Marvel's Agent Carter S1E2 - "Bridge and Tunnel" Recap

Peggy has to find a new apartment and ends up staying at one of Howard's empty homes. She also has to dispose of her watch to avoid being detected as being on scene of the explosion. The SSR arrests Miles Van Ert, the scientist who weaponised the Nitramine for Brannis after he runs when Peggy determines how to prove that he at the explosion. Van Ert provides a location but Peggy and Jarvis get there first and find Brannis along with a truck full of armed weapons. They are attacked by a man working for Leviathan. Carter fights him and gains the upper hand, but not before he mortally wounds Brannis. The truck is sent off a cliff and all the weapons explode. But before Brannis dies, he dies a symbol in the dirt.

SSR Agents Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa arrive on the scene afterwards and find the aftermath of it all. Brannis had drawn a symbol in the dirt before he died. There are also a set of woman's footprints as well as a hotel key. They're also trying to figure out the photos from the club that had the "blonde" (that was actually Peggy). However later, they find that the blonde was good at ducking the cameras and there isn't a single photo of her face shown. Jarvis patches up Peggy's wounds and warns her that she needs to start letting people in if she really hopes to succeed. Peggy ends up deciding to move in with Angie the waitress. Finally, we see Agent Krzemenski going through the remains of the Roxxon refinery. He discovers the license plate of Howard Stark's car that Howard had been driving (it had been blown off during the explosion).

Marvel's Agent Carter airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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