The Flash S01E11 Recap: The Sound and the Fury

Everyone has a hero. It's easy to believe in heroes, its hard when your heroes stop believing in us. Barry chases down a motorcycle suspect, but Caitlin and Cisco have a hard time directing him. Wells has no issue though. After quickly stopping the suspect, and leaving the person to the cops, Barry races back to the lab. Cisco talks him into taking a selfie with the group as Wells gives his approval, figuring that people may want to know the Flash's origin story in the future.

Barry comes home to find Iris there. He reminds her that the point of moving out is not to be there, but Iris just stopped by for a few things she forgot. Joe invites her to stay for dinner, but Iris declines. He gives her her mail, and she has a job offer from a newspaper. How very Lois Lane. The editor saw her blog, and liked it.

Wells returns home, and gets an ominous phone call telling him he knows what he did. Wells recognizes the voice, as he pulls out is gun. He tells him that it's time to pay the piper. All of the windows are shattered.

The next morning Joe and Barry come to investigate what happened. Wells doesn't think that the police should have been called, that its just a prank gone array. Wells notes that some think he hasn't paid enough for the particle accelerator accident. Caitlin and Cisco arrive late, they've never been to his house, he keeps his private life private.

Two years prior. Wells sits and plays chess with his protege. Wells beats him at chess, and Cisco arrives. It's Cisco's first day, and he's to be working under Well's protege, Harley Rathaway. Harley immediately doesn't like him, but Wells has a good feeling about Cisco.

Now. Eddie is suspicious of the fact that Wells says he was in the middle of all the glass shattering when he's suppose to be chair confined. There should have been no way he escaped it all unscathed. Barry speedily works to reconstruct the windows. He finds that there was no point of impact. Nothing was thrown through the windows that caused them to shatter. He knows that this was no prank. Wells admits that it wasn't, and he doesn't need any help finding out who did it, he already knows. It was Harley, the Prodigal Son.

Wells fills Team Flash in on Harley. He has an amazing scientific mind. Harley was set to inherit the Rathaway empire, until he came out and had his inheritance taken. He was instrumental to creating the particle accelerator. He didn't get along well with the others, but he was Wells's favorite. He left after a disagreement. Barry vows to stop Harley. Cisco would have been happy to never see him again.

Harley is his usual bitter self as he takes Cisco around. But Cisco knows his stuff, which is why Wells hired him. Harley is even a jerk to Caitlin as he tells her to have her boyfriend deliver specs to him. Caitlin is unfazed as she introduces herself to Cisco. They get along well, and she's off on an early weekend with Ronnie. Harley gives Cisco a week before he's fired.

Iris heads in for her first day on the job, and comes face to face with her new co-worker Todd Manning, I mean Mason Bridge. He's not exactly welcoming, and I'm hoping for some deadly deception ala Manning on his part. The editor comes in and asks for story suggestions. Iris wants to work on a keystone project, but he's more interested in Flash coverage. He assigns Mason as her mentor.

Barry shows Joe his theory on what happened to the windows in Wells house. But Joe thinks that Wells is hiding much more than just Harley. Barry thinks that he knows all about Wells, but Joe isn't so sure, and puts doubt in his mind. Eddie comes in with reports that Rathaway Industries is under attack. Joe races off as Caitlin calls Barry with the same information.

Barry flashes out to confront Harley all dressed up like Dr. Doom, minus the shiny face plate. Harley can hear the radio waves from Barry's suit and he knows the gang is all there, but most importantly that Daddy is listening. Harley is a smart guy, and he's figured out just who Wells really is.

Barry delivers Harley. He tells him that being tied up by a guy in leather has always been a fantasy of his and thanks Barry for that. He's surprised to see that Cisco has survived as long as he has. Harley is taken down to the meta-human prison. He speaks to Cisco and Caitlin in different languages, poking at their open wounds. Wells sends them off. He figured out that the group was working with the Flash, and his whole admission was for the benefit of Barry. It may feel good to have Wells behind him now, but he knows that he will eventually turn on him too, and Harley just hopes that he doesn't leave him in devastation as Wells did him. Harley leaves Wells his secret to reveal himself. Wells heads up to see the team. He hasn't been honest with any of them. He reveals that there was a risk that the accelerator would explode, it wasn't conclusive, but Wells decided that the potential outweighed the risk. Caitlin tells him that the next time he makes that sort of gamble, she expects a heads up. Cisco leaves the room as well. Barry points that after the explosion, and everyone else left, Caitlin and Cisco stayed. They deserve more than just an apology. Barry is hurt by the broken trust.

Iris runs into her editor, Larkin. He tells her about the Flash sighting earlier. He tells her to look into it. She asks Bridge what his assignment is, and he's snarky as ever. He doesn't see her as a true journalist, surprise surprise.

