The Librarians S1E7 - "And the Rule of Three" Recap

The Librarians are enjoying a day off until the Clippings Book starts acting up, meaning it's time to go back to work. They must head to Chicago STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to investigate and find themselves mistaken by the fair's sponsor, Lucinda McCabe, as county librarians judging the competition. Only Cassandra can follow the science speak the various contestants are spouting. Many are quite impressive, save for a lone baking soda volcano that only excites Eve. She encourages him to give it a go and when he sets it off, the volcano spouts real fire and magma. There's the magic they've been searching for!

The team must continue to find the magic lurking among the science experiments. Ezekiel discovers a small Newton's cradle acting strange, even injuring nearby fair participants. Jenkins, who has decided to leave the Annex, says that magic is ending the laws of physics locally so they must now find a coven of magic users that will likely be a group of three. Cassandra immediately suspects some goths that were making trouble and picking on some of the science geeks earlier. As it turns out, one of the goths Dashiell is more so focused on getting a date with one of the fair participants Amy Meyer and the other two are just trying to help.

Cassandra then hones in Amy, whose mother has been quite overbearing and insistent that Amy be victorious in the contest. Yet another freak "accident" happens where a swarm of insects comes flying out of a student's mouth. When Lucinda McCabe notes in passing that it's like there's curse, Jenkins has a revelation. Someone has cursed the fair participants to lose but Jenkins further explain that according to The Rule of Three, the curse will receive the karmic debt three-fold because of the malicious intent. It will likely be fatal. Jenkins whips up a device that will be able to hone in on the curse's magic focus.

Now the Librarians must first narrow their group of suspects down. Jake questions Dashiell, the Goth who got turned down. He offers up some nice advice about the cliques and personae people take on in high school just being costumes. In turn, Dashiell offers up the scoop on the personal drama going on in this group. One common theme is that Amy is the frontrunner and it's rubbed some people the wrong way. Ezekiel uses Jenkins' device and finds that the magic is coming from Amy's mobile phone. They steal it and find a wish fulfilment spell disguised as a brain-trainer app.

When they look at the data, they determine that Amy isn't the one using the app so they must continue their hunt. Cassandra is able to pull Amy aside, who says that her mother downloaded the app from a proactive parents' website. Amy's wishes are more about being normal whereas her mother's are the ones that are about Amy being smart. They share a moment of bonding in which they relate about their parents wanting more for them than they wanted for themselves.

Lucinda McCabe accidentally walks into the Annex and Jenkins recognises her. He calls Eve and insists that she come back immediately. Jenkins explains that she is Morgan le Fay, sister of King Arthur and destroyer of Camelot. She is also shown to possess magical abilities and calls Jenkins "Galeas" (as in Sir Galahad). Jenkins wants Eve to shoot Morgan because Eve will only shoot when she wants to. When Eve finally does decide to shoot her, Lucinda simply Matrixes them to stop. She didn't build the app but she did put the spell together. She uses it to recharge her powers and stay young, giving magic to mortals, watch them destroy one another, and feed off the backlash from the Rule of Three.

They find that Amy's table is a pentagram and she was assigned to it because the hostility people felt towards her would charge the spell. They decide they can use the table's legs to form a Farady Cage around the fair, a container in which energy can't get in or out and thus dissipate the feedback. Amy is happy to help the group, which is good since they needed another set of hands.

Eve uses the app to lay a smack down on Lucinda. Lucinda is giddy that she can't stop the spell even if she tried. Eve is forced to retreat while the others are still putting the cage together. It works but Eve finds herself in the space between seconds, where there is no one else but Morgan, who is juicing off the spell so much that she will now be able to hide in any alternate reality and avoid the coming end. She then sends Eve back with a message for Jenkins: Noli timere scelerate timeo heros.

Amy is disqualified for her "dangerous Farady Cage experiment," meaning that the "county Librarians" are able to choose the winner of the STEM fair. They choose Leonard, the one with baking soda volcano and he is elated. Jenkins is angry when Eve returns because she didn't kill Lucinda/Morgan. Eve insists that as a Guardian, it isn't her job to kill. She passes on the message to Jenkins, who translates it as, "Do not fear the villain, fear the hero." He echoes her warning about the End coming and she if she doesn't learn to fight the war rather than win the battles, none of them will survive.

The Librarians airs on Sundays on TNT at 8PM.


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