Lost Girl S05E07 Recap: Here Comes the Night

Mark was warned everything was going to go boom, and boom it went. Bo and Dyson look over the wreckage. Bo hears some crying and she and Dyson head over to a car and free a trapped family. She pulls the mother free last. It wasn't a bomb, but a tornado that hit. That storm that caused the elders to stay in with take out certainly packed a punch. Tamsin remarks that it looks like a battlefield, and she's seen plenty. She tells Bo that as long as they're together they can take on anything. Bo stops something, its the same symbol in the middle of it all.

Elizabeth looks out over her balcony at the destruction that she's caused. She tries to wake up her oracles, but the eyeless girls don't want to rise. The storm brews again, and the trio rise in prophecy.

Lauren tries to deal with all of the trauma coming into her office. Cassie missing is the least of their worries. Dyson and Tamsin head back out, but Bo stays behind. Just to add to the panic, the power goes out.

At the Dal Trick tries to read over the history books to look for clues. Vex is surprised to hear that the Gods of Rome were actually fae. With the power out there too, Vex is on candle duty. He takes a moment to drink heavily from Trick's stock. Mark tells him how much he loves storms, and he stands a little too close to Vex, making him uncomfortable. Mark backs him up against the liquor bottles, and drops to his knees. Vex puts up a meager protest, but the boy has some hidden talents. Vex tells him that what he's doing is wrong since Dyson despises him, but Mark thinks Vex talks too much as he kisses him.

Dyson tries to figure out where he would be if he were a god. He'd obviously be on a big fluffy cloud Tamsin tells him. He remarks that she smells good wet as she dries out. The streets are under control, no deaths. Dyson wonders why they would release a tornado. Tamsin thinks its probably because of the aftermath. They've checked the human residences and the PR firm with no luck. Tamsin found a poster Alicia probably put up. Dyson had asked her to leave town, but she didn't after seeing her supposedly dead husband. He asks her to get rid of any evidence of the ancients. Tamsin plans to head back to the clinic, but not because she's jealous of Lauren. Dyson tells her that Bo is a succubus, there will always be other people. She's not worried about the other people, just the one. She's far too immature to be with Bo. Dyson plans to see about a girl.

Lauren struggles with the power outage. With the power off, one of the most dangerous fae is about to be released, and there's no way for them to stop it. The countdown begins, and the door opens. Bo and Lauren wait for it, but when the box opens, there is nothing in it. Lauren was dupped by Evony, which angers her, but she's been given her position by Evony to turn her fae again. Lauren plays some music, and Bo thinks that their limited power would be better utilized some place else as Lauren grabs her in for a slow dance. The music is a cover in case anyone is listening. She wants Bo to trust her, she's living her dream and helping humans and fae. None of what she's doing is working towards turning Evony fae again. She works for no one but herself. With her shorter life, she has to make it count. She kisses Bo, and one kiss turns into many.

Dyson knocks on Alicia's door, and Kevin answers it. Alicia is not happy to see him. She's livid, and Kevin seems surprised that they know each other. Alicia was told that she couldn't see her husband's body because it was too mangled in the accident, and his supposed ashes are sitting on her mantle. Kevin wraps his arms around her. He tells him as he can see, he is fine, no thanks to Dyson and the detectives. After waking up on the side of the road, he stumbled home to Alicia. Dyson invites himself in for some hot cocoa and a statement.

Tamsin goes looking for Bo and Lauren, and finds more than she was hoping for. The pair are busy in the sheets, and Tamsin is devestated.

At the Dal, Mark asks Vex to help him unload again. Vex chokes on his beer. He meant the dishes, and doesn't even acknowledge what Vex is alluding to. Vex needs a drink, and Evony tells him he can have one on her. The dark is doing wonders for the crowd, except for Vex she taunts. She takes one look at Mark, and she likes what she sees. Vex reveals that he gets his good looks from his father, Dyson. Vex mesmers her, for an aside, trying to get to the bottom of what she actually wants. She notices that he's got a bit of a crush on Teen Wolf, but that's not why she's there. She needs his help, with the power out, her monster is on the loose. Her husband is safe, since its in the clinic, but Lauren may not be. What she can't see will definitely hurt her.

Lauren and Bo enjoy the after glow. Bo wishes they could lie there forever. Since the night is about seizing the moment, Lauren offers to open some bubbly, and Bo watches her leave. Outside the room Lauren finds Sam. He doesn't answer her, but as she turns him, his face is mutilated, and he falls down dead. Bo realizes that Evony wasn't lying about the monster in the box, and that its invisible.

Alicia gushes to Dyson about the moment that she realized that she wasn't dreaming and her husband was back. The man she fell in love with came back to her after she thought he died. Dyson asks for Kevin's statement next. He wants to know what happened in his own words. Kevin tells him that he isn't sure. He woke up on the side street, but he said highway before. Kevin claims to still be a little out of it. Alicia leaves the room for a moment, and Dyson confesses that he knows who he really is. Kevin warns him that he should know to keep his distance then. Murders, kidnapping oracles, destroying the city, it all stops tonight. Kevin isn't done playing house though. Alicia brings in some marshmallows, and wants to know what they were talking about. Kevin eats a handful before he grabs Alicia to kill her, but Dyson reveals Kevin as Zeus. He's not Zeus, but Hera he says as he unleashes a mouthful of bees. The bees swarm Dyson, as Kevin goes back to trying to kill Alicia. Alicia stabs Kevin with a shard of glass. Kevin hated marshmallows. He leaves Alicia for now, but warns he'll be back for her body.

Bo and Lauren look around for the monster. Lauren feels guilty for the death of her assistants. It brings back old memories. Bo wants Lauren to leave, but Lauren isn't going anywhere. She may not be as strong as her or Tamsin, but she isn't scared anymore.