Iris meets with Barry to vent about her day. They can't both be having bad days she says, and because she's Iris its all about her. She once looked up to Bridge, and he thinks she's talentless. Barry points out that sometimes idols aren't what they're cracked up to be. She has talent, she just needs to believe in herself. Iris is thankful for his believing in her.

Cisco looks over Harley's gear, and notices that they were on the lowest settings. If Harley really wanted to destroy his father's building he could have easily. Caitlin wonders why he would do that, but Cisco puts it all together. Harley wanted to be caught. He checks their prisoner, and he's out of his cage. Cisco warns Wells, who uses his own Flash powers, but they give out on him. Harley listens in on it all as he pulls out one of his “hearing aids” and uses it to blow the door open. Cisco is taken out in the blast. Caitlin calls Cisco, but he can't answer her, giving Harley the chance to sneak up behind her and knock her out. Harley grabs his gear and plugs it into the mainframe. Wells calls to Barry letting him know that Harley escaped while Iris gets coffee. Barry leaves in a flash. Harley taunts Wells, asking if he's still his guy. Barry finds Caitlin, she's fine. Wells is back in his chair, but he says that Harley is gone.

Cisco awakens, he has a concussion. The attack on the Rathaway building was all a set up they tell him. He was really after access to the STAR Lab computers. Wells takes the full blame, and he isn't interested in sharing it. Harley is set out to punish Wells, and he won't stop until he feels he's paid enough.

Past. Wells finds Harley inside of the Particle Accelerator. Harley thought it was their accelerator, and points out that it will be their fault if he turns it on, and blows a hole in the city. If Wells isn't man enough to shut down the project then he will. Wells fires him, and threatens that if he says anything to anyone without substantiated evidence he will ruin him. Harley has no choice but to walk away.

Iris and Mason Bridge wait for the start of a press conference. Wells begins his conference about the circumstances that lead to the particle accelerator. In the report that was conducted, it was determined that no once could have anticipated the failure of the accelerator. Wells admits that he was warned by a former colleague of the possibility, but he didn't heed the warning, and therefore let down the city. Mason along with all of the other reporters try to get Wells to answer their question, mainly does he intend to rebuild. Wells singles out Iris, who asks the question, and he says he does not intend to. And leaves without answering anymore questions. Mason asks what that was about, and she tells him gumption.

Wells asks the group if that begins to make up for things. Wells knows that Harley will not let it go, he'll want the last word. Cisco heads into his work, when he should be resting. Wells tells Cisco that he has nothing to prove. He tells him that the reason he hired him was because of his heart. He was smart like Harley, but he had all the heart as well. Harley cuts in. His mea culpa isn't enough. The city already hates him, and he wants more. He wants more, one last high stakes chess game. He tells Wells to get his crimson knight into the game, while he takes out a few pawns.

Barry suits up but he doesn't know where to head. Cisco can't seem to trace the signals from Harley's messages though. Wells suggests looking for seismic activity, that Harley's blasts may be causing tremors. Cisco finds the most likely location, and Barry heads straight there. Well tells him to hurry and disarm him immediately. Cisco figures out what Harley stole, all of Barry's suit specs. Barry catches up to Harley and disarms him. Harley mocks him. He fell for his plan twice. By disarming him, he caused his plan to go into motion, and his little gloves to emit a noise that will eventually kill Barry with his own suit. Barry lies on the ground as Harley looks over the guy who replaced him. Wells comes up with a plan to use the surrounding cars' satellite radios to emit a frequency that will affect only Harley. The waves hit Harley, and he falls down in agony.

Barry is fine for the most part, there's just a little ringing in his ears. Crisis adverted, Cisco takes his doctor's advice and goes to rest. Wells admits that the hardest thing for him to do is to admit that he's wrong. He hopes that he can regain Barry's trust, and he has. Barry isn't a hero because of his speed, but because he learned how to be one because of the people in his life, all of them.

Joe admits that the press conference was a doozy, and that what Wells did was hard. Barry tells Joe that raising him couldn't have been easy. He wasn't an easy kid, with his giant brain, but that no one could replace him not even wells. Its an awe moment. Barry leaves, and Eddie gives Joe his report. He searched all of Wells' house, but found nothing. He asks him if he's sure that he wants to do this, but Joe is very sure.

Harley wakes back up in the accelerator jail, with Cisco before him. Cisco warns him that his evil hearing aids won't help him this time. Harley thinks that Cisco is enjoying this whole thing, and he is. But Harley also knows that Cisco is going to let him out, and soon. Cisco can't believe his ears. Harley knows where Ronnie is, and he knows what happened to him, and how to save him.

Wells uses his tacheon device. Gideon reports that it won't be stable for much longer, which is fine since it was never meant to be permanent. His end game is in sight.


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