Lost Girl S05E06 Recap: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

A girl plays a wind up jack in the box. She turns the crank round and round. It's Lauren and all a dream. Bo awakens with Tamsin in bed next to her. Tamsin wakes up and tells her that she was in her truck and the drive throughs were closed forever. It was utterly terrifying. Bo offers to grab her a bowl of cereal.

Dyson shows up to the latest crime scene. Mark follows like an eager puppy dog. He recognizes the victim, the guy was a really great football player. The pair notice a symbol left in the blood. Dyson takes a picture of it before wiping away the evidence, but as he walks away it reappears much larger than before.

Dyson takes his findings to Bo. The fae cult knocked off the star football player. The symbol is used by the end of days cult. Dyson thinks they need to get closer to the action and Bo suggests that cheerleaders get recruited as well. Dyson isn't sure that Tamsin is cheerleader material, and she really isn't, but she can play along.

Bo dressed as a recruiter, and Tamsin a cheerleader head over to the field to infiltrate the cheerleaders. Bo tells the girls and boy, that she's there to recruit just one of them. The snobby captain point out that Tamsin doesn't go to their school, but Bo cooly tells her that Tamsin's school doesn't have cheerleaders so she's trying out with them. Tamsin and the Captain get a little catty, and Bo has to calm TamTam before she goes all Valkyrie on the girl. Tamsin volunteers to get the party started and in a bitch move straight out of Bring It On the captain suggests some tough tumbling. Tamsin completes it easily, earning applause from everyone. The Captain doesn't let it ease up her Bitchitude, and sets the bar heigher. Tamsin goes a little Valkyrie on her and she walks away.

Bo sets her sights on the token guy to get a feel for everyone, while asking about the victim. The Captain, Brinkley he confirms is a real bitch, but the football player he doesn't know so well. He kept his distance, he's a bit of a bully, as is the quarterback. Clay has been getting a lot of attention lately, and the victim, Jake, he thinks wasn't running plays on purpose. The boys had a rivalry, but not enough that one of them would kill the other. Jake had a lot of enemies though. Clay gets hit hard, and doesn't look like he's getting up, but when he does, it raises Bo and Tamsin's suspicions about if the boy is human or a fae cult member.

Tamsin heads straight into the locker room to check out the guy who got pummeled. She ignores the pickup line of another player and makes a bee line over to Clay. Clay isn't interested, he's not willing to have his scholarship in jeopardy to mess around with Tamsin. Does anyone really believe Tamsin as a high school student. Now Kenzi, she could and has pulled this off perfectly. Tamsin makes some offhanded remarks about Clay's chances of being drafted are better now that Jake is out of the way. Clay points out that with Jake gone it actually lessens his chance, as Jake was his best receiver. Tamsin knows though that everyone has their breaking point.

Cassie isn't improving as Lauren watches over her. Lauren orders more tests.

Tamsin fills Bo in, and Bo puts in a call to Lauren, even though Tamsin would rather she call Dyson. Bo needs Lauren, and she wants her to run a test to see if any of the footballers are fae. Lauren takes an early lunch, and Tamsin plants one on Bo before running off to get more intel even if she has to flirt it out.

At the Dal, Trick has a familiar patron, the blonde from the elevator, Elizabeth. She orders a very old drink, one known as the drink of prophecy to the ancients. Trick doesn't recognize the woman, and he'd have her sign his ledger, if he knew where it was. She tells him that ancient things have a way of turning up.

Lauren asks the footballers to pee in a cup, but one of them tries to refuse as there's no drug test that was scheduled, which is the exact point of the drug test Lauren points out. She gives the player options, he can pee in a cup in front of her, or she can draw blood. He balks at first, and then his cockiness returns in full force. He rips the towel off, giving her a good look, and telling her to follow him. He really has the wrong girl if he's trying to impress her. Lauren tells Clay he's next.

Dyson tries to put together the pieces of his cult case. Mark tries to put together the pieces of Dyson's lovelife, asking him if he's seeing anyone as they begin to train. Dyson wonders what all the girl talk is about, trying to get the focus back on the training. A girl comes in to talk to Dyson. He hasn't been returning her calls. Alicia tells him that her husband, Kevin, died a few weeks ago, but she saw him walking on the street. This was after she arranged his funeral, after she held his ashes. But she's sure it was him she saw, and he looked at her as if he didn't know her. Dyson's captain thinks she's crazy, but she's sure she isn't, she took a photo. Dyson tells her that he will look into it. Mark comes back, remarking over the hotness of Alicia. Dyson points out that the woman just lost her husband, and that she is human.

Bo comes to check on Lauren's findings, and Cassie's status. There's no change with Cassie, but Lauren has found something. The urine samples of the football players are fascinating. She shows Bo the reaction of the sample to a chemical. The last one doesn't change at all, and its human. Trick is on the line to offer his input. He believes the player to be a hericlid, which is like a super human. They're descendants of Hercules. Elizabeth gets up and leaves during Trick's conversation.

Dyson asks Clay about the symbol. Clay doesn't know anything about it, and without evidence linking Clay to the murder he can't arrest him. Dyson knows he's a hericlid, but Clay doesn't know the term. Dyson tells Bo that Clay doesn't know what he is. Bo thinks that he might be better off not knowing about his father, she knows she would be. Dyson points out that Mark spent his whole life not knowing who his father is, but Bo knows that Mark is lucky to have Dyson now. Bo is sure that if Clay doesn't know he's a hericlid, he isn't likely in the cult. They need a new suspect and now, and Bo has an idea who may be able to point them in the right direction.

