Gotham S01E14 Recap: The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Dr. Crane prepares his patient by taking the tied up man, and dangling him over the building's edge. He removes his hood as he fastens a noose around his neck. The man is in a panic, but not the Dr. as he checks his vitals before cutting the rope that's preventing him from falling, all while the housekeeper cleans the carpets, unknowing that her boss is hanging outside of the window.

Maroni and Penguin celebrate Fish's fall from grace. Although Penguin did not see her demise, he assumes that she's worse for the wear. Maroni thinks that its the prime time to strike, and strike, Penguin has. He tells him that he has already claimed her nightclub for Maroni, of course. Fish calls to Maroni, and tells him that Penguin played both of them. Maroni is skeptical, but she makes the point that Penguin has likely done something to make him doubt him. He's had a few slip ups, its true, and the doubt is enough for Maroni to suggest he and Penguin take a trip upstate.

Another day, and another crime. Harvey is the lucky guy to get the strangulation case. Captain Essen is on scene as Harvey gives her the lowdown. Looks like the Dr. used his little pulley to retrieve his chair bound patient after he died. Nygma is on the case too, where still, no one appreciates his riddles. His riddle does pertain to the crime. There is a hole in the victim that he cannot explain, and wants to look at it back at the lab. He's so unappreciated there too. The Captain reminds him that its not his job, but the ME's to examine the bodies, and she's gotten complaints. She can't cover for him any longer. Nygma is on the verge of cracking as he puts on a happy understanding face. Gordon isn't on the scene, he's out with personal stuff. Captain Essen worries about Harvey being too close to the edge. Det. Flask had a lot of friends, and accidents happen. Harvey reminds her that she put the cuffs on him, they should all be careful. But Harvey goes back to doing his job.

Cat is making herself at home when Gordon returns. She hides, but he sees the signs that someone has been there. He catches her, and she claims that she was only there one night, and his girlfriend hasn't been there. Plus she heard that he was stuck guarding the looney bin. Gordon doesn't want Cat to be on the streets, but she's not staying at Barbara's place, neither is he. He was returning some keys. Cat reminds him that his last safe place wasn't so safe. Cat tells him that she didn't actually see who murdered the Waynes, and as he's distracted she slips out of the balcony before he can stop her.

Gordon pays Bruce a visit. Bruce hesitates to shake his hand. He's been away for awhile. Gordon tells him what Selena said and its the same story that she told him. Gordon thinks that she lied because she was scared, but Bruce isn't so sure. Cat doesn't scare easily. He tells Gordon that he doesn't have to worry about finding who murdered his parents, not because he's giving up but because Gordon hasn't had much luck so far. Gordon tells him that these cases take time, and Bruce understands that, but he released Gordon from his vow, thinking the man won't be able to deliver on his promise. Alfred agrees, and offers to show Gordon the door.

Maroni awakens a sleeping Penguin. They're in the country, and Maroni is hungry. Penguin isn't enthusiastic about his surroundings, but he follows. Sitting at the table, Penguin asks where's the guy they were to meet. Maroni likes it outside of the city, it gives him time to think, open and honesty. Penguin asks again about the guy. Maroni reminiscences about how he traded away a piece of Arkham to Falcone for Penguin, a piece that was supposedly worthless, but Falcone snapped it up. Or how Frankie died from knife wounds in a gun fight. Penguin is on edge, but both remain pretty cool Maroni leaves Penguin with his thoughts.

Scottie Mullens pays Harvey a visit. She was the victim's sponsor. She puts it together quickly that he's dead. Her number was in his pocket when his body was found. They're in a support group about phobias. Before Harvey can make a wise crack, Scottie puts him in his place. She reveals that he was scared of heights. Scottie cannot believe that he died that way. Harvey asks if she's Irish, thinking she could be, Scottie is taken aback by his question. But he smoothly asks about the length of the meetings, and concludes that she could have dinner after. Scottie, is a bit confused, but she goes with it. Gordon has had a chance to look over the crime scene, and its pulley system. Harvey is a little distracted. He's traced the chair though, and Harvey is ready to grab his coat and go.

Dr. Crane has his next victim. He scares the man, while he pets his tiny piglet. When the man turns to get away, another uses a taser on him, and loads him into a nearby car.

