The Librarians S1E5 - "And the Apple of Discord" Recap

Flynn returns to help the team with the latest magical threat: dragons. The dragons live beneath the earth and when angered awake and can cause all kinds of trouble, including a series of strange weather happening throughout the weather, such as earthquakes. Eastern and Western dragons have had a blood-feud stretching back many millennia and if the problem isn't fixed, a war will break out. Eve isn't too pleased to see Flynn, as she feels he is undermining her authority as team leader.

The team meets a representative from the Eastern dragons, who appears in the form of a man despite being a dragon, known simply as Mr. Drake. Flynn, Eve, Jake, and Cassandra head to Vatican City in search of a dragon lair under the city. The team makes their way through some booby traps and encounter the Apple of Discourse, which induces a person's personality to make a change for the worse. The apple first infects Jake but later transfers its evil ways to Cassandra. She is able to easily take down Lamia when attacked by her. When the team catches up to her, Eve and Flynn end up fighting while both holding the apple but then the apple goes just to Eve, then back to Flynn, and Lamia ends up in a scuffle with them too.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel finds himself having to chair a conclave of several magical organisations in which they must try to resolve their disputes peacefully. Unfortunately for them, things take a turn for the worst when Dulaque shows up trying to remove the Library from its historical role as arbiter among them. Ezekiel is upset when Jenkins attempts to leave him, but Jenkins eventually comes back to help try to keep things under control. Unfortunately, the session is interrupted by a power-crazed, apple-holding Flynn. Happily, the team is able to get Ezekiel close enough to pick-pocket the apple away and Flynn convinces the conclave-attendees (minus Dulaque) of the necessity of the Library. Ezekiel is also able to stop Mr. Drake from making any more trouble.

Finally, Jenkins has a private moment with Dulaque and tells him off, knowing that he was the one to wake the dragons and cause all of the trouble that the team just had to face, all for his own agenda. Dulaque tries to offer Jenkins a spot to join his side but Jenkins says that what they once had is gone now. Flynn is impressed with the work Eve has done so he offers her a long-term contract as Guardian and says he'll stay if she does. However, Eve reminds him that he must go back out and recover the main Library.

The Librarians airs on Sundays on TNT at 8PM.


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