Supernatural S10E11 Recap: There's No Place Like Home

A man tries to flee some flying objects. He makes it down the stairs and outside, but he gets tripped up by the hose on the front yard. He begs the unseen person, that he doesn't know anything else. Charlie comes out of the shadows, she knows he knows nothing else, but who doesn't love torture.

Sam takes a call, and Dean does some clean eating. He's on a health kick to beat the mark of Cain, but one bite into his egg white omelet, and he's missing his booze, burgers and more booze. Once he gets rid of his demonic tramp stamp he's back on his normal diet. There's been no luck in the research department, and Dean is forced to suffer down some green juice in his clean efforts. During the research, Sam comes across some pretty bad footage of Charlie beating up DA Peter Harper, and it looks like he's not the only victim. Dean wants to go check it out. He struggles with his blade before he gets a hold of himself, and they're off.

The boys talk with Peter. Charlie wanted information about her parents case. Peter presided over it, but there was plenty of evidence missing, and he really doesn't remember much about the case. Sam points out that the stenographer was the other victim, and the aggressor wouldn't let up until she revealed Peter's name. Dean wants to know what name he revealed, and at first Peter claims that he didn't give up anyone. Dean presses him and he finally reveals who paid him into stop trying to get the sealed files. The boys look over Charlie's file as they drive towards the next possible victim's home. Charlie is just trying to find the people who killed her parents.

They head over to the house, but the woman is less than forthcoming, so its stakeout time. Dean laments over his kale sandwich, while Sam looks over Charlie's file. The shrinks thought she was pretty messed up. Dean points out that had the shrinks got a hold of them at that age, they would have said much worse. There's screaming from inside, and the boys rush in. Oz has changed for the worse in Oz. She said everything she wanted happened there, she had an adventure. She looks at Sam with dismay, all good guy code, and no bite, whereas Dean is being held back by him. Charlie makes a run for it, and Dean gives chase, while Sam looks over the damage Charlie inflicted. They wrestle a bit, and Charlie gets the upper hand since Dean doesn't want to hurt her. She runs from the house, and gets away. Dean can't follow since she slashed his tires. Dean watches her leave, and then around the corner in a happy little car is Good Charlie. Sam finds out that Bad Charlie was after bank statements and he runs out after his brother, shocked to see Good Charlie. Seems like they have some catching up to do.

At a nearby bar, Charlie explains that there is two of her. The boys were there when she went off to Oz. They were losing the war for the Emerald City, and the only way to turn the tides was to unleash her inner darkness, which the Wizard did with the key. Dark Charlie won the war singlehandedly, but she had to do a lot of bad things to do that. She's been on the quest to find out who murdered their parents as a way to please good Charlie. Good Charlie wants to find Dark Charlie and lock her up for good, since it looks like they can't get back to Oz to be reunited. Sam doesn't think that's the answer. Good Charlie is all too good, she can't do anything bad, not even hack into some records which would be really helpful. Sam asks her to walk him through it so that he can be the bad one, but that it gets done. Dean heads to the bar for some drinks, and he struggles with his good side too. Sam finds the information he needs in regards to the bank records, and the man, Russell Wellington, at last who was behind the death of Charlie's parents. Dean puts an end to the discussion as Charlie starts to break down, but she doesn't want secrets. Sam points out that she can't lock away the dark, that its still a part of her. Charlie wants to go to the bunker to look for a way to repair the Oz key, and Sam will accompany her. Dean plans to find the killer, and protect him and Dark Charlie both.

In the car on another stakeout, Dean listens to self help tapes while munching on some nuts. Russell pulls up in a sweet car, and Dean follows him in the building and signs in. He takes a seat with what looks to be applicants, but not before the receptionist undresses him with her eyes.

At the bunker Sam and Charlie research the key. They take a look through the files and history of the key among the Men of Letters and Clyde.

Dean is the last person in the office and he's brought back into Russell's office.”Mr. Presley” takes a seat and describes to Russell his dream home.

Charlie finds out what happened to Clyde after he retired from the Men of Letters. From the looks of things he's actually still alive, though he may be 100. Time passes differently in Oz, so its completely possible.

Dean explains his love of bubbles and jacuzzis and Russell interrupts him. Based on his clothing, he assumes all Dean would be looking for is a home on wheels. Russell is busy and thinks that Dean is just wasting his time. Dean is willing to buy if Russell is willing to sell, but Russell doesn't want to play. He moves to make a call, but Dean stops him. He's trying to save Russell's life. Dean asks him if he remembers killing Charlie's parents in the car accident, but he claims not to. Dean knows he was too drunk to remember the accident, but not to remember the cover-up. The lights go out, and emergency lights come on. Dean tells him to stay in the room as he heads out to face bad Charlie. She's wielding a knife, but Dean wants to talk. Charlie isn't looking to talk about her feelings. She claims that she doesn't want to hurt Russell, only talk. Dean doesn't believe her. She claims that she only wants him to see her face, to see what he did to them. She offers Dean her knife, with a promise that they can hand him over to the cops after. Charlie walks through the door. Russell recognizes Celeste immediately. He apologizes to Charlie, admitting that he was young and stupid and he can never give her back what he took. He wasn't drunk that night, he was sober, but he was selfish and wrong and he should pay for it. He took everything from Charlie. He begs her forgiveness as Dean toys with her knife. Charlie says she forgives him, but she turns around and locks the door, killing Russell before Dean can break through the door. Bad Charlie breaks the window and gets away.

