Banshee S3E3 - "A Fixer of Sorts" Recap

Lucas is ready to go after Deva following his mishandling her attempt to reach out to him as her father but he is stopped in his tracks by FBI Special Agent Robert Philips. Philips arrests Hood for impersonating a police officer. He knows that Lucas isn't who he says he is. Philips has spent his career investigating missing agents, most of whom end up to be dead, but he was able to track Lucas and his real identity as a jewel thief, though we're once again left wondering what Lucas' real name is. Lucas is able to get free from Philips' custody by getting free from his cuffs and knocking him out but the freedom is short-lived as Lucas finds himself knocked out by a taser.

Proctor is still looking after his dying mother, who is now staying at his house. His mother gives him a pep talk about being able to be content in his life, finding love, and makes him promise to move Rebecca out of the house after she is gone. Kai expresses regret to the new nurse, Emily, over leaving his mother at the farm with his father, saying how she needed him all those years. Nola Longshadow attacks Proctor's home and gets into quite the altercation with Burton. It's an impressive fight as far as choreography is concerned, as it even moves into a car before coming back out again. Unfortunately, it's lights out for Nola, as Burton tears her voice box out. It's brutal, and we're left annoyed that the show's most kickass female had to die for some creepy, bow-tied henchman.

Following the fight, Burton attempts to stitch up his wounds and it's gratuitously violent in typical Banshee style. Emily walks in on it all and offers to help, which he cautiously allows her to do. We also see that he has several scars on his back. During his fight with Nola, we saw some flashbacks going through his mind of being viciously beaten by a man (not sure who yet) that he apparently killed. The origin of his lunacy, perhaps?

Job and Sugar are shown to be stealing some information from IDs at a secure building to help them in their next heist.

Lucas and Brantley wake to find themselves on a moving truck being transported. The reason for their captivity? Raymond Walton Brantley, the man whom Jason Hood was running form in Season 2. Brantley has them beaten and tortured, as he wants the money back that Jason had stolen. Despite Lucas telling Brantley that Lucas is dead, Brantley won't believe him and has his men carry on with the torture. Meanwhile, Siobhan grows worried by Lucas' disappearance. When she checks in with Sugar, he assures her that he'll turn up eventually; he always does. Eventually, Brantley comes to believe Lucas, who says that the money is back in Banshee. Brantley insists that they head back to Banshee and that Lucas must show him Jason's body and return the money. Brantley orders his men to bring Phillips out into the woods to be killed. Phillips attempts to get away but Brantley's men catch up to him. Lucas is able to get free from his restraints and kill Brantley by throwing him out the kill hole of the moving truck.

Chayton's younger brother Tommy rounds up some Redbones and together, they go and attack Proctor's strip club. Deputy Lotus happened to be in there when the attack began so he calls it in immediately. There's a bit of mayhem but then reinforcements arrive and a shootout ensues. The Deputies are able to kill all of the Redbones, and Billy Raven is the one to kill Tommy Littlestone when he tries to pull a knife of Siobhan.

While this shootout is happening, Lucas gets into a shootout of his own with Brantley's driver. He then steals a bike, heads to the woods, and kills the remaining of Hartley's men, Lucas appears to consider killing Phillips but opts to let him live instead. They even return their badges to one another. Phillips then shares some bad news. As an insurance policy, he had left an FBI file about Hood and his true past and identity at the Banshee Sheriff's Department. Phillips is apologetic about it now but the damage is done.

Proctor's father arrives at his house to pay a visit to his ailing wife, which Proctor allows. It's shortly thereafter that he receives word about the attack on his strip club.

When Lucas returns to his trailer, he finds an emotional Siobhan waiting for him, having learned the truth about Lucas from the file, asking him, "Who the hell are you?"

Finally, we see Deputy Billy Raven in the morgue with Tommy Littlestone's body, paying his respects, and performing some sort of Native ritual for the deceased by singing a song and leaving a token on his chest.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


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