Banshee S3E5 - "Tribal" Recap

The assault on the precinct is underway and Proctor is demanding to be released from his cell. His mother is still dying but Lucas and the other deputies must fend off the attack without the help of the state police since the phones are down. Billy believes the Red Bones want him since he was the one who killed Tommy. Lucas hires Bunker since he was at the station when the attack was underway and is ready to help them all out. Billy and Siobhan get the citizens in the station down to the basement but Proctor must remain locked up, despite the protests of his lawyer.

Chayton calls out to Lucas, demanding that Billy and Proctor be sent out and in exchange, everyone else will be spared. Lucas says he'll think about it, in order to buy time, and Chayton says he has just two minutes. Lucas then tells Chayton he won't send them out and Lucas then says if they leave, they will be allowed to live, warning him that if they come inside, more Red Bones will die. Billy is prepared to hand himself over, saying that it's tribal justice, but Lucas says if they're going down they will do so together.

The lights then go out in the station. Proctor claims he'd rather go out and face the Red Bones head on instead of waiting in the dark to die. Deputy Lotus says there's a backup generator in the basement so Lucas and Siobhan head down to get to it. Upon reaching it, they find it's almost out of gas  but they're eventually able to get the lights back on. The Red Bones unleash a barrage of bullets on the precinct and in the commotion, Proctor's lawyer scrambles to steal the keys and let Proctor out. He gets the keys in the lock but ends up shot in the head before he can do anything else. Proctor lets himself out and shoots a Red Bone in the head because he was choking out Assistant District Attorney Alison Medding.

Billy covers Lucas, who makes his way to a hole in the station that the Red Bones had shot up. Lucas gets some shots out and shoots two Red Bones, forcing them to retreat for now. Lucas and Billy push a cabinet in front of the hole, though Siobhan warns that this will not hold them off for long. The Red Bones use a truck to pull a gate open, allowing some Red Bones to get in but Lucas and Proctor shoot them dead, and the gate closes once again.

Things are tense between Alison and Kurt, who is also currently injured from a bleeding wound he got during the fight, as her father was beaten into a coma by some skinheads so she doesn't trust his appearance. Kurt shares how his father was abusive so he stayed away from home and had a stutter. Some local skinheads were the only ones that showed him kindness, even beating his father one time after he gave Kurt a black eye. One thing led to another and then Kurt was a full-blown skinhead. Alison tells him it's no excuse and Kurt says he knows that.

Deputy Lotus refuses to fight alongside Proctor and Lucas tells him to hand over his badge if he doesn't want to do his job. Lotus tells Lucas that he tried to do things his way but everything Lucas touches turns to blood.

Some Red Bones get in through the basement and Kurt fights them off. He's nearly killed after getting shot again but Alison saves him with a gun of her own. The team reconvenes in the basement and Proctor says he'll go out through the basement. Lotus doesn't want to let him walk out but Lucas says to let him go. Before walking out, Proctor says that if he doesn't make it, Lucas needs to stay away from Rebecca. If he does make it, they'll have unfinished business. Lucas agrees, and reminds Proctor to make the call (for less-than-legal reinforcements).

Proctor's mother warns Rebecca that it's not to late and that she should leave this house and find her own way. Rebecca appears shaken by the advice, though it's not entirely clear if Proctor's mother really said this, or if Rebecca simply imagined it.

Lucas and Siobhan seemingly reconcile, and consider having a future together. Siobhan wants the truth though, and asks for Lucas to start by telling her his real name, which he seemingly does by whispering it in her ear.

Billy grows pensive and then goes to uncover the hole so he can walk out and sacrifice himself. Siobhan implores him not to but Billy says it is the only way. Billy calls out to Chayton, prepared to sacrifice himself in exchange for everyone else's safety but Chayton says the time for negotiation has passed, and shoots an arrow into Billy. Siobhan tackles Billy and saves him from being shot again but this time fatally. She helps him up but it's not long before he can't move his legs, having gone into shock. The rest of the group are elsewhere in the station fending off the attack from the Red Bones who have made their way inside. Siobhan hides Billy and heads off to help the fight. Siobhan gets into a fight with a Red Bone and despite being injured by the encounter, is able to beat and kill him. It's then that we see Chayton walking towards her from behind.

Lucas leaves the Deputies who have successfully fought off the Red bones in the latest sweep. He comes upon Chayton who has Siobhan in a chokehold. Lucas emotionally pleads for him to let Siobhan go, lowering his weapon. A Red Bone comes up from behind and knocks Lucas in the head. As Lucas lies disoriented on the ground, he watches helplessly as Chayton snaps Siobhan's neck.

Proctor returns home to find that his mother has passed away. Proctor says a prayer as he cradles his mother's body. Rebecca walks in and watches, while back at the station, Lucas cradles Siobhan and cries for her death.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


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