Dyson takes Alicia to his gym for protection. She knows he saw what she did, and asks what happened. Dyson admits that he's not Kevin anymore. She asks who, what is he, but Dyson isn't sure. He will help her find out though. She makes herself comfortable, and he tells her to get some rest. Things will be better in the morning.

Dyson looks over his walls of clues, trying to find anything. Bo sneaks up on Dyson, she asks who the girl is, and he admits she's a human that needs his protection. He finds it odd that he didn't smell her coming, like normal. She still smells like Bo though. She admits to him that she thinks about him all the time, but they can't be together right now. He thinks about her too. She plans to have a little fun with him though.

Evony searches the lab for her serum. Vex points out that even if she finds it she may still need Lauren. Evony knows that Lauren is just using her, and she let her because she didn't think she had any choice. Evony can't stand the idea or results of her aging. She needs to become fae again and fast. The pair hear a noise, and she reminds Vex what he needs to do if that thing comes for them. He remembers, its how they met. Evony continues her search, and Vex disappears. With Bo by her side, Lauren isn't happy to find Evony searching for the serum. Bo is done taking shots at each other. Evony admits that nothing can kill it. Bo has an idea, asking how good Lauren's throwing skills are. They're decent. Evony isn't willing to play bait. With the ancients back, they're all in trouble, and Evony knows because she use to date one.

The trio of Oracles continue their chant. “Only in the darkness can we see the light.”

Evony walks the halls, as the bait. She calls out to the beast to come and get her. The thing screeches at her. And Lauren throws her ax, striking it, making it materialize. Evony has a soft spot for the thing. He kept her in the dark for so long, it was his turn. Eros strung her along, and she loved him. He chose Psyche instead. She kisses him one final time. And she hates to lose. Lightning strikes him and Eros evaporates. Lauren realizes she said Eros, the Greek god. It took the power of Zeus's lightning to kill him.

Trick reads through his books when Isabeau shows up. He's been tricked like this before, and he doesn't want to fall for it again, but she tells him that its different this time. They will be together soon she says as she goes in for a kiss. Mark is impressed, seeing Trick with three ladies. Its the Oracles. They tells him that he is not the light. They go back to their chanting as they leave. Dyson and Vex come running down the stairs. He asks them if any of them have experienced odd sexual encounters. Both Vex and Dyson admit they have. It's the Oracles. They're trying to get close to their lips to extract truth. Vex wonders why them, and Dyson realizes that its because of Bo's blood that binds them all from when they took on the Garuda. The oracles needed the dark to find the light. Zeus is known for giving the oracles their vision, he's after something. Vex asks how the oracles choose their form. They're all knowing so they chose what the heart desires most.

Bo returns home looking for Tamsin, and the oracles catch up to her. They appear in the form of Dyson. Yes, team Dyson! She asks if he had any luck finding the ancients. He tells her that he didn't, that he was looking for her. Sometimes he feels that is all that he ever does. She doesn't understand. He points out that she chose him first, and he thinks that there is a reason for that. Love never goes away, but she tells him that it changes. He's strong, and he'll always be there for her. She asks why all this now, and Dyson changes into Lauren. Bad move oracles, with the whole change up. If they don't turn into Kenzi, they've failed completely. Kenzi has always been her heart. Lauren tells her that all they have is now. Bo freaks a little. She's sure that she was just talking to Dyson. Lauren tells her that shes just tired. Its been her all along, they can't not be together. It looks like Lauren, and smells like Lauren. Lauren offers her a taste. Bo gets closer, and the blind oracle's eye holes are aglow. Trick arrives, and pushes the trio aside, breaking their hold on Bo. Bo falls to the floor. She doesn't understand what happened. Trick tells her that the ancients came for her truth. Bo confesses that her father is Hades. He doesn't think that it is possible. But it is. She saw where she was born. She tells him that her step mother, Persephone gave her that candle to light for her family. She wonders if that is what cause the elevator to crash, and gave the elders the ability to take a human vessel. Now its time to meet the other side of the family.

The oracles return to Elizabeth, and delivers to her their truth. Bo has what she's looking for and doesn't even realize it. Cassie tells her that Elizabeth changed her, made her see something that forced her to remove her own eyes. She asks to be released, and Elizabeth gives her what she asks for. She throws her off the balcony.

Mark and Vex play a little beer pong. Mark wants to know why Vex left Evony. Vex claims that she needed to face the music. Eros broke her heart, and she needed to deal with it, rather than having Vex lock him up again. Mark assumes that he saw Evony, but Vex tells him that his heart has been locked and dumped into the ocean. He isn't sure what his heart wants anymore.

Bo tells Lauren that she needs some space. Tamsin asks her if she meant her too. Bo didn't, since she lives there. Things are tense between them, and they need to talk. Tamsin thinks she knows what Bo is going to say. She understands that she's a succubus, and she needs to sleep with other people sometimes, and those people may include Lauren, but her heart is with Tamsin. Tamsin needs to hear Bo say it just once, but Bo's face doesn't look like she agrees, and her silence doesn't help either. She cares about Tamsin, more than she knows. It may seem like they're a couple, because they live together, and take cases together, and sleep together Tamsin points out. Bo thinks that it can be confusing. Tamsin isn't confused, she loves Bo. Bo loves her, but not like that, and she's sorry. Tamsin sees that Lauren is good enough, Dyson is good enough, even Rainer is good enough, but she isn't. She asks whats wrong with her. Nothing is wrong with her. Tamsin thought in her last life she finally found love, that Bo was the one. Tamsin leaves, and tells Bo not to follow her. Bo blows out the candle, but when she walks away, it relights itself.


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