Could one of these two be the new Spiderman?

Since Marvel announced that Spider-man as coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) the internet has been abuzz with who should play the webslinger next. Although he put on a pretty good performance, Andrew Garfield is officially out. Variety is reporting that Marvel is looking to send the old back to high school yet again, and they're looking for a younger actor to play him.

So far on the top of the list are Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Fury), both aged 23.

Dylan O'Brien in particular seems to be well suited for the role of Peter Parker. His character on Teen Wolf, Stiles, delivers Peter's brand of sarcasm with perfection. His work alone in Season 3B of Teen Wolf, showcased that he has the acting chops to pull off a some difficult emotional feats. His turn in last year's The Maze Runner also received great reviews, and widened his fan base. If there is one thing that Dylan O'Brien brings to the table over Logan Lerman is a rabid fan base.

Lerman certainly has the blue eyes and boyish good looks of Peter Parker, and he was at one time a front runner before Garfield landed the role in 2012. Logan Lerman has lead the Percy Jackson franchise, and impressed many with his turn in Fury. But he has yet to prove he has what it takes to deliver the comedic barbs that Peter Parker is so well known for.

No offers have been made so far.

A new actor playing Spider-man may not be the only change that takes place. There is also buzz that it won't be Peter Parker this time around, but instead Miles Morales that suits up. In the comics Morales was of mixed heritage, whose father is African American and mother is Puerto Rican. This would be a great addition to the Marvel canvas, adding not only youth, but diversity.

Rapper Donald Glover has long been a fan favorite to play Morales, and the character may have even been visually based off him. But, if they're going for youth, Glover is getting a bit old to play Morales at 31. In the past Sony has cast Toby Maguire 26, and Andrew Garfield 28 to play a high schooler, so its still a possibility.

One suggestion, skip over Peter Parker, and even Miles Morales, and go with Miguel O'Hara. Granted his origin story would have to be altered from the comics, but the idea of a geneticist asked to create new corporation-controlled super-powered soldiers called "corporate raiders" and then getting drugged and blackmailed to continue his work when he sees he toll on humanity his work is doing, isn't so far off base. Too complicated? They can go with the high school introduction, either would work to introduce the character. With O'Hara you can introduce a Latino character, and one that audiences won't be completely familiar with yet. Marvel likes to take their lesser known characters and make them into money making rockstars.

If you read the twitter feeds of the writers here at Museled, @Suepafly and @LadyJenevia you'll know that we not only love this idea, but are adamant that Peter Parker has had his time in the sun and it's time for another Spiderman incarnation. We've seen two different takes of Spiderman in a short period of time, and although we're ready for a new one, we don't want to see the same story rehashed again. Futhermore, we think another Teen Wolfer would be perfect for the job of bringing O'Hara to the big screen.

Tyler Posey is also 23, like O'Brien and Lerman. He's got the charm and agility to pull off any Spidey persona, even as Peter Parker. He brings a level of enthusiasm and energy few could match. Not only is he personable, and extremely likable, he can deliver snark with the best of them. He's got the whole teenager thing down. Ethnically he's a match too. Posey, too is of Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry on his father's side, and of Mexican ancestry on his mother's. And, just like O'Brien, he has a rabid fan base that would be happy to transition with him over to the Marvel world.

Whoever Sony chooses to step into the red and blue tights, they have to make that decision soon. Marvel wants to introduce the new actor playing Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War,” in theaters in 2016, before launching his own solo franchise at Sony in 2017.


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