The Flash S01E10 Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

It's been a long winter break, but the Flash is back. Before the break we found out Wells's secret and Iris learned Barry's. Barry knows that he's not the fastest man alive, Reverse Flash is, but he's ready to change all that. Cisco, Caitlin and Wells work with Barry to train. Cisco's little toy shoots missiles at Barry, and Caitlin worries that they're going to kill him, but Barry has a plan. When the drone fires, Barry runs towards the missile, and throws it at the drone destroying it. Barry knows that its not enough though, but Cisco has more drones, and ones with lasers.

Leonard Snart and his side kick Mick Rory breaks into a customs warehouse. .Rory wants to go all smashing, but Snart has a calculated plan. He isn't planning on stealing anything, but wait. The sirens approach, and Snart decides its time to leave. He didn't get the reaction he wanted.

Barry looks over the crime scene with Joe. Nothing was stolen he finds, but he also finds that the steel doors were shattered like glass. Snart is back and he was setting a trap.

Rory isn't happy to hear that they were waiting for the Flash. He wonders if someone smarter killed the Flash already or if he left town. He wants to know what the new plan is. Snart reveals that they're after a pricey piece of art this time, and Rory accepts the prize.

Barry tells the STAR team that Captain Cold is back in time. Barry is ready to meet Captain Cold head on, but Wells thinks that he should consider not giving him what he wants since the last time a train was derailed. Also there's still big problem of Reverse Flash. Whatever Barry decides the team will support him, but they think that maybe he should would with Joe to find Snart.

Iris is ready to take the next step with Eddie. She's accepted his move in proposal. Barry comes looking for Joe. His work on the Snart case is done, he needs to focus on taking on Reverse Flash. Cisco can help the police with Snart, but he needs to focus on getting stronger and faster so he can defeat the Reverse Flash. Joe doesn't think that's the right decision, but Barry feels that its the only way to keep the people he loves safe.

Iris packs her things. She's preparing to move. Joe finds an old toy of hers he took long ago after she broke something, and finds himself welling up with tears. Barry stops by to pick up something Iris said she had. She has his old backpack, a nerd survival kit. Iris runs off for work, with a promise to clean up when she returns. Joe asks Barry what's wrong, and Barry admits that he made a confession to Iris. He told her how he felt about her, but it didn't go as planned. Now they're both pretending it never happened. They also know that she won't clean up the mess any time soon, and Joe wants Barry to lend a hand. Barry tidies up in a flash.

Cisco makes a little demonstration. He's been working on something to protect the officers from Captain Cold. They're not sure they should trust STAR Labs. They really have no reason, STAR Labs messed up big time, but they're trying to help now. Cisco has improved their shields, and he demonstrates with a cold blast that doesn't affect the shield at all. Joe has a chat with Wells. He's not happy about Barry's decision still, but Wells of course like Barry's priorities. Joe doesn't feel like Barry's change is much like him, but more like Wells.

Barry sneaks up on Caitlin. She's trying to put together the pieces of Firestorm. Barry tells Caitlin about his confession to Iris, and how it went array. Caitlin tells him about how it was with her and Ronnie. He brought her out of her shell, got her to try new things, and she was better for it. Whatever he and Iris had before, they will again, and it will be better. The mention of Scuba brings an idea for Barry. Caitlin looks up Firestorm as an acronym instead of a name, and finds an experiment that may be the answer, somewhere in the 800 pages. Barry speed reads it, and tells her that it focuses on transmutation and it was co-written by Jason Rusch, who may know something about Ronnie.

The Hathaways arrive with their art work. Shortly after deplaning, Captain Cold arrives on the scene. The Police arrive shortly after, and they pose a problem for Captain Cold. Cisco's upgrades work on their shields. Rory comes out to offer his assistance with a little flamage, but he lacks focus, intent on destruction. The police can do little other than hide behind their shields, one manages to get a shot off, short circuiting Rory's gun. With no sign of the Flash, Captain Cold calls it a day.

Barry arrives at the station, having heard of the standoff. Everyone's fine for the most part, but Joe isn't happy. Barry should have been there, and he can't keep letting Captain Cold just run amok. Joe tells him next time he needs to face Captain Cold head on and take him out before someone gets seriously hurt.

Rory looks over his gun at the damage. Its easily repaired. Snart draws his cold gun on Rory, and Rory his flame gun. Snart wants one reason why he doesn't kill Rory. Rory is the only one that would sit through his droning speeches. Snart points out that Rory lost focus, like he did at their last job. Rory counters that Snart has become obsessed with the Flash. Snart tells him that if he wants out he can take the painting and leave, but if he wants the city, then going after the Flash is what they need to do. Rory torches the painting, Snart is quite compelling and he's ready to take on the Flash.

