The long awaited sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has a book trailer! The Last American Vampire is Coming 1/13!

Rasputin vs. Tesla! Lincoln vs. Roosevelt! Vampires vs. vampires! All new! All killing!

The Last American Vampire hits shelves on 1/13/15, and there's a new trailer out for the book, but more importantly it looks really good. Don't let the movie adaptation of the first book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter color your perception, the book was phenomenal.

Check out the official book trailer for The Last American Vampire by Seth Grahame-Smith — out 1/13 — is here!

Yes, it IS as bananas as the infamous trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Maybe not quite as crazy, but still good. Here's the original.

Last American Vampire not only continues the blood-soaked saga of Lincoln and Henry Sturges, it doubles as a sweeping alternate history of 20th-century America.


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