MuseLed Interviews with Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank, and Lou Ferrigno from Wizard World Portland 2015

This weekend, had the privilege of heading up to Portland to cover their annual Wizard World convention. With a star-studded line-up of guests from film, television, and comic media, it was set to be one truly phenomenal experience for all the attendees.

On Thursday night, the Kick Off the Con! event took place at the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). Many fans and cosplayers turned up to enjoy some food, drinks, and see Wizard World guests Lou Ferrigno and Jason David Frank before the con had even begun!

Lou Ferrigno shared his thoughts on the expansion of the Marvel universe in media, what he loves about coming to conventions, and his upcoming projects.

Jason David Frank talked about his upcoming ConTV series, "My Morphing Life," what he loves about the Wizard World conventions, and expressed his appreciation for cosplayers.

Following the welcome party, there was a fan-screening of "Guardians of the Galaxy," after which Michael Rooker came in to do a fan Q&A. He began by sharing a message from Sean Gunn and the fun carried on as he answered questions from fans with that signature Rooker charm.

The next day, the con began and we were able to speak with Michael Rooker about the evolution of how he has chosen roles over the course of his career, his signature con fashion, and his upcoming projects.

Stay tuned for our post on "The Most Racist Panel Ever," on which we were a panelist, as well as our write-up on the rest of the con.


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