Caitlin meets with Jason. He tells her that if she asked to meet with him because of his application, he's already accepted a position with another lab. Caitlin came because of Firestorm. At the mention of that project, Jason tries to leave, but Caitlin won't let him. She's trying to help Ronnie, and she needs answer. Jason sits with her, and tells her how Professor Stein pushed full steam ahead with the project, not taking baby steps. After the last experiment, Professor Stein disappeared and the army arrived and took all their equipment, and he's been overly paranoid since. As Caitlin goes to leave Captain Cold catches up to her.

Wells hopes that he and Barry aren't enemies, that he doesn't blame him for pushing him to train harder rather than pursue Captain Cold. Barry isn't holding a grudge, or angry at all. There was a time he would have paid for his autograph and now they're partners, friends. Wells admits that Barry makes him better too. Cisco has made a discovery about Rory's gun. It heats the air around it, it does the opposite of the Ice gun. Potential they have the ability to cancel each other out, they just need to cross streams. Barry gets a call and jets out.

Joe called Barry to the latest crime scene. There's no sign on Caitlin, and Barry vows to find her and get her back. The police have found a second set of prints, and have traced them back to Mick Rory. He worked with Snart in the past, but was badly burned on their last heist. He escaped while in transport. On the TV, Snart delivers a message to the Flash. He wants him to come get him to rescue Caitlyn, even though she pleads with him not to.

Rory tries to intimidate Caitlin, but it doesn't work all to well. She notices that he has third degree burns, asks why he never got skin grafs. The fire and burning revealed to him who he really was, he offers to do the same for her, but she says nothing. Snart calls off his dog as they prep Caitlin. The pair head out to meet the Flash.

Joe makes sure that Barry is ready for this. They're not going to be able to deny the existence of the Flash after this night, but Barry is ready. The police get in place at the rendezvous point. Barry streaks past the officers, and they can't believe their eyes. Captain Cold and Heat Wave march forward, asking if the Flash has any final words, but he doesn't give them a syllable. The pair immediately do a little shoot off at the Flash, as he works to get them to cross their streams, but he finds that its not nearly as easy as it sounds. The extreme temperatures provide plenty of obstacles. Iris arrives on the scene having seen Eddie's car, because after being evacuated from an area the logical thing to do is head straight for a police blockade and see what your police officer boyfriend is doing. Does the girl have any brain cells?

Joe and Cisco head to where they think Caitlin is being held. Cisco pieced together video surveillance to determine her location. It looks pretty abandoned, but Cisco notes that one of the warehouses has had the heat on for the last three nights. Cisco and Joe enter the building, and a gagged Caitlin can't warn them of the danger. Cisco accidentally sets off one of the traps, but with Joe's quick feet he manages to save Caitlin just in time.

Flash continues speeding along trying to get the two streams to cross, but can't manage to get it. The officers think that they need to expand their perimeter, but Eddie doesn't see that as an option. They need to end this now. Captain Cold hits Barry, and he goes down. Eddie grabs a shield and heads into the fray. As Captain Cold and Heat Wave prepare to finish off Barry, Eddie jumps in and throws up his shield protecting them both from the blasts. Barry speeds Eddie out of danger after his rescue. Barry realizes that he can't beat the pair with speed, he needs to slow it down. Barry runs between Captain Cold and Heat Wave as they take aim at him. Captain Cold thinks that they have the upper hand, as both streams hit Barry. He takes the pain, and pushes forward until hot and cold meet. The two streams react to their contact by throwing Captain Cold and Heat Wave in opposite directions. Captain Cold is down, but he thinks that its just a round lost, that they'll meet again. Barry plans to make sure that doesn't happen, and Eddie is there to arrest him.

At the station, Rory proves to be a total hot head, while Snart remains cool and calculating. Everyone is giving Eddie kudos, but he give credit to the Flash. The weapon goes back into the possession of Cisco and STAR Labs. The Captain thanks Cisco. The police officers chat about the Flash, wondering who it is.

Eddie and Barry carry down the last of Iris's boxes. Joe tells his daughter goodbye, even though she's moving just down the street. Eddie tries to make a joke, but it doesn't go over well. Eddie dating his daughter is still awkward and he goes to load up the car. Joe give Barry and Iris a moment. Things are awkward between the pair. Barry breaks the ice. He tells her that he can see the future. She and Eddie will be happy, and things between them won't be awkward. They'll still be best friends. Iris likes the sound of that, and takes a picture of her and Barry. Barry is left with Joe. He's okay, or he will be, and the pair make plans to order some pizza. Barry is always open to the idea of eating Joe's food, and he notes that the laundry room has been broken for weeks. Joe doesn't understand why he ever moved out in the first place. It is getting difficult to sneak out of his apartment at all hours of the night. Barry and Joe both think it would be better if he moved back in, as Joe is definitely not turning his room into a gym as he had threatened. Barry leaves and returns in a flash with all of his things.

Rory and Snart are being transported. Rory doesn't know why he listened to Snart. They had everything, and now they have nothing. Snart tells him that now everyone has seen the Flash, and that changes everything. A blast rocks their transport vehicle, but Snart isn't concerned at all. It's all apart of the plan. His sister has come to rescue them.   


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