The Librarians S1E8 - "And the Heart of Darkness" Recap

The Librarians are inspecting ley lines in Slovakia when they come across an American teenage girl named Kate who is covered in blood and claiming that her three friends are in danger at a nearby house that they had been staying in. Eve takes Jake and Ezekiel to check the house and leaves Cassandra to look after Katie. When they go inside the house, strange things begin happening and a knife goes flying through their hair. They run outside and then watch blue electricity run through the house. They then go back inside to clear the rooms, this time with both Cassandra and Katie joining them.

More strange happenings are going on and they determine that perhaps crossing ley lines in the house may be a reason for it. Eve calls up Jenkins who shares the story of vapours magical houses that move from place to place. Some are benign and some are evil. The house makes evil noises and projects various images including a huge shadowy figure. Cassandra is ordered to take Katie to the Annex to keep her safe while the rest will stay behind and take on the house. But just as they are about to leave, a shadowy figure that Katie had previously described smashes up the car, preventing them from leaving.

Ezekiel had disappeared and when Jake does too, he finds that he has been sucked into a small model of the house where Ezekiel has been trapped since he disappeared. Ezekiel is enjoying the down time as he is able to wish for things and then they're granted. He now has a video game console to pass the time and snacks. Jake begins to piece some things together based off of photos on the wall. Eve continues to battle the smokey hooded figure and tells Cassandra and Katie to run. Outside, Katie exhibits strange behaviour. She's confused by where they are and then reveals herself to be the true evil. Cassandra realises that Katie is a serial killer who has been killing the various people that come to the house. Cassandra runs back inside and sees Eve's unconscious body getting dragged upstairs while Katie is following her back into the house.

Katie reveals that she was part of a family of serial killers. When they came across the house, Katie could hear the house whispering and offering her help. Cassandra begins to piece some things together and wishes to be able to communicate with the house which she begins to be able to do. She determines that the house was happy until Katie and her family came. Cassandra notices that Katie is in the background of many photos of the other residents that Katie killed. The house doesn't want to help Katie but it has to grant the wishes of those within it and Katie has been working the house for some time now.

Cassandra has a showdown with Katie and defeat her, after which she passes out. When she wakes, she finds a thank you note from the house. Now Eve is also trapped in the small house until they are freed. They meet the spirit of the house which is no longer a menacing, hooded figure, but someone that looks very much like a kindly butler ready to help those in need. It wishes them well and then they all drive away. Seemingly, the house will now be better prepared to not fall into the hands of a serial killer again.

The Librarians airs on Sundays on TNT at 8PM.

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  1. So enjoying The Librarians with my favorite actor and singer Christian kane.. Such a distinctive show and love that the whole family can sit and watch this! and it is also a very SMART show as well!


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