Nygma gets his hands on the body literally. He wants to know what the perpetrator was after. He sticks his hands into the hole that he found earlier, and finds something. He's caught with his hands in the corpse. The ME comes in with Captain Essen, and it looks bad. Nygma bumbles, and the ME pouts. Captain Essen has no choice but to suspend Nygma, before he has a chance to tell them that he's found something.

Harvey and Gordon head over to where the chair is likely to come from. Harvey asks about Gordon's love life. Gordon tells him that he has a thing with the Dr, and he's returned Barbara's key, even though she wasn't there. Harvey gives him some good advice about not screwing things up, after taking a little Harvey detail. There's some screaming and squealing, and the men rush towards the sound. A man in a pig head comes charging towards them with a machete, and they have no choice but to shoot him. Looks like Gordon's thin lead paid off.

Fish awakens on a boat. Things have been to her satisfaction so far. He tells her if she wants to say goodbye to Gotham she can, but she plans to be back soon.

Harvey and Gordon give their report to Captain Essen. The latest victim was lucky to survive. He's a Gotham general that had to be sedated when he was recovered. The man with the machete hasn't been identified yet. Harvey believes that wackos work alone, and that the case is closed, he heads off to report the good news to the support group. Gordon isn't so sure, the side incision on the first victime strikes him as odd. He wants to speak with Nygma about it. Captain Essen tells him to use the ME's report, but Gordon doesn't trust him. The man is incompetent. Captain Essen reminds him that Nygma is not the medical examiner. She likes him too, but there's nothing she can do about it. They're being scrutinized after their last take down.

Nygma pays Christine a visit. She's been crying, he notices. He tells her that he's been suspended and to return her pencil, though it's quite shorter than before. She's surprised by him. He's an odd man, but she wishes something could be done for him. He's pleased with her response.

Penquin is cooped up in the house, and going a bit stir crazy with Maroni outside. He runs to find the duffle bag under the sink, and slides a gun down his pants. He doesn't check to make sure that its loaded in his haste. He saunters back to his seat as Maroni comes back in with firewood. Maroni tells him to take a seat, that they need to talk. Maroni wants to have trust, real trust between them he claims. Penguin wants the same. Maroni confesses that there is no guy. Penguin was beginning to suspect the same. Maroni wants a secret from him. Penguin claims to keep nothing from Maroni, but Maroni presses. He tells him that he doesn't actually like oatmeal. Maroni continues by dropping the bomb that Fish Mooney is alive, and that he talked to her. Penguin wants to know what Fish said, but he needs a secret first. Penguin doesn't like coffee. Maroni tells him what Fish said. That he and Falcone have been working together, and playing Maroni for a chump. Penguin asks if he believes her, since she does have more to gain from their falling out. She did put some incidents to question. Maroni wants another secret. He tells him that he took his gun, and he shows it to him. He took it because he knew that Mooney would call him somehow, and that he might believe her. He points the gun at Maroni, asking him to tell him another secret. Maroni calls him a dirt bag. He treated him like a friend. But Penguin tells him that he treated him like a monkey. Maroni gives him another secret, the gun is loaded with blanks. Penguin doesn't believe him, and shoots the gun. Maroni was telling the truth, and Penguin is shocked. Maroni, doesn't hesitate to give Penguin a beat down, knocking him out.

Gordon meets with the good doctor for some drinks. He's asked her out for a case. He wants her professional opinion since their medical examiner is a bit of a clown. She's a little disappointed. The last time they were together, he was a bit passionate, and she's unsure about his mixed signals. She points out that she even put on lipstick. He was using the case as an excuse to see Leigh Thompson, but he really did want to see her. He's just a bit rusty on the dating stuff. That's something she can respect. She's ready to help him out with his case, insists on it. He gets a call. The second victim woke up, and he was grabbed by two people. There is someone still out there, and Harvey isn't answering his phone.

Harvey is busy with Scottie. He's come to tell the group that they're safe, but its a bit premature. He plays the confident stud, but he finally admits that he has fears too. He's scared all the time. He offers to talk to the group about it if she thinks it would be helpful. She does. She heads into the meeting, as Harvey grabs some coffee, and is greeted by Dr. Crane, a regular at the scare club.