Bo and Dyson head off to find the male cheerleader, who's busy prepping for the game, without his lucky hair brush thanks to Brinkley. Bo introduces him to Dyson. He asks if there will be a trial, and Dyson asks him to open the locker. Inside he finds Jake's bloody jersey. He doesn't know how it got in there, but Dyson takes him down to the station anyways.

Mark hits a few bags, and a girl comes in. Mark thinks of the girl as a distraction, trying to focus like Dyson taught him. She looks over the crimescene photos, in a daze. She tells Mark that her parents warned her away from the game, as she draws a symbol in the sweat on his arm. There's gonna be a big boom they warned.

Brinkley warns Tamsin that she won't let her cheer with the others on the field during the game. She has big plans, and they don't include being a footballer's wife. She figures once she's done with professional cheer she'll transition to being a life coach, and build her empire there. She needs to be recruited, and Clay said he would put in a good word for her. It would be really good for her if Clay went far. The press conference starts. Tamsin tells Bo that she has a new suspects. Bo tells her that Derrick was arrested. A reporter breaks the news that Derrick was arrested for the murder, and asks if he ever felt threatened. Clay is surprised by the news, and proclaims Derrick's innocence, that he wasn't there at all. He tells them that Derrick was home with him the night of the murder, and that he's his boyfriend.

Derrick is released from jail, and he texted Bo immediately. He didn't know what else to do. They return to the room, and find Clay packing all of his stuff. Clay is relieved that the truth is finally out, he's wanted to come out about his relationship with Derrick for a long time but his PR Capital Sports refused to let him. He has a lot riding on the game. If they lose, it could be the end of his career. Bo tells him not to worry on his PR team, but himself, and the game.

Since Clay and Derrick's alibis cancel each other out they need a new suspect. Bo tells Dyson that Capital Sports had a new contact person for Clay, and he was adamant on keeping the relationship under wraps. The company name is familiar to Dyson. Its the same one that the elevator death/reanimation (Kevin) works for and he was the rep. Bo recognizes him as Horatio. Clay is their number one client. Mark tells Dyson about the warning that his friend had warned about. They need to find a way to protect the players, especially with Clay's admission that he would be killed if they lost the game. Tamsin wants to suit up, there's no one better to protect the players than a Valkyrie.

Tamsin gets padded and pumped, and heads out to the field. Bo goes looking for Horatio. She heads up to the box, and finds Elizabeth. Bo notes that Horatio just keeps popping up, and not in a good way. Iris, Mark's friend. likes the look of Bo as Horatio warns that she's the succubus and not to touch her. Bo asks if he's still on line to try to date single oracles, and he asks if she's still trying to be one. Bo has questions why they're trying to promote one human so hard, going so far as to take over a PR firm. She mentions the framing of his boyfriend, but Elizabeth claims to not know what she's talking about. Jake's murder, however, they don't deny. Jake found out about Clay and Derrick, and they were forced to silence them . They had no clue that Clay coming out would endear his fans to him so much. The trio are ready to get back to the game, and want Bo gone, but Bo isn't done. She warns that they have no clue who they're dealing with, but neither does Bo. Bo realizes that Elizabeth is feeding off the crowd, everything they score she gets stronger. She zaps Bo before she can do anything, and gets back to her meal.

In the huddle Tamsin plans to put this in the bag. Just one touchdown needed, and she suggests a Hail Mary . Clay asks if she's sure and she is. Tamsin heads down field, shaking off defenders. Clay launches the ball into the air, and Tamsin catches it, winning the game. The game is over, and Elizabeth is all full of light. Everyone is celebrating the victory. Brinkley comes over, and tells Tamsin that she was amazing, not knowing that its Tamsin. Tamsin unhelmets and bursts her bubble. Bo comes down the stairs, and tells Tamsin that they lost big time.

Dyson asked Alicia, and suggests that she stay with family for a while. She thought that he would take her seriously, but she sees that she was wrong. She knows that he is out there, but he doesn't plan to stop looking either.

Bo and Tamsin return home, and Bo takes a look at her wounds. She isn't sure what type of fae the three were, and worse she was struck by lightning. Tamsin gives Bo a healing kiss, although it makes her feel better, it doesn't take away the wound. Bo decides that she needs to go to Trick for answers,.

Three humans were killed in that elevator, Elizabeth included, and they came back possessed by something fae. Lauren recognizes Elizabeth, she woke up in her clinic and killed Lisa, Trick tells them that she was at the Dal, and ordered a very old drink. Bo went on a date with the male, he was the one who drove the Oracles to cut out their own eyes. Trick wonders if the Oracles did it to prevent them from seeing a horrific future. Dyson wonders why they chose the three bodies. Bo tells them that she said that Clay was like family, and that Elizabeth was feeding off the crowd. It is possible that they are one of the ancients, which is the most powerful fae family.

Horatio brings over the Dal's missing book. Elizabeth expected to come against Bo, but not yet. Iris breathes on the glass, drawing in it, and ignoring Elizabeth. She doesn't listen to her in the least. Horatio beckons his daughter to listen, and she does. He wants to know how the succubus is his fault. The plan called for desegregation, and since the cat is out of the bag its time for action. Iris just wishes that her parents would stop fighting. Horatio wants to have dinner and talk it over, but Elizabeth has other ideas. Looks like its gonna be take out, a storm is coming in.


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