The Librarians S1E9 - "And the City of Light" Recap

The Librarians must visit a small town in upstate New York where a UFO researcher has gone missing.  Jake strikes up a flirtation with a woman named Mabel. Ezekiel and Eve go looking for clues in the woods when they come across Victor Finch, the missing man, who is exhibiting strange behaviour. Eve disappears apparently because of a strange lamppost in the middle of the woods. Jake visits Mabel again to get more information and the two continue their flirtation before Jake brings her out into the woods where the rest of the team is waiting. They get a flash of Eve when Jenkins touches the lamp and Mabel wants to know the truth but Jake implores her to go back to the archives and dig up anything she can on the gas lamps with the promise that he will share more information with her at a later time.

Ezekiel and Cassandra find Colonel Baird again though she's on whatever plain she's currently on. Ezekiel is tasked with following her since he's wearing a pair of goggles that can allow him to see these other people. As for Jake, he realises that Mabel knows more than she's letting on. The team begins to be able to put everything together. The town was built but Nikola Tesla who performed an experiment that led to the town citizens to be trapped in an adjacent dimension, from which they can take over the bodies of others. Cassandra finds a 1915 photograph that has Mabel in it. As it turns out, she was present at the experiment but in the control room which is why she is more stable compared to everyone else.

Tesla had been working on a project to free the townspeople and the Librarians have no other option but to help the experiment come to fruition. Since Eve is still trapped, there's no other way to try to get her back. Since Eve was the last one in, she should be the first one out. Since the experiment had a 50/50 chance of causing mass destruction, they have to abort the experiment. Doing so results in Mabel's death but they're able to get Eve back. It will take another 100 years to try the experiment again but rescuing the townspeople gets added to the Library's to-do list. So long as a new capacitor gets built in time, they'll be able to try again, or whoever is the Librarian at the time can anyway.

The Librarians airs on Sundays on TNT at 8PM.

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  1. The Librarians with Christian Kane should definitely be brought back for more seasons!


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