Maroni has a proposition for Penguin. He gets into the car, gets squeezed and the remains get sent to Falcone. Penguin offers some suggestions instead. Dead he's useless, and possibly the reason for Falcone to retaliate. He admits that there is more to India Hill, but he doesn't know it. Maroni is done listening. He and Frankie went way back, and Penguin killed him. He drags Penguin into the crusher, and tells him to say hello to Frankie for him.

Nygma sneaks into the locker room, and prepares to pick a locker's lock.

Harvey tells the group of his fears. His fear of being killed on the job and dying alone in the gutter. He doesn't want to die that way, he wants to die in a warm bed in the arms of a love one. Dr. Crane, Todd, speaks up for the first time in the group. He fears being a failure, the same fear that his father had. The story becomes too much for him and he walks out of the meeting. Scottie walks out after him.

The car Penguin is in is about to be crushed, but that doesn't mean that Penguin is giving up. He calls to Maroni. He may not know why India Hill is important, but he knows he who controls Arkham controls Gotham. Maroni doesn't want to hear anything that Penguin has to say and hangs up on him. Penguin is in a dire situation. He notices the phone number on the sign and places a call to the man operating the crusher. He warns him that he's called Falcone, and that Falcone isn't going to be pleased that he crushed his right hand man. In fact, Falcone would send people to kill him and his family. The crusher operator has a change of heart, stops the machine before its fully crushed the car and makes a run for it. Maroni's fun is ruined, and the man gets away before Maroni can shoot him or make him finish the job. Worse for him, his distraction allows Penguin to slip away.

Harvey becomes suspicious that Scottie is still gone. He has a bad feeling and heads out after her, but its too late. Scottie is unconscious and tossed in the back of a van.

The crappy ME heads to the locker that Nygma had been picking the lock on. He unlocks it and severed extremities pour out of it surprising him. As he scrambles to collect them a pair of officers comes in and sees him with the body parts.

Gordon reports to Essen. The Dr. has been coming in over the last couple of months, his appearance there wasn't' odd. His name is Todd, but group protocol allowed them to remain anonymous, so there is no ID on him. Essen thinks he must be crazy to grab the girl with a cop at the meeting. Harvey gets off the phone with Scottie's mother. When she was a child she almost drowned in a pool across town. Harvey is sure that's where he took her. A detective comes by with an arm, and Essen hopes its not what it looks like.

Dr. Crane tells Scottie how brave she is. She's an 8, 12 is top. He's surprised that she's only an 8. He warns her that he plans to really drown her as he takes her blood. Her fear level goes up to a 10. His son Jonathan comes in to tell him that the parking meter has run out, and he's taken aback a bit seeing Scottie. Dr. Crane assures him that its what is best for humanity, and gives his son money to feed the meter. Jonathan does as he's told. Dr. Crane asks that she not think bad of him as he tosses her in bound up into the pool. Scottie struggles, but ultimately sinks to the bottom. Gordon and Harvey arrive, and Dr. Crane opens fire on the pair. Gordon chases after him through a boiler room as Harvey leaps in to save Scottie. He cuts her binds and brings her to the surface. Dr. Crane manages to get away, and Harvey gives Scottie CPR saving her life.

Penguin is awaken by a group of ladies in his bed of leaves. They hoped he was alive. He tells them that he's a fallen prodigal son. He asks if they are headed to Gotham, and they are. He boards the bus of the church ladies.

Leigh pays Gordon a visit. She's found that the Dr. removed the adrenal glands of the victims. There really isn't a market adrenal glands on the black market. She thinks that by making the victims hit their peak scared level they would produce an abundance of cortisol. He notices that she enjoys this line of work, and lets her know that there may be more available, as the ME was caught stealing body parts. He offers to talk shop over dinner. She thinks his segway is cute. Mocking his crud dating skills. He has the urge to kiss her, but refrains since he's at work and has a reputation to maintain. Leigh coaxes him to do so, threatening to cancel their dinner plans if he won't atleast kiss her on the cheek. She even does a little count down, and Gordon kisses her with passion that everyone in the office including Nygma sees. It brings a smile to Nygma's face. Nygma heads to Christine's office to let her know the good news. He's staying and the ME is leaving. She plays nonchalant, but remarks that he owes her a new pencil. It's a start.

Fish's ship is taken over. There's shooting, and the Captain comes to warn her of imminent danger. He claims he can hide her, just as he's shot. She comes face to face with a uniformed man, and does not look pleased about it. She rushes to attack.


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