Gotham S01E17 Recap: Red Hood

A van pulls up and its full of trouble. The five get out to rob a bank, all with masks pull up over their faces, except one, who's wearing a red hood. The leader doesn't like it, but they don't really have time to do something different. Mr. Red Hood leaps up on the teller desk and tells the people not to panic, they're not there for their money, but the bank's. The men clear out the cashier drawers, one security officer gets ballsy, and takes aim. Not a single bullet hits the red hood. They knock out the security officer and make their way. The men get away from the bank, removing their hoods, but not Mr. Red. The cop cars close in with their sirens, and rather than running, he jumps on top of a car, calling to the people of Gotham to take back what is theirs, and throws money into the street. The people run to collect it, effectively barring the incoming police, allowing the men to get away.

Jim and Harvey head off to work the bank heist. Jim notices the camera, and takes a look at the footage. Jim studies the video. One of the tellers notes that the man in the hood seemed nice, that he took the money from the bank only and gave some back to the people. Jim points out that he only did it to ensure his escape. He asks about the man in the back checking his watch. The Manager tells him that he was doing it the whole time. He knew the response time, Jim asks if they had their alarm tripped lately. A smoke bomb set off the alarm recently, they thought it was just a kid's prank. Jim asks for that footage.

On a dark and stormy night Alfred answers the door, and sees an old friend. He brings in Reggie, who was recently picked up by the GCPD. He almost didn't believe when he heard where Alfred would be. Alfred thinks this place is good for him, and Reggie can tell. He asks what happened to Reggie. His wife died, he lost his home and moved back to Gotham and never really got back on his feet. It was the drink. Bruce comes in, and Alfred introduces him to Reginald Payne. Bruce invites him to stay for a few days.

Fish is brought upstairs, way upstairs through hospital corridors for her meeting. In various rooms people are in different stages of recovery from removal of various body parts. Finally she is brought before the Manager and told to sit.

Jim watches video footage from the bank. He finally finds the man he thinks is the red hood. Jim takes Harvey's glasses, magnifying the screen. The guy was wearing his work shirt.

Mr. Red Hood is all too happy about his Robin Hood write up in the paper. They're the red hood gang. The rest of the gang doesn't seem so happy. They find his antics dangerous, and rather than rehashing it all, they're planning their next heist. One of the guys thinks that its just a piece of fabric with holes cut out of it, but he thinks that whoever wears the hood should leave. The leader shoots him, and takes the hood. He thinks he's right, and no one is arguing.

The Manager isn't impressed by Fish, her little knife or her antics. She asks if this is his facility, it is. But she wants to know if he owns it. He doesn't the doctor does. She gets up to leave, she wants to talk to the doctor only. The Manager tells her to sit, the Doctor is away on duty but asked him to attend her demands. She wants his name, demands it. Dulmacher. She tells him to tell Dulmacher the basement is hers, and all the people in it. It will remain that way until he sits with her and negotiates terms. He thinks that he may have underestimated her, and offers her a shower and change of clothes before they begin again. And by offer, he pretty much orders her to freshen up.

A comedian fails horribly, stumbling over his jokes on Penguin's stage. People actually get up and leave because of the bad jokes, and three of his bartenders bicker. Penguin goes to see the issue. They're out of booze, the bar is no more than a show, with the real stuff down below. They've ordered more, but Butch lets him in on the secret. It's Maroni's booze, and he's a little grumpy with Penguin these days. Maroni disliked Fish too, but that was business. He can't kill Penguin, but he can destroy his business. There's plenty of places to get booze, but Butch points out that Maroni supplies this side of town, and no one would dare to supply him. Penguin thinks that Butch would love to see him fail. He might, but he actually loves the place. He was with Fish when they took the place, and he helped build it with his blood, sweat and tears. Penguin sets out to find his own booze for their dwindling clientele, and Butch warns him to be careful crossing Maroni again.

Jim and Harvey look over the garage. The crew was there recently, but they aren't there now. Harvey asks Jim for some details about Leslie. Harvey looks in the fridge, and they find their hooded culprit, minus the hood. Harvey racks open a beer, thinking that with the leader dead they've seen the last of the red hood.

Wrong, the four remaining crewmen go in and rob a bank. The huskier leader has more trouble leaping up on a desk than the previous Hood. One of the customers asks if he's going to throw money at them, they could use it. He's reluctant to do so, but ultimately does as the clock winds down. The people are over joyed as he tosses the cash into the air.

Jim and Harvey look over the footage. There are now only four members. Harvey is concerned that the crooks are more liked than the cops. Jim reasons that as long as someone is willing to take up the hood, the gang can go on indefinitely. The guys get a break, when an eye witness comes forward. The Red Hood parked in front of his restaurant. He could ID him. Harvey thinks its time to get a good old fashioned police line up.

At Wayne Mannor, Payne watches Bruce come in. He's training for a fight, and Payne thinks that Alfred is a good choice of teacher. He looks at Bruce's stance, tells him to try to hit him. Alfred watches from the staircase. He knocks Bruce down easily, angering him. Payne teaches him a lesson in control. Tells Bruce to hit him as hard as he can. He takes a few punches from Bruce, and Bruce draws blood. Payne tells Bruce to fight dirty, to take him down, but when he grabs the canes, Alfred puts a stop to it, suggesting that Bruce hit the showers. With Bruce gone, Alfred turns to Reg, asking if he ever raised a child. He hasn't/ Alfred admits that raising a child is the hardest thing he's ever has to do, that knowing Bruce makes him a better person, and suggests that they keep the past in the past.

