Frozen Fever is Here!

The country is at all-time icy low temperatures. The Ice Queen, Elsa, has been amassing quite the arrest record after Kentucky first issued an arrest warrant for the sovereign, and South Carolina followed suite actually arresting her yesterday. But that's not going to stop the cold or the fun.

Frozen is back with Frozen Fever, and its bring back Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and, yes, Olaf, especially Olaf. And they're not the only ones. Oaken, the Snow Monster and the trolls are back too! Today we have the first Frozen Fever trailer. The new animated short is set to debut in front of screenings of Cinderella, and Walt Disney Animation has released the first footage of the reunion. As expected, Olaf steals the spotlight with his lovable wackiness.

It's Anna's birthday, and Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf look to make it the best one yet. While the cold never bothered her anyways, the common cold is a whole other matter for Elsa. Bogged down with a cold, her wintery powers are a threat to everyone and everything. The trailer has a very spring feel to it, does anyone hope that it'll bring with it a wave of sunshine, or maybe another of Olaf's Summer songs?

Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have returned to helm this short, and they will try to cast the same magic that stole our hearts in the originals. Also returning are the song-writing duo, Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who will likely have more than a little magic of their own.

For now this short may be the last taste of Frozen for a while, as there's no announce plans for a sequel at this time. Frozen Fever will play before Kenneth Branagh’s imagining of the Cinderella fairy tale.

Photo: Disney


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