Jane the Virgin S1E7 - "Chapter Seven" Recap

In a flashback from five years ago, we see Jane become smitten by Rafael and share a kiss with him. Her mother warns her that he may just be a playboy and these words seem to come to fruition when three days pass without him calling. Xo catches Jane and Rafael kissing in the present and reminds Jane of all the reasons why pursuing a relationship with him may not be the best idea. Just when Jane is waiting for Rafael to call, he shows up on her doorstep. Jane tells Rafael that she needs more time to think about the relationship and he's willing to give her however much time she needs. When she goes back inside, she gets a text from Michael asking about a watch of his, which she agrees to return to him.

Petra and her mother are still holding Petra's blackmailer, Ivan, captive. Jane also has the sisters at work using her pregnancy to attract people to the school by having couples with fertility struggles come to the school to meet Jane and apparently use her "fertile magic" to help themselves. (But Jane doesn't know this yet). Rogelio is alarmed when Jane says that Xo said he was being dramatic. Meanwhile, Xo gets asked out by the father of one of her dance students. She turns him down but some sparks fly, so…

Jane returns Michael's watch and he tries to understand why their relationship ended, asking if it's about Rafael, but Jane denies that it is and simply says that something's changed. Jane asks Rafael to put a group of her friends on the list of the opening night of a club because he's one of the investors and it's her friend's birthday. Jane insists it's not a date when Rafael says he'll be there but Rafael grins like the Cheshire Cat after Jane has walked off. Jane also lets it spill to Xo that Rogelio had said that she was the one being dramatic, leading to a hilarious meet between the two in which they try their hardest not to be dramatic. Rogelio says he has a date that night and Xo says she does too. He suggests they make it a double date and she agrees, after which they both take off running to find dates.

Jane goes to her office and finds Michael waiting for her next to a large bouquet of roses. They're from Rafael and Michael isn't happy so he goes off sulking like a petulant child. Jane visits Rafael to tell him what has happened and that it needs to stop. When another couple with fertility issues visits Jane at work and asks for a hug, they mention a coin which Jane asks to see and sees a coin that has a picture of her depicted as a virgin Mary of sorts. She confronts the sisters about this and makes it clear that she's uncomfortable and that it needs to stop.

Jane arrives at the club with her friends and finds Rafael heeding her warning to stay away and is sitting in a booth surrounded by ladies. To his credit, he's keeping his hands to himself. The double-date with Rogelio and Xo is proving awkward. As it turns out, Xo's date from earlier, Marco, used to be a professional soccer player. Also, Rogelio is overflowing with jealousy. When Jane spots a girl lick Rafael's neck, Jane tries to move away from where Rafael is. He tries to come over and explain but Jane doesn't want to hear it. As for Xo, she's about to kiss her date when Rogelio interrupts to ask for a ride home because he had too much wine to drink at dinner.

Petra removes Ivan's gag to give him some food to eat to keep him from dying. He has an allergic reaction to the peanut sauce and Petra's mother tells her to let him die. Petra instead takes her mother's allergy pen and revives Ivan. Back at the club, Rafael implores Jane to see that they should give their relationship a chance. She brings up each of the points that her mother had made and Rafael has good reasons to dispute them, showing his maturity and commitment to both Jane and the baby. She agrees to give things a shot, since they're certainly not going to have more time after the baby comes, so she leaves with him to go shopping for snacks.

A drunken Rogelio admits to Xo that he got drunk because he was very jealous of Marco. Jane and Rafael stay up all night sharing stories and other things about themselves, ranging from funny to serious, while munching on snacks. Jane even raps for him, much to Rafael's amazements. They even talk about possible baby names. Jane says that they don't have to discuss boy's names because everyone in her family has had girls.

Petra and her mother are shown to have orchestrated the poisoning of Ivan, as well as his being saved, in order to manipulate him into trusting Petra more. The following morning, Xo is in a panic over the fact that Jane didn't come home the prior night. In actuality, she just fell asleep in Rafael's arms. She calls Michael to ask if he knows where she is and he tells her she should check with Rafael. Xo apologises and he quickly ends the call to get back to his investigation of the criminal known as Sin Rostro. Jane is running late to work so Rafael drops her off in his gorgeous car and Jane must come to work in her party dress from the night before. It appears as if Jane will be fired for not abiding by the school's code of conduct so Jane agrees to give out a few hugs so her job is saved.

Petra sleeps with her ex-fiance Lachlan and offers to give up information on Rafael, even allowing him to record it so he could ruin her if she goes back on their deal, if he will just give her $50,000 (the money she needs to pay off Ivan). Post-coitus, Lachlan tells Petra that he doesn't have the money yet but she will get it after he has taken control of the hotel. Rogelio confronts Rafael at the hotel and says that Xo was worried all night. He warns Rafael that Jane is special and that there will be consequences if he doesn't treat her right. Rafael agrees to treat her right and then calls Jane to tell her he has just met her father.

When Jane arrives home she gets into an argument with her mother and says that being afraid of repeating her mother's mistakes has only kept her safe and this is her last chance to follow her heart. Rogelio is left sitting in the middle of the conversation and comforts Xo afterwards, telling her that use has done a good job raising Jane and preparing her for life. The conversation is interrupted by Marco coming by with a payment for his daughter's dance lessons which was really just an excuse to come see Xo. Michael's stress over work and Jane leads to an argument with his partner, which in turn leads to coitus.

Rafael is on his way to meet Jane for a romantic date when his father shows up. He tells Rafael he is fired, and then Jane gets a call from Rafael in which he says he can't make the date because he has to go to Mexico City.

To be continued...

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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