Calling All Shadowhunters! Cassandra Clare has a new book!

If you can't get enough of the Shadowhunters from Cassandra Clare's smash hit series Mortal Instruments, then you're in luck. There's a new book on the market, you'll need to get in your hot little hands! Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (Part of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy) By Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan was just released.

Is it really a book, no. It's a short story, but still anything Mortal Instruments is welcomed as we await the new television series on the beloved books to come out. Simon Lewis never thought he’d become a Shadowhunter…and now he has the chance. One of ten adventures in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy.

After living as a Mundane and a Vampire, Simon never thought he would become a Shadowhunter, but today he begins his training at Shadowhunter Academy.

This standalone e-only short story follows the adventures of Simon Lewis, star of the #1 New York Times bestselling series The Mortal Instruments, as he trains to become a Shadowhunter. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy features characters from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, and the upcoming Dark Artifices and Last Hours series. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy is written by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan.

You can get it here.


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