Sam and Good Charlie are still headed towards Clyde as Dean calls in an update. He tells them that she got to Russell and killed him. Sam tells him that he hopes that they found a way back to Oz, and they plan to meet up at his location.

Dean sits at a bar contemplating a shot. Poor guy has had a rough night, and the pretty bartender notices Dean nursing his drink. He's pacing himself. Bad Charlie pulls up a chair next to Dean. He's not happy to see her after her lying and murdering Russell. She tells him that he lied to himself, and that is his own fault. She knows that something is off about him. Charlie points out that Russell got what he deserved. The great thing about being dark is that it sets you free, and that's the truth.

Sam and Good Charlie make it to Clyde's house, but he claims to not be Clyde, nor know anything about the Men of Letters or Oz. Charlie asks him in if he recognizes the key.

Dark Charlie checks out the bartender's butt, as she gets all philosophical. But Dean warns her that she won't be around for long. She doesn't seem phased by the information, mocking him not thinking that her princess other half could have found a way back to Oz. But Dean reveals that she has found one of the Men of Letters who just may be able to put her back where she belongs. She isn't sure she belongs back in Good Charlie. But in the meantime, if he isn't going to ask the hot bartender to dance, she will. Dean goes back to his shot, but he doesn't take it as the bartender comes back. He wonders if Charlie struck out, but she didn't she left, and in his baby. Dean warns Sam that Dick Charlie hotwired baby. Dean at least told him the wrong town as he looks to take another ride.

Clyde gives them the bad news. The six keys of Oz can only be forged in Oz. There's no way to repair the key in this realm. Sam asks what happened to Clyde there, and he hesitates before he admits that what happened to her happened to him as well. His ID became the Wizard of Oz. Dark Clyde is by the current Ruler, Dorothy's side. Without the key there is no way to get back to Oz, but there may be a way to summon him. Clyde grabs a gun. If he is mortally wounded, The wizard will have to come back to save them both. The wrongs that the wizard has caused are his fault.

Dean arrives as a gunshot rings out. Bad Charlie is right behind him. She figured that he would lie about where he was going, she would have done the same. She claims to just want to talk to her good self, but Dean doesn't believe her and threatens to put her down if she tries to go in. That's the side of Dean that she's missed.

Clyde lies on the ground dying of his self inflicted would. The house shakes, and a portal opens. A masked man, the Wizard comes through. He removes the mask, exposing a youthful face as he looks down on himself. He asks his older dying self, what he's done. His young self is bleeding from the same spot. Sam draws his gun, but the Wizard easily disarms him. His old self had one task, to stay alive. Charlie bleeds from her mouth.

Bad Charlie taunts Dean, telling him he hits like a girl that never learned how to hit. Charlie gets some good hits in on Dean, and even a knee or two. Dean is still holding back a little, but not for much longer.

Sam watches as Good Charlie takes more injuries that her bad half is getting from Dean. Sam asks to help her, but the Wizard doesn't look swayed, as he tightens the magical bonds that hold him. Clyde reaches for the gun, but Charlie shakes her head no at him.

Bad Charlie's action have hurt Good Charlie, but Bad Charlie learned from Dean she says. Dean grabs her and breaks her arm.

Good Charlie reaches for the gun, as Sam is being magically choked. Good Charlie recovers the gun and prepares to shoot Clyde. He forgives her as she pulls the trigger, killing Clyde and the Wizard.

Outside, Dean is beating the heck out of Bad Charlie. Sam stops him, carrying Charlie in his arms. He lies her down next to her other half. Bad Charlie realizes that Good Charlie killed the Wizard, that she had the magic in her the whole time. Sam gives her the key, and the two halves are reunited, making Charlie whole in body, but she's broken inside. She cries in Sam's arms, as Dean looks at what he did.

Back in the bunker. Sam talks with Cas. Dean is calmed down, but they need to figure something out, they need to find Cain. Charlie comes in with all of her stuff, and there's an awkward look shared between her and Dean. Sam thinks she should be resting, but two days is enough. Both she and Dean look a little rough. Charlie isn't good or bad anymore, but balanced. Sam has found what he hopes is a lead, its a book in Tuscany. Charlie isn't looking for a new adventure, she's got enough right there. There's no going back to Oz, and Dorothy will be fine. Dark Charlie is still in there, but she's quiet. Charlie approaches Dean, and he's still feeling down for what he did. She isn't going to let what happened to her happen to him. Cain learned to live with the mark after years of murder. Charlie tells him that he has something that Cain didn't. He's a Winchester, and she forgives him, but he doesn't forgive himself. It's his normal move she points out. He tells her that he's sorry, and she tells him to prove it. Charlie is off, with a promise to call if she finds something. Sam and Dean have their BM moment. Dean admits that he's not good, but Sam is with Charlie. He can do this, they can do this, and Dean is ready to get to work.


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