Penguin watches the newest alcohol shipment come in for Maroni. With only two workers, its an easy target. Before Penguin can launch his attack, the cops roll up. Penguin can't catch a break, first Maroni, now the police. But they're Butch's men. Penguin got the liquor he wanted without going in guns blazing.

Cat picks up a little after Ivy, and spots Barbara looking out over the city. She thanks her for letting them stay, and apologizes for the mess. She was just about to leave. Barbara actually likes having them there. Selina notices the drink in her hand. Barbara murmurs about Selina's beauty. She has an idea. She gives the girls a pile of clothes. She use to go out a lot. As Ivy marvels and tries on one of the shirts, Barbara grabs a dress. She thinks that Selina is a true beauty, that her appearance can be a weapon as powerful as any knife or gun. Selina isn't buying it, pointing out that its never done Barbara any good.

The police line up, is about as far from similar types as possible. Mr. Chang has no problem picking out the Red Hood. Harvey is ready to book him, but Gordon has a better idea. They know that the gang is turning on eachother. If they let their suspect go, then they can potentially catch all of the red hood gang.

Fish is all cleaned up and dressed in white. She's still full of questions. She wants to know what exactly is going on at the facility. The Manager explains that there is the organ harvesting aspect, there is also another personal aspect. One of the guards rattles a jacket, and the Manager explains how things are going to be. She has a great presence. Her eyes are beautiful. They can take what they want and get things back to normal eventually, or they can take her eyes now and see how long a blind girl lasts in the basement. They won't take anything from Fish, she has a third option. She elbows one of the guards, and dives for the spoon, scooping out her own eye and smashing it on the ground under her heel. Fish passes out.

Bruce brings up an old bottle of wine for Alfred and his guest. Bruce brought an old one, thinking it a shame to gather dust down there. Alfred looks over the bottle, recognizing it, as one of Bruce's father's favorites. Alfred finally agrees, opening the bottle. He says the idea is to let it breathe for an hour, but Payne just drinks it down, to Bruce's delight. Payne regales Bruce with stories of Alfred's snake killing, and the awful taste. The good time turns dark as talk turns to the capture of some of their comrades. Alfred fought off many of them before they took them down. Alfred calls it a night. Payne laughs at Alfred's vernacular, and Bruce heads off to bed. Payne wonders why Alfed is hiding who and what he really is from Bruce. He's a cold, bloody, lethal war dog. Alfred tells Reg that he's found him some clothes, and packed him a lunch for his travels. Reg asks him if he's haunted by the faces of people who he's killed, he doesn't look for them, but they find him.

Harvey and Jim stake out their suspect's apartment. He doesn't suspect anything, and heads up to his apartment. When he gets there, one of his men wants the hood to impress his girlfriend. If she sees him in it, she'll come back to him, but Destro tells him no. They have one last job, before they all split up and leave town. The guy pulls a gun on him, and Destro warns that he had better use it. He does. Gordon and Harvey run upstairs, and finds Destro down. He's still alive though. Harvey tries to get the names of his crew out of him, but he won't give them anything. Gordon calls for an ambulance, while they wait, they find loan paperwork, all denied. They have the third target.

Penguin's liquor is brought into the bar, and all is well again. Butch pours them a few drinks, and Penguin is leery. Butch isn't poisoning him. If the club tanks, then neither Penguin nor him will be trusted by Falcone again. They toast, and down their drinks. Butch pours them another. Penguin asks if he misses Fish, Penguin does. Butch thinks she got what she deserved.

Alfred goes downstairs and finds Reg stealing from them. He tells him that he could have just asked for money, but Reg tells him that was much harder. Reg admits that he is in a lot of trouble. If he won't let him help, he tells Reg that he should just put the bag down and leave. Reg can't do that. He asks Alfred if he brought a gun. Alfred didn't. Reg stabs him, apologizing as he steps over his body. Bruce finds Alfred down and bleeding. He calls for an ambulance as he tries to stop the bleeding.

The Red Hood gang looks to strike again. One is worried that there are so few of them, that if someone makes a move they won't be able to handle it, but the Hood is sure that having the hood will be enough. Before the gang even gets into the bank, the cops surround them. He's not giving up just yet though. The cops shoot the Hood's companions first, he's out of ammo in his shotgun, but he's not done yet. He pulls out a pistol, and Gordon and Harvey take him out. The Red Hood gang is no more. Jim unmasks him, then he gets a call and rushes away.

Jim comes to Bruce's side, next to Alfred's hospital bed. He can't loose Alfred too.

Payne gives his report to the Wayne Enterprise board. The boy doesn't have anything concrete yet. They ask about Alfred. If he lives, he'll be out of commission for awhile. Now would be the time to take the kid out. The board pays him off, they don't suspect that they'll be seeing him again. Payne points out that Bruce is just a kid, a good kid.

A bystander walks up to the crime scene, and takes up the red hood.


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