Selfie S1E13 (FINALE) - "I Woke Up Like This" Recap

Eliza recalls her high school mean girl Corynn McWatters who had been a bully to her, even going so far as to cut off Eliza's hair while she was sleeping at a sleepover Corynn had invited her to. Henry suggests that Eliza find a female role model to continue bettering herself. Eliza questions co-worker Joan, and then Charmonique, who turns down being Eliza's role model while also sharing the tidbit that she used to be a hand model. Charmonique also asks Henry to teach her son to skateboard, as he has recently been diagnosed as pre-hypertensive and also has sleep apnea.

Eliza asks Henry about using Corynn as her role model, after seeing her many accomplishments on her social media. Eliza asks Henry to come along and check Corynn out at her book reading later that night and Henry reluctantly agrees, though still not believing Corynn to be a good choice since she had been such a bully to Eliza. Henry struggles with a childhood insecurity of his own, in the form of some twelve-year old skateboarders who say he is a poser, while he is trying to instruct Charmonique's son.

When Eliza attends Corynn's book signing, she finds that Corynn has stolen Eliza's story of being bullied, unpopular, and lonely in order to better sell herself as a success story. Eliza ends up making a scene and Henry has to drag her out of the bookstore. Eliza is emotional over having her story stolen, and how she had worked so hard to change that person that Corynn had bullied so much. Henry admits to a security guard that he only pretended to be good at skateboarding from the time he was young because he wanted to seem cool. Henry also admits that he isn't cool, but Eliza is, though she's not there to hear it.

Henry visits Eliza and encourages to be as brave as she has shown herself to be on prior occasions, stop feeling sorry for herself, and stand up for herself instead. She goes to confront Corynn in a park, with Henry by her side. Corynn doesn't recognise Eliza as the girl she bullied before. Eliza seems as if she'll chicken out, but after Henry "burns" Corynn and encourages Eliza, Eliza is able to clumsily burn Corynn too. Henry heads to a skate park ready to try to prove himself as a skateboarder but ends up falling and injuring himself falling into a ramp.

At work, Eliza notices a co-worker named Linda has done something different with her hair and Linda admits that she has been reading Corynn's book and is inspired by the story of her coming from an ugly background and overcoming it all to become hot and successful. Eliza decides that she can be her own role model and notes how her thirteen-year-old self would be so proud of her. In order to prove that she is proud of her thirteen-year-old self, she heads to the bathroom and cuts her hair into a shorter bob. That night, Eliza dreams of being at next year's "Women in Pharmaceuticals" brunch, which she had missed this year due to taking too long to get ready for. She begins to believe that she can inspire other women now.

Henry ends up with a cast, on which a skateboarder writes the message, "No Fear." Skateboarders question him on whether he has hooked up with Eliza, and Henry begins to reflect on his time with Eliza and his blossoming feelings for her. He says that next time he'll be ready, implying that eventually he will admit his feelings to Eliza.


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