Gotham S01E16 Recap: The Blind Fortune Teller

Bruce sleeps in the study, which seems to be the only room that he really uses in the house.

Fish's club gets a makeover, and Penguin lets his momma sing onstage.

Fish wakes up in her new underground territory, and wakes everyone else up. She watches as the weak are helped to the water.

Barbara returns home looking a little drunk and finds Cat and Ivy in her house. Cat tells her that Jim dropped off his keys last week. She takes a screw him attitude, not thinking that it was her that left him, and takes a seat before asking about her new house guests.

Jim and Leslie attend the circus and are entertained by the flying Greysons. It's all fun and games until the clowns get a little violent. Jim has to enter the ring to break up the fight.

Momma Penguin finishes her son, with no applause. Penguin comes to his mother's aid, and everyone follow's suit, except one dumb heckler, who tells her to get off stage. Penguin splatters his insides across the bar.

The clowns and the Greysons both remain mum as to the reason that they fought to Jim. Leslie has a little more luck with the younger members that she patches up. Jim wants to call it, since he's getting no where, but Leslie fills him in. The two groups have long been rivals, and not on friendly ground, but this apparent fight was over one of the side dancers, Lila. Jim goes to find Lila, and Leslie wants to come along, he agrees to come along. They get her location from the ring master. He brings them to her trailer. She's not in her trailer, her son, Jerome, tells them that he last saw her early morning. She left without her coat and purse. Her snake is agitated, and her son thinks it has to do with Lila missing. The ringmaster claims that she's a party girl, so running off for a bit isn't unusual. Jim tells Jerome to let out his mother's snake. He does, and they follow the snake to Lila's dead body. After uncovering the body, Jim confronts the Ringmaster. He caves, and admits that she was already dead when they found her.

Fish calls her people to action. They're being used for spare parts, and they need to rise up and fight so that they can get out. Some will die, but if they don't bind together as family, then they will all die. They can die on their knees, or stand up and fight as family. It sounds like they want to fight.

The Ringmaster takes Jim and Leslie out to where they found Lila's body. She was struck down by an act of God. Jim has the Ringmaster and other circus members brought in. At the station Harvey isn't sure whether or not Jim is playing an elaborate joke on him. Jim questions Jerome about his mother. She was distant, even to her lovers, she didn't really have a boyfriend. Jerome was fine with it, sex is a healthy human act. Jerome has no other family.

Jim moves on to question Owen. He tells him about the old family feud, stemming from a wrongful theft accusation. He fully blame's Lila's death on Greyson. And Greyson fully blames Lila's death on Owen. An officer questions the two younger members, and the girl doesn't think her uncle could be guilty, while the boy defends his brother. These two bicker, and its obvious that there's old feelings between the two. The girl can't believe that she ever loved the boy.

Fish gets notice that they're coming. They call out for one person to raise his hand, he does, but before anything happens, Fish raises her hand too. She tells the men that they need to talk. He doesn't want to talk, and tells Fish that she's in violation. He goes to take the man that he came to obtain. Fish asks for blankets, food and supplies in exchange for their specimen. The man doesn't want to play, and he thinks he's the one in charge. He orders her out of his sight. But Fish points out that he's not going to get what he wants either, they'll kill the man that he's come to collect. He needs him alive, but Fish isn't backing down, on her signal she has the killed. That gives the suits something to think about. He tells her that the suits aren't going to be happy, but she figures that he won't be happy with him either. She wants to talk to the manager, but the manager doesn't come downstairs. Fish gives a new proposition that he stay in her place while she goes up and talk with the Manager. The suit decides to go back to the manager himself for now. Fish bestows a kiss on the fallen man's forehead.

Essen is surprised to hear about Gordon's current case, that he released a snake to find the body, and that the current suspects are a clown and an acrobat. Leslie and Nygma give the details on the cause of death, a giant hatchet, and the time, 3 PM. 415PM both were suspects were inside the ring at the matinee. Its possible that they could have killed her, but not very probable. It would have been cutting it pretty close. Essen tells them all to keep looking.

Gordon tells the rest of the carneys that they're being sent home, and the investigation is continuing. He tells them no more fighting, and to see what the feud is doing to them. Leslie likes his authoritarian style, and thinks that their date should continue. She asks who he thinks did it, but he's not taking any guesses. A blind man comes, and tells them that he was a good friend of Lila's and has a message to deliver. Jim isn't all too interested, but Leslie is though. He tells them that “ servant of the devil lies with the Iron Sisters.” He doesn't know the meaning, but with his message delivered he leaves. Leslie scolds Jim for his close mindedness, Jim thinks the old man is working some sort of scam. Leslie isn't so sure, they don't know how messages beyond the grave work. Maybe Lila couldn't right out give them the name of her killer. Jim stops arguing, and starts working.

