Banshee S3E4 - "Real Life is the Nightmare" Recap

Siobhan momentarily holds Lucas at gunpoint but ends up lowering her weapon and shouting at him to get out, adding that use needs time to think.

Job and Sugar team up to break into a secure facility and steal an algorithm Job will need. They're nearly caught but Job is able to get out in time without being detected.

Gordon is shown to be cleaning himself and his place up, likely to make a fresh start for himself. Carrie misses a parent-teacher conference and she gets into an argument with Gordon when he passes on the message that Deva isn't doing well in school and that they think she lacks discipline and structure at home. Gordon attempts to patch things up though, saying he doesn't want to play victim and instead wants to work with her on fixing things instead. It's unclear if he's trying to reconcile their relationship as a couple, but it does seem he wants at the very least for them to figure things out to give Deva more stability.

Lucas lets Job and Sugar know about Siobhan and they're far more alarmed by the news than Lucas seems to be. Job says Lucas should cut his losses and leave but Lucas doesn't want to leave. Job packs his things up, apparently ready to throw in the towel.

Deputy Lotus confronts his ex-wife Emily about her new job at Proctor's house. He thinks it's a bad idea to get close to Proctor but Emily is determined to do her job, which is to help the dying woman, Proctor's mother.

Deva is out with a friend and appears to be scoping out the place for its security, obviously taking Lucas' advice about how to properly prepare to steal. She has her eyes on a $75 video game that her brother Max has been wanting for months.

Emily offers Proctor the opportunity to talk if ever he'd like to get some things off his chest, noting how he seems to be so preoccupied being strong for everyone else. He immediately asks her if she'd like to sit down.

Carrie later quits her job and heads to a bar. It's not entirely clear what's happening, as she had seemingly just grown tired of waiting on rowdy customers. Mid-life crisis, perhaps? A guy gets her drunk and then gets angry when she tries to leave without paying up with some sexual favours and she opts to pull him into a back room and smashes his head into a mirror, after which she steals his jacket and motorcycle. Definitely a mid-life crisis. She later is pursued by a cop for speeding and tries to outrun him. She is able to get away by escaping into the woods, but it's only then that she notices that the bike is out of gas.

Burton and Rebecca go after the Red Bones who are transporting Tommy Litttlestone's body. After they run them off the road, they set the car up in flames, killing everyone inside.

Lucas patches things up with Deva by having a talk when he catches her ditching school, and their future now seems brighter, though he has to head off and take care of some police responsibilities. She is then shown to be breaking into the store she was scoping out earlier and accidentally sets off the alarm but is able to get out with the game. Upon returning home, she puts the game in her brother's room.

Carrie calls Lucas to pick her up and she admits that she feels trapped, and whenever it becomes too much she does these stupid, dangerous things. Lucas brings her back to her home and also tells her about Siobhan learning about his false identity. He notes that he might have to run off if she comes forward and they express concerns over Deva, but Lucas seems sure that she'll be okay, as she is strong like her mother.

Tommy's body, which has been burned and melted into the morgue bag, is returned to the reservation, where an emotional Chayton carries it out of the local police station.

Proctor gets bad news, as it appears his case will not be able to be thrown out, and instead will have to go to the jury. Following this, he gets a call from Emily that his mother has taken a turn for the worse. Lucas then shows up and attempts to kill him, as it seems as if Proctor hoped to do the good deed of killing him before skipping town. The two brutally fight, while his lawyer attempts to call reinforcements in. When Lucas finally gets the upper hand, he doesn't actually go through with killing Proctor. Deputy Lotus arrives and arrests Proctor for assaulting an officer.

The Red Bones do a traditional ceremony for Tommy. Ex-skinhead Kurt Bunker arrives at the station to see Lucas, who has come into the station along with Proctor. Proctor's lawyer is determined to tell Hood that a dozen witnesses can testify that Lucas attacked Proctor but Lucas simply tells him to "shut the fuck up." Proctor ends up in a cell that is next to another cell with Red Bones in it. Lucas sees Siobhan for the first time since their fight and they head to a back room to talk. Siobhan says she won't be turning him because even though she wants to, she knows doing so would also undermine all the good that the local law enforcement has done. Lucas assures her that what their relationship was not a lie and that being with her was the only time he felt safe. She is angry that he endangered her life and career and insists that he resign and leave town. But it's then that Chayton and his team of Red Bones arrive at the station in full war garb, weapons in hand, and begin an attack on the station.

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