The Big Bang Theory S8E12 - "The Space Probe Disintegration" Recap

Sheldon and Leonard upset Amy and Penny because they wanted to play a board game and it's part of the tendency of the girls having to do what the boys always want to do. Sheldon suggests that they go clothes shopping since the girls will love it while the boys will have to sit and sulk while holding their purses. While the boys wait, Sheldon says that he knows how to compromise because of how often he has to do it for Leonard. Sheldon says that he lets Leonard drive him around because it helps give Leonard's life purpose, even though Amy taught him how to drive. Penny also advises Amy to not be so quick to do whatever Penny wants and tells her to pick an activity for them to do. Amy chooses for them to do basket-weaving at the museum. Meanwhile, Leonard is listing things he has to do while living with Sheldon and that he can't even live with Penny right now because last time he tried to leave, Sheldon ran away on a train. Sheldon then says that Leonard is mean to him, making nasty comments and rolling his eyes. They apologise to one another and begin crying. Sheldon then says Leonard can live one night a week at Penny's and Leonard can now whistle when Sheldon isn't at home. The two couples later engage in basket-weaving together. Finally, we see Leonard sleeping at Penny's while Sheldon sleeps on the couch.

Raj is stressed due to the New Horizons Space probe that he helped to launched nine years prior is going to be activated. Raj ends up taking Howard with him to a Hindu temple, which surprises Howard because Raj has never shown much of a preference for religion and he is a scientist. They debate the topic somewhat but when they arrive at the temple, Howard agrees to support Raj. Raj starts yelling at a man who hits his car door with his own car door but then apologises when he learns that the space probe is going to be fine.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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