After 'dying' on Walking Dead actor Chad Coleman joins TREADWATER

Back in October we reviewed TRDWTR and loved it. You can see that review here. After leaving everyone totally devastated by having his best Walking Dead episode and dying, Chad L. Coleman went on the Talking Dead and made a pretty great announcement.

Today Dark Rose Studios put out a press release about Chad L. Coleman joining the Treadwater team. Check it out.

Actor Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese) from AMC’s The Walking Dead joins TREADWATER as an executive producer. 

New York. Chad Coleman is the actor who plays Tyreese in AMC’s TV drama The Walking Dead. His character’s death in the midseason premiere has been a significant occasion in many respects. Mr. Coleman used this opportunity to announce his next project.

“Go to […] it’s something that I’m executive-producing,” said Coleman to Chris Hardwick on this week’s episode of the Talking Dead. TREADWATER is the next milestone of Chad Coleman’s career. It shares many similarities with its predecessor.

TREADWATER is a transmedia franchise that comprises 30 graphic novels, a TV series, an interactive web experience and a video game. The franchise has been in the works since 2012. Coleman joins the TREADWATER team at a unique point where most of the franchise has been developed, and is now awaiting public release.

The story of TREADWATER takes place 15 years into the future, where the crash of the Euro has led to a resurgence of authoritarian regimes on the European continent. The graphic novel series tells the stories of 6 uniquely desperate people who have been recruited by a private organization to maintain what little peace there is left.

Similarly to The Walking Dead, TREADWATER is marked by a mature and realistic tone. No character is given preferential treatment so that he or she could be seen as the main protagonist. Instead, each character is presented with complex moral choices, blurring the lines between the ‘heroes’ and the ‘villains’ of the series.

The first graphic novel of the 30-part series came out in October 2014 via Amazon. It is expected to hit stores nationwide in March or April of this year. The novel has been written and created by Morgan Rosenblum, founder of Darkrose Studios, and illustrated by Ray Dillon, best known for his work on Borderlands 2 and Game of Thrones.

Those wishing to dive right into the rich world of TREADWATER can already do so at The page provides a uniquely interactive experience, which serves as a central hub for all components of the transmedia franchise.

The website challenges its visitors to take an entrance exam to become TREADWATER operatives and complete various real-world missions. As a reward for completing these missions the players can unlock troves of unreleased content, including: video cutscenes, concept art, an original score, as well as large portions of the graphic novel. As TREADWATER executive producer Chad Coleman says, “There is an operative inside all of us.”

Quick Facts:

Darkrose Studios: Launched in 2012, DRS are a rising star of the comic book world. Quietly but surely DRS have built up a social media fanbase consisting of over 150 thousand followers.

TREADWATER: A transmedia franchise based on a series of 30 graphic novels. The first graphic novel has been released via Amazon in October 2014. The franchise also comprises a TV-Series and a video game. The official site of the franchise allows those unfamiliar with TREADWATER to unlock large portions of the graphic novel free of charge. It also provides troves of bonus content, which allow fans to engage deeper with the TREADWATER universe.

TV-Series: A live action series based on the graphic novel has entered pre-production as of April 2014. Portions of it will become available via A teaser trailer can already be seen there.


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