Jane the Virgin S1E8 - "Chapter Eight" Recap

Two weeks have past since Rafael wasn't able to make his romantic date with Jane. He had to go to Mexico City to try to find his sister Luisa. Rafael's father isn't happy that Rafael put his shares of the hotel up for Luisa's practice's insurance. If Luisa doesn't show up to the hearing in two weeks, Jane will get a default judgement against Luisa, who he didn't find by the way. Jane still has no idea that by suing Luisa, she is inadvertently suing Rafael as well. Jane also hasn't told Rafael about her hugging couples wanting to get pregnant or that she is a virgin. They're reunited at the hotel and he's amazed that she has started to show. Rafael is ready to hook up and instead of telling him the truth, Jane avoids the subject altogether. He's also hoping that she'll sleep over later that night.

Xo is still seeing Marco and Rogelio's not that happy about it. He's been hanging around trying to get closer to Jane, but it's a safe bet he's also hoping to get with Xo too. It's the day of the proceedings and just when it seems as if Jane will get the default judgement, Luisa shows up. Rafael gets his job back but he has to answer to Lachlan, who tells Rafael that he must answer to Petra. While Jane and Rafael are out for dinner, they're sent a plate of nachos from one of the couples that wants to get pregnant and Jane is forced to tell him about being a virgin and people thinking she can grant miracles. She adds that she wants to wait till marriage and Rafael is shocked, even chugging his drink after hearing the news. Rafael apologises for not reacting in the best way but Jane is still annoyed and asks that they call it a night.

Luisa speaks with Rose, Luisa's father's wife/Rose's ex-lover, and says that being away made her see that she wants them to be together and run away. Rose says they can't do that and ends things. Luisa accepts this but still wants to come clean to her father.

Michael and his partner are following a man that came out of a crate in connection to the Sin Rostro case. Xo meets with a big music producer to record a demo and the session does not go well. As it turns out, the only reason he met with her was at Rogelio's request. Xo is angry at Rogelio at first but then she also realises that whenever she and Rogelio touch, there is a spark; something she doesn't have with Marco. She later ends things with Marco.

Jane brings some drinks up to a VIP room and finds Rafael asleep in bed with a woman. She is rightfully furious and storms out while Rafael tries to explain to her that he didn't do anything, though he can't remember anything from the previous night. Rafael asks the woman what happened and she says that they had sex. Rafael then notes that she is wearing his girlfriend around her neck (this random woman is wearing the coin of "Jane the Virgin."

Rose goes to meet with Rafael and manipulates him into thinking that Luisa is having a breakdown and making wild accusations about the two of them having an affair (which is true of course, but Rafael doesn't know that).

Jane is at work and is visited by the woman who "hooked up" with Rafael. She admits that nothing actually happened and that she was paid to drug Rafael and make it seems like they had sex. She is working as an escort and her manager had the gig. She doesn't know who set it up, she needed the money, and now she feels terrible because she wronged "Jane the Virgin." She's a really religious woman, despite what she does for a living. She asks for a miracle, saying that she has a son and needs a miracle so she can see him again. Jane tells her the truth, that she's not a religious messiah but a woman who was accidentally inseminated but gives her a hug anyway.

Jane tells Rafael about what happened and Rafael knows it had to have been Petra (which it was). He apologises again for acting like an idiot and says that he still wants them to be together. Rafael and his family later stage an intervention for Luisa, who attacks Rose angrily for lying about their affair. Rafael and Luisa's father then has Luisa committed to a mental institution.

Jane is reminded by her mother that Alba is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela and thus Jane's lawsuit has made Alba very nervous, hence the increase in her praying. Lachlan tells Petra, who had earlier said that leaving him was the biggest mistake of her life, and he shows her the sex tape of the two of them and deletes it. He adds that he never stopped missing her. Petra appears pleased that her plan worked. Lachlan is later shown to still have a copy of the sex tape. Michael and his partner discover that the man in the crate was a Serbian war criminal. They enter the man's room in the hotel room and find that he is gone.

Jane, Xo, and Alba comes to the hotel where Xo's demo will be played. Rogelio is there too and he is thrilled to learn that Xo has ended things with Marco. Jane decides to withdraw the lawsuit and Rafael asks if she did so because of Petra. Jane admits to him about Alba being an illegal immigrant and that now that she wants the baby there's no reason to go forward with the lawsuit. Going after the money would just be an ugly thing to do. Rafael then admits that through the lawsuit, she was actually suing him. He didn't tell her because he didn't want to sway her decision. She recalls a story her grandmother shared about how giving up money is a sign of true love. Rafael adds that he will do as Jane advised and fight for what he wants, including the hotel, her, and the baby. Jane and Rafael are also shown to have the same spark that Xo and Rogelio do.

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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