Banshee S3E7 - "You Can't Hide From the Dead" Recap

A wounded Chayton (seriously, that bullet hole is looking rather infected) is delirious and seemingly wracked with guilt over his killing Siobhan. He even has visions of her. He tries to rough up a woman in a stable in order to get something (food? supplies? treatment?) but he passes out from his injuries before he can do much. The woman patches Chayton up, and he seems surprised that she isn't afraid of him. She says that she's lost a husband and a child so she doesn't have much to live for. She gives him some food and then offers him her dead husband's truck. It's also rather funny to watch Chayton eat because his hand engulfs the silverware. Their moment is interrupted by the woman's neighbour coming to try to invite her to dinner. She's able to make him start to leave but then he spots the bloody bandages so here comes Chayton with a massive pitchfork and it's night-night-forever to the neighbour.

Aimee visits Lucas, who is training in the woods by punching trees, and tells him that she should've killed Chayton when she had the chance. But Lucas seems to have settled his temper and isn't holding a grudge against her, opting instead to stay focused on the other tasks at hand.

Proctor goes to a church session at the Amish community centre and his father is receptive of his presence, as their relationship has shifted following the death of Proctor's mother. He later goes out to dinner with

Rebecca is still holding a grudge over Proctor embarrassing her (and probably for opting to sleep with another woman, too). So she meets with some gang members to set up a side deal where she sells to them directly. The deal is set but the leader, a Mr. Morales, warns her not to screw him over or else Proctor will be mopping what's left of her up.

Job wants to back out of the heist because he doesn't think Lucas' head is in the right place but Lucas tells him this is what he needs. Job agrees to do so, though he seems rather certain they'll all get caught.

Carrie and Gordon get a call about Deva, so they go to get her. She's been hanging out with Charlie at his place, where he's been fighting for no reason other than he's a loser creep. His little gang of loser friends pick a fight and then Carrie and Gordon unleash one hell of a smack down, with Carrie taking down three guys and Gordon taking down Charlie himself. It's all terribly exciting and fun to watch but then Charlie whips out a gun and Gordon tells him to go ahead and pull the trigger. Charlie hesitates so Gordon disarms him and turns the weapon on him instead. Judging by his face, it would seem he considers putting at least one in him but he decides against it and leaves with Carrie and Deva. (Deva had been giving all kinds of attitude before but the gun was enough to get her in check, at least this time around). After they all return home, Carrie and Gordon note how they did well with their little family intervention and end up having sex in the kitchen.

The team all gathers in preparation for the heist, complete with their all-black wardrobe, sleek soundtrack, and slow-motion introduction. The heist has a few hiccups but they're still able to get inside the building and up to the vault. But the problem really starts when Lucas starts having visions of Siobhan's death and then begins seeing her all around him. He is only pulled out of it by thee sound of Job fighting off a soldier that had spotted him. Carrie manages to work her way into the vault finally, and the team then begins snatching up that cash. But the biggest problem then arrives in the form of Col. Douglas Stowe himself. He can't get into his office because the team used a recording of his voice to get inside. He then orders a military team from the base to head over. Sugar Bates, who is running surveillance, warns the rest of the group to hurry and get going or else they'll have a whole lot of company to deal with. The team gets out partially but now their audio recording isn't working so they have to shoot their way through the locked door. Commence shootout!

The team is able to fight their way back to the van but Col. Stowe follows them back and he's an absolute monster that they all have to fight together in order to manage to throw him out of the van so Bates can drive them all out.

Brock calls Emily to try to warn her again about Proctor but she's just not having any of it.

Aimee visits Lucas again to all but give her seal of approval to his mission to take Chayton out, believing there is nothing left in him to save and that he really would have killed her during their encounter in the woods. She doesn't want to stick around and see Chayton die, though. Lucas prepares to go after Chayton and Brock says he's going with.

Finally, we see Col. Stowe still bloody from his fight with the heist team. He's in his value talking to himself and insisting it's not his fault. He's seething and psychotic as ever.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


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