Marvel's Agent Carter S1E3 - "Time and Tide" Recap

While Peggy begins investigating the heart symbol that Leet Brannis had drawn in the dirt before he died, the SSR agents are doing an investigation of their own… into that license plate Krzeminski found in the refinery wreckage. They trace it to back as belonging to Howard Stark, after which Agent Thompson visits his home. Jarvis won't let him in, as Peggy is left hiding just around the corner since she had just been speaking with him. Jarvis claims that Stark's car was stolen but Agent Thompson brings him in for further questioning anyway.

Agent Thompson plays dirty during the interrogation. He claims that the report on the car being stolen has gone missing and then throws Jarvis' prior treason charge in his face. Jarvis it notably shaken by this but Peggy is able to slyly save Jarvis by "accidentally" producing the stolen car report. Jarvis is able to leave, but poor Peggy gets quite the earful from Chief Dooley for this "mistake."

At Peggy's apartment place, Angie tries to come over and chinwag for a bit but Peggy has to blow her off since she's on her way out to meet Jarvis for some spy work. A new woman named Dottie moves in next door to Peggy after one girl is caught having a male guest over and is thus evicted. What is this, the 1950's? Oh wait…

Peggy and Jarvis investigate the breach of Howard's vault by rappelling down the hole the thieves used to get in. Peggy and Jarvis follow the storm pipe, as Peggy believes the culprits may have used a high water line on a raft. Jarvis admits that he had broke some laws to help his Jewish wife Anna during WWII and Howard had helped Jarvis out of his predicament, though Anna doesn't know all about what he and Howard's working relationship is like.

The investigation leads them to a boat that has the same heart symbol on it that Leet Brannis drew. It's docked across from where the sewer lets out and upon boarding the boat, they find the rest of Howard's stolen goods. She also has to disarm a guard with a muscle contractor before knocking him out with a steel pipe. Peggy wants to bring everything in but Jarvis reminds her that she has no good explanation for this, which is a shame since she'd love to be able to make amends for her apparent mistake in the office earlier. So she has Jarvis call it in to Sousa who is working the night shift. (He has to use a hilariously ridiculous East Coast accent but it does the trick).

Sousa and Krzeminski head over to the boat to load everything up and more agents come swarming in. They also arrest the guard that Peggy had previously knocked out. Krzeminski is taking guard away but just as the guard is describing getting knocked out by an "English dame," a mystery man rolls up and shoots both men dead. The following morning, Peggy is shocked to learn of Krzeminski's death when she comes to work and it inspires her to reach out and make a human connection so she heads to the automat to apologise to Angie. When Peggy shares that one of her co-workers just died, Angie decides to clock out early to have some schnapps with Peggy.

Marvel's Agent Carter airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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