Banshee S3E6 - “We Were All Someone Else Yesterday” Recap

Lucas imagines an alternate reality, while sitting just on the outskirts of Siobhan's funeral, in which the real Lucas Hood was never killed and instead, those criminals left with a wad of cash and a bottle of bourbon. He goes and checks in on Carrie, Deva, and the rest of the family. He makes eye contact with Carrie but doesn't come inside.

Deputy Lotus comes to sit in the squad car with Lucas following the funeral to tell him that the town needs a sheriff and that they need to go find Chayton to make him pay for what he has done. Another funeral is taking place, that of Proctor's mother.  Both he and Rebecca are present at the ceremony, after which Rebecca's parents approach her and ask her to come home, adding that they forgive her. She coldly tell them that she doesn't forgive them, never will, and bids them goodbye.

Emily comes to say goodbye to Proctor, who expresses regret over not being there to say goodbye. She assures him that his mother was thinking of Proctor in her final moments and that both his mother and she herself see the good in him. The two then have sex.

Gordon Hopewell visits Deputy Lotus to tell him he will need to testify against Proctor's case v. Lucas regarding their recent fight. Gordon then asks if he can shoot a few rounds, as they are talking while Lotus is practicing, and Gordon displays an impressive shooting ability as he makes all the shots right into the target's head.

Hoon is asking Lucas what he needs when they are interrupted by Bunker, who arrives to say that Chayton is about to be apprehended by a military team. Lucas goes to meet with the team and learns that local law enforcement are required to stand back and watch since it now falls under federal jurisdiction.

Rebecca fires one of the men working at the club after he mouths off to her and then beats him with a wooden plank when he hurls a misogynistic slur at her. She is now handling the business until Proctor can come back and meets with a man working for a Mr. Fraser, who wants to go back into business. However, they want a discount and for Proctor to stop selling to the Salvadorians. Rebecca tells the man that the prices have gone up by 10% and that Proctor sells to whomever he wants.

Proctor tells Emily about the struggles he's had with his faith. They appear to agree to embark on a relationship together, though he does warn her that she might not like what she learns about him.

Deva meets with Gordon so he can sign off on a slip regarding her being behind on assignments. He reaches out to tell her that nothing has changed and he will always be her father and she seems touched by what he says. While walking home, Deva pick-pockets an unsuspecting man and it's seen by a boy named Charlie Knowles, who is impressed by her lift and invites her to a party. She asks to bring a friend and he agrees. Deva heads to the party with her friend, who says she has a bad feeling about it all and wants to leave, but sticks around when Deva refuses to leave. The night carries on and Deva appears smitten by Charlie, though her friend continues to look concerned.

Stowe stops by the diner and tries to start up his relationship with Carrie again but she turns him down, causing him to leave without eating anything. Carrie steals his hand print from the table. She also had recorded their conversation and gives that audio recording along with the hand print to Job, adding that she doesn't want to talk about what he will hear.

The military team prepares to raid Chayton's bunker and Officer King implores them not to treat it as a massacre but they are dismissive of her plea, though they claim they don't want any casualties.

Rebecca is enjoying how well everything is going at the club but then Burton lets her know that Proctor wants to see her. He is meeting with the clients from earlier and informs her that she was misinformed about their agreement and makes her apologise to them, as he has already agreed to the deal they wanted. She leaves and becomes emotional, screaming at the strippers to leave their dressing room. She takes a moment to cry before pulling herself together and storming out.

Job meets Lucas in the woods, knowing that he is planning to go ahead and go after Chayton himself and wants to help him do so. They corner one of the Red Bones, and shoot him in the leg when he refuses to give up Chayton's location. They then knock him out once he has given up Chayton. Lucas stands over a sleeping Chayton with a gun over his head. He then steals Chayton's knife and holds it to his throat, which wakes him. Lucas shushes Chayton and then stabs him in the leg, twisting it sadistically until he cried out in pain. This summons a Red Bone to the tent who Job begins to fight. Chayton is able to get up and begins to fight Lucas. Job gets some shots fired and it summons the military team. The Red Bones, Lucas, and Job all take off running. The military team is able to apprehend some of the Red Bones while Lucas continues his pursuit of an injured Chayton and they are both pursued by Officer King. She then corners Chayton. She tells him that Siobhan didn't deserve to die and he says that it wasn't murder, but war. He approaches her and says that he won't shoot her. He then gets his hand around her throat and begins to lower her until Lucas catches up and gets a shot in Chayton. Chayton takes off running and jumps off a ravine into the water below. Lucas berates King for not shooting Chayton and then the military team shows up, angry that Chayton is lost.

Proctor returns home and places a blanket on Rebecca, who is sleeping on the couch. Emily comes by and tells him to come to bed, which he does. After they walk out, Rebecca opens her eyes, having heard the whole thing.

We see a return to Lucas' alternate reality, in which he says goodbye to the real Lucas Hood. He's about to leave Banshee and the real Lucas thanks him again for what he did. He also spies an alive Siobhan and they make eyes at each other until he is picked up by Job.

Finally, we see an alive-as-ever Chayton rise up out of the water.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


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