only the party. Her vitals look good and the swelling has gone down. They'll run some more tests to be sure and the doctor lets Xo know that the little (immigration) problem has gone away. He adds that he was glad to hear it, and that they must have friends in high places. Xo is grateful to Rogelio but refrains from kissing him, because of the prayer she had made. Rogelio then says that this wasn't his doing, though he'd love to take credit.

Jane goes to visit Frankie and says that there's nothing she can do. Frankie is offended once again and leaves with Jane's other possibly-ex-friends. Jane then gets the call about Alba and is elated that at least this problem is resolved. Jane shares a nice moment with Regina, in which she is shown to be on her way to pick up her kids. Jane then apologises to Rafael for putting him in a terrible position. She then asks if she wasn't on the list because they're having a baby together and he admits that this did influence this decision. Jane says she just has to accept that things have changed. Rafael assures her that she hasn't changed and that any prior version of herself wouldn't have manipulated a situation to get someone else fired in Frankie's place. She agrees but still says that she's different now, even in the way she is when she sees other babies and tries to guess how old they are. Rafael says that he has been doing the same thing and they laugh over the fact that they're always far off the mark.

Michael learns that Rafael's fingerprints were nowhere to be found in the tunnel or the surgical operating room but receives a file of other patients. He looks up and begins noting just how many people walking out of the lobby have had plastic surgery done to their face. He comes to a conclusion, which he shares with Nadine, that 'they' are performing plastic surgery on criminals in that surgical room. The faces are being changed so criminals can hide. Bone fragments were found on the floor which would only be done in surgeries done to alter people's facial structures. Also, the Serbian is long gone.

Petra assures her mother that she'll sell the jewellery and that they'll be okay. Her mother predicts that they have at most 48 hours before Milosh finds them and then 'the real storm' will begin.

Jane asks Rafael about the passports and the extra cash and says that Michael didn't make everything up. He says that he had the possession in his safe moved when he learned Michael was snooping around but he was just trying to get him off his back and pleads with Jane to not let Michael come between them. She promises to not let that happen.

Luisa is revealed to have kept Rose's pin in order to try to pick a lock and escape.

Rose meets with Rafael and shares her concerns about Emilio, saying that she heard him order 5 million to be taken from his account and make plans to move to Croatio, where there is no U.S. extradition. She thinks Emilio plans to flee the country. Rose then says, "What if your father is Sin Rostro?"

Xo calls Michael to thank him for his help and it's revealed that he was the one who called in a favour so Alba wouldn't be deported. He asks Xo not to tell Jane, since she'll just believe he did it to try to win her back. Xo notes that Michael still loves her and Michael says that he won't give up on Jane and will always believe that they belong together. Then the narrator says that as long as Michael lived, up until he drew his last breath, he never stopped believing just that. This of course means that Michael's going to die. Go ahead and start predicting how/when/why/at whose hands!

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