The Musketeers S2E2 - "An Ordinary Man" Recap

King Louis informs the Musketeers that he wants to experience the life of an ordinary Frenchman so they take him out in disguise. When the King provokes a fight in a tavern, D'Artagnan leads him out the back to safety while the other Musketeers fight those in the tavern. Unfortunately, the tavern keeper had tricked them and so they are taken captive by slave traders who plan to sell D'Artagnan and the King as galley slaves for a Spanish ship.

They must hurry because the infant's Christening is tomorrow and there is no way that the King can not be present. The King wants to admit his true identity to his captors but D'Artagnan insists that he keep quiet if he wants to stay alive. D'Artagnan also helps to carry an injured slave while the Musketeers and Captain Treville are on the trail to find the Spanish ship that their friend and King are meant to be on.

As it turns out, Milady de Winter is working for the slaver-traders. She is able to help D'Artagnan and the King from being killed without revealing who they are. Meanwhile, Rochefort tries to manipulate the Queen to act in a way that would benefit Spain. Later that night, Milady lets D'Artganan and the King out of their restraints and they take off running into the night. They're eventually caught up to the following morning while the Musketeers are on their way, having done some investigative work of their own. The Kind admits who he is and some gunfire break out. Milady has also made off with the money but before leaving, she kills the lead slave-trader.

During the ongoing chaos, the newly introduced black character dies (seriously, BBC? Atlantis and now The Musketeers? Are any of your shows immune from this tired old trope?) Back at the palace, Rochefort is trying to convince the Queen into holding the throne in order to protect her son and she signs a document that will be delivered to the Spanish ambassador. Constance tries to talk her out of it beforehand but its to no avail.

Milady catches up to the King and D'Artagnan with horses. D'Artagnan momentarily rides off to see if the coast is clear and while he is away, Milady uses all her powers of seduction to charm him. He appears quite smitten by her and the two share a kiss. The Musketeers ride up and they try to warn the King that this woman may not be who she claims to be but the King insists on pardoning her for any and all crimes. The King is sent back to the palace with Porthos and Milady while the others stay behind to fight off the remaining slave-traders in a shootout.

The King arrives just in time for the baby's christening, and Rochefort decides to hold onto the secret of the Queen's actions until he finds the most opportune moment to use it. The King also orders a man to be executed though he had promised him immunity if he helped the Musketeers fight off the other slave-traders. D'Artagnan tries to stop him but Rochefort goes ahead and kills the man anyway. The King now blames the Musketeers for taking him to the tavern, which he had requested in the first place.  The rift between the King and the Musketeers is thus further divided. Finally, the Musketeers visit the wife of the black slave that had unnecessarily been sacrificed for some cheap feels, and combine the money they have on them to give to the man's widow and child. They tell the woman that the man died in service of the Crown.

The Musketeers airs on Fridays on BBC One at 9PM.


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