Sleepy Hollow S2E12 - "Paradise Lost" Recap

Following Henry's killing Moloch, team Witness assumes that Henry is dead. Also, Jenny apparently survived this hot mess too… flash forward six weeks and we have Ichabod and Abbie at a local farmer's market. Ichabod comes across a worm-filled apple and he takes it as a sign that evil is brewing in Sleepy Hollow once again. He hones in on Wilcox Farms as the place that needs to be investigated. We also learns that Ichabod has been sleeping in the library while Katrina has been sleeping at the cabin where Abraham is still locked up. Ahem.

Abbie and Ichabod head out to investigate Wilcox farm and overhear some evil chanting coming from a barn. They run inside and a fight breaks out. These demons are dark blue with red eyes and the fight is short-lived before a black-winged angel named Orion comes in and kills the demons.

Pausing the interesting characters/plot developments for a moment, Katrina is all wrapped up in Abraham and insists that her falling in love with Crane was the spark for Abraham's jealousy and thus his turning evil. Yeah, sure, go ahead and just remove all sense of responsibility from his actions. She's trying to find a way to separate his body from the avatar of Death so he can return to his human form and we just. don't. care. at all.

Getting back to Orion, he's a former prisoner of Purgatory on a mission to kill all the creatures that escaped from it after Moloch died. He says that the barn demons are searching for a new master to serve and the smoke in their ritual has deemed the Headless Horseman as Moloch's successor. Orion doesn't seem entirely trustworthy and a bit of a rogue agent, but he promises to destroy the Horseman of Death if Abbie will just bring him to Abraham. So there's that going for him. Ichabod gets called away by Katrina, who tells him of her intention to try to save Katrina. Yeah. Sure. Because there's nothing better to do with your time and non-existent magical powers.

As if this weren't enough of a terrible plot point, Jenny is out trying to just live her life and is flirting with a cute bartender when who should come shoving his way in-between all the fun but Hawley & Oates. He also has a Sumerian rock that was formed when a demon impregnated a mountain. Seriously. It can apparently track demons if they can just figure out how to use it.

Orion is brought by Abbie to meet Ichabod and Katrina. It's also revealed that Headless killed Orion on the battlefield just as he did Ichabod. Katrina runs off to try to save Abraham and make him human again when she learns of Orion's intention. Abraham promises to play nice while she works her "magic" but she ends up letting him run loose. An annoying argument ensues that's not even worth listening to. It's the same nonsense we viewers have been subjected to all season.

Jenny and Hawley are trying to figure out the rock and then Mopely starts going on about how he's jealous and before Jenny can fully say her peace, Hawley smashes the rock open. It's actually a clay pot containing the tracker. Hawley looks into it and is able to see that the Horseman of Death is with the demons at his place, which apparently Team Witness wasn't smart enough to check first?

Abbie summons Orion with the chakram ornament he had given to her and is in agreement with him that they need to kill Abraham. But Ichabod calls her and shares his findings on Orion which are that he has a tendency to show up right before catastrophic events so he's either the cause or highly incompetent at heroism. She tells Ichabod where they're headed without letting on to Orion what she has just learned.

The demons bleed themselves to give power to their new master Headless, who is burning all his weapons. Orion ends up revealing his true intentions to Abbie, which are to absorb Death's powers after killing him. He wants to judge and cleanse humanity, yadda yadda yadda and he really has a complex about wickedness. He tells Abbie that together they can build a new age and he takes off and starts fighting Abraham.

Ichabod arrives and Abbie tells him about Orion's zealot ways. Their conversation is interrupted as they must fight off the demons, which can be killed with their own weapons. Headless ends up with Orion's chakram in his back and it begins draining his power. Abbie distracts Orion by trying to make him see reason so Ichabod can get to Headless' axe, which he uses to destroy the chakram. Orion is immune to Abbie's bullets but Ichabod is able to get the chakram out of Headless' back and smash it to bits. Headless chases Orion off, as he's no match without his weapon.

Abraham keeps his word and lets Ichabod, Abbie, and Katrina live but kicks them out of his house. Ichabod and Katrina have a husband/wife talk… something about needing to redefine their marriage or whatever. Still not interested.

Ichabod apologises to Abbie about siding with Katrina and Abbie apologises for siding with Orion. There's some talk about how they need each other to keep balance when really what's needed is for Ichabod to shut up, get a damn job already, and let Abbie take point.

But finally, we have at least one thing that makes this episode worth watching. A shoeless man comes shuffling into a local gas station. He chugs some milk and doesn't know if he's in heaven or hell. The cashier tells him it's neither; it's Sleepy Hollow. Really? Well with the rest of the writing this season, it sure feels like hell.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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