Bruce continues his studies. He's all set to meet with the board of Wayne Enterprises. Alfred thinks its reckless, premature, and dangerous. Bruce has made up his mind though. Alfred has said his peace, and tells him that if they're both found dead in a ditch, not to blame him.

At Penguin's he takes the stage himself, playing a little piano.

Barbara comes downstairs in blue and black, but the girls give her the thumbs down. Jim loves her in blue she tells them, but Cat thinks she looks like she's trying too hard. She needs to look like she's off on a date with someone else, and wholesome, like she's sailing.

Jim sits at dinner with Leslie. It's very domestic, with her home cooked meal. He gushes over her cooking, and then something jogs her memory. She thinks she knows what Lila's message means, and where it is. Jim thinks its far too impossible, but Leslie knows that there are things that cannot be explained by science. Jim tells her he will look into it, but she wants to come along. She pushes until he agrees to go right this moment.

Jim and Leslie, armed with their flashlights go looking for where Leslie could have been murdered. He tells Leslie not to make a habit of coming with him on investigations. She points out that he claims to want a strong woman, but really he wants her to stay at home and bake cookies. He doesn't want cookies, he jokes, but pie. They find the hatchet that likely killed Lila. It has markings from the Hellfire club, a satanic group that performed ritual sacrifices, but hasn't been active in years. Leslie wonders if they're back. Jim isn't so sure. He calls in for a delicate pick-up.

Jim arrives at the station, the pair he asked to be picked up are there, but neither knows the other was brought in. Jim prepares to do some talking, and Leslie is a little upset that he's now going on without her. He points out that it was her idea to go looking into the case while on their date, not what he wanted to do. She admits that he's right. She tends to get overly enthusiastic about things. She says goodnight, in a bitchy way, and Jim calls her back. He tells her that she was right about what she said about hypocrisy and sharing lives, and invites her along.

He takes Leslie in to question the blind fortuneteller. He greets Leslie without Jim even announcing her. He tells him that he found the weapon where he said that they would find it. Jim knows that it was a clever ruse, he had hoped they would suspect the satanic cult, but he sees through it. Mr. Sicero tells him that its a delusion, he was merely delivering a message, but Jim knows he's covering for someone, making him an accessory. Jim has the second person brought it, Jerome. Jerome asks if there has been anything found in his mother's murder. Jim knows that he killed his mother, and that Mr. Sicero let him clean up in his trailer when he was done. Jerome finds his thoughts absurd and offensive. Jim thinks that the only reason that Mr. Sicero would protect him is because he is his father. Sicero tells him that Jerome breaks down in tears for a moment. He didn't love his mother, she was a cold hearted whore. He smiles all Joker-esque, telling him that his mother would never touch a creep like him. Sicero tells him that if he wasn't his father he would have never helped him. Jerome goes a little off the deep end. So his mother got him with a zinger in the end. He killed his mother he admits. She wasn't just a drunken whore, but a nagging drunken whore.

Leslie sits in the locker room, and Jim comes to check on her after. Things got a little crazy and dark. Leslie liked it, and she thanks him for letting her come along. She asks if they can go home, and Jim is more than ready to. They share a passionate kiss, and Barbara sees it. She flees without them noticing.

A girl plays the violin onstage, as Victor comes to pay him a visit. Falcone is having second thoughts about him running the club, his numbers have slipped. Penguin tries to be all polished, but when he sees Butch, he stumbles in fear. Butch isn't there to pummel him. Victor has trained Butch for the last few weeks, he's a whole new man, and he's there to help Penguin with the club. Penguin doesn't believe his eyes, Butch is loyal to Fish. Not anymore. Butch is his trained puppy. Penguin tells Butch t dance, and Butch does.

Bruce and Alfred prepare for their meeting at Wayne enterprises. He has some questions about their business affairs. He wants to know about underworld involvement in Arkham and chemical weapons manufacturing at WellZyn. The board looks a little nervous.

The young clown and acrobat have come to say thank you to Jim for solving the case. They're now engaged. If it wasn't for him solving the case, and talking sense into them, then they wouldn't be happily engaged. Jim was just doing his job. The boy tells him that if they have a son they'll name him Gordon. He didn't pass that one by the girl, but they're happy none the less. Harvey notices that Jim is happy too, and suspects it has something to do with his appearance. He obviously had a sleep over judging by his lady soap smell, and lack of shave.

Bruce feels that there is no explanation other than Wayne enterprises has been involved in some underhanded acts. They promise to look into these issues, but they say that he has no proof. He hopes that they will look into the matter, because he will bring them up during the share holder meeting, and look for possible legal actions.

The suit comes back. The manager will meet with Fish. He will stay behind, and Fish will go above. She tells Thomas Schmidt to stay and relax, her family will show him a good time. Fish heads up for her meeting.


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