Grimm S04E12 Recap: Maréchaussée

A fortune teller is about to get a meeting with the Mummy (guest star Arnold Vosloo). Inside, a woman prepares a wife for what will happen with the reading. She tells her that it is not a guarantee, but that if her husband chooses to come, Laslo will transform into something else, and not to be frightened by his change. The woman goes to check on Laslo, who's reading up on the woman. Laslo takes the woman by the hand, and begins the spirit summoning. Laslo wargs as the husband arrives. He gives her a blanket message about loving her and missing her. He finishes saying something about her hair. Her husband always liked it long. The husband leaves soon after, leaving the wife begging for more. Laslo says that he felt something was wrong, and he's willing to try again. The wife hands over a huge wad of cash. She saw the change, and she wants Laslo to summon him again. Laslo's assistant tells her that it will take Laslo a few days to regain his strength, but since he's already made contact it will be easier next time. Happy, the wife leaves. The mummy arrives, and the fortune tellers are suspicious, asking what he wants. He's willing to show them as he wargs into a mantacore, and stings them both dead. The mantacore takes a few pictures of his handiwork.

Henrietta chats with Juliette. Juliette doesn't want to learn control of her powers, but to just get rid of them. Henrietta tells her that she can't help her until she knows what she can do. She asks to see Juliette's hexenbeist, but Juliette doesn't know how to bring it forward. Henrietta scares it out of her, and then shows her how to put it away. She needs to learn control. Juliette has only told Shawn about her new form, which Henrietta thinks is wise. Grimms are not normally fond of hexenbeist. She takes a blood sample, and adds a few things to it so that she can figure out just how powerful Juliette is, but it'll take time. Henrietta will get in touch when the test is complete.

Wu takes Hank and Nick to the crime scene. He once visited a fortune teller, and was told he'd be a rockstar. He's very disappointed it wasn't true. They head inside. With cash all over the floor, it wasn't a robbery. If the fortune tellers were any good, they would have seen it coming. The killer walked right in the unlocked floor. The pair head out to question the land lord. He's never had anything like this happen on his properties. The couple had never said anything about any trouble. The landlord will turn over anything he has that may be of help. Wu did find something that may be helpful. The last customer of the night.

Captain Renard gets an email. He sees Viktor's, Adalind's and their guard's passports. He knows they're headed back to Portland.

Nick, Hank, and Wu go to see the widow. She tells the officers how happy her and her husband were before their death. She was referred to the fortune tellers from a friend who had an amazing experience. She tells them how Laslo changed and transformed before her eyes. She got a chance to speak to her husband again. It was an amazing experience and worth every penny.

The Mummy Mantacore sends off an email with his grisly pictures. The Wesen council was the recipient. They had a hit out on Laslo and Mabel, for crimes. The Mantacore is asking to take the bounty up on Casey Darwell, and his endeavors are approved.

Rosalee and Monroe enjoyed their honeymoon, but they're both glad to be home. Monroe wonders if he should call Nick, and thinks its a good idea. Nick, Hank, and Wu give Renard the update. The widow didn't see anything. The killer had to have come in when she left. Monroe calls Nick, and they need his help right away. That didn't take long.

Viktor shows Adalind her new digs. It's a definite upgrade over the dungeon. He shows Adalind his apology, its a stocked closet. She appreciates it, but she wants to get started. The bodyguard thinks that they should lie low. There's knock at the door, and Viktor delights in answering it himself. Renard is there. He's surprised to see Renard so soon. He knows he's in town after the baby, and Viktor knows the baby is with Nick's mom. He's surprised to see Adalind back in town, she was surprised that he stole their baby. Renard reminds Viktor of his threat to their lives, and the life of his mother on his last visit. He underestimated Renard last time. He wonders what the Resistance would think if they knew his betrayal, but Renard has already told them. He makes it clear that he doesn't know where the baby is. Viktor reminds him that he has royal blood in his veins too, no matter how badly he was treated. Renard is off, and Viktor makes lunch plans.

Nick, Hank and Wu show up at Rosalee and Monroe's. They tell them about the Mantacore killing, which doesn't sit well. Mantacores are very hard to kill, and if Laslo and Mabel were exposing themselves they may be on the Wesen Council hitlist. The Wesen Council keeps tabs on Wesen who violate their laws and sometimes enacts Maréchaussée, contract killers. Rosalee asks Nick to stay out of it if it is Maréchaussée, but he's a cop and he can't.

Juliette does some cooking. She concentrates on a pepper mill, trying to use her powers when Nick calls to her. With her concentration broken, she turns towards his voice, and gets hit in the head with the mill. Nick asks her if she's okay, and she lies about how she got hit in the head with the pepper mill.

Casey roughs up his hooker, who is tired for the night. She wants to rest, but Casey wargs and scares the poor girl. She gets back to work, and Casey tells a buyer that he has two hot ones for him when the Mantacore catches up to him. He delivers a sting in the alley, ending Casey's reign, before taking a quick picture for evidence.

Rosalee makes her call. Why does she bother, when has the Wesen council ever been helpful? She reports that there has been Wesen murders, and asks if there is a Maréchaussée. The Council tells her that they will look into her inquiry and let her know.

Captain Renard tells Nick and Hank that Adalind has returned. He wants Nick to warn his mother, and to be careful. Juliette is at work in the vet office, tending to patients. She finishes up with one when Nick calls her to warn her that Adalind has returned, and she needs to be careful. Juliette goes all Hexenbeist over the news.

Nick makes it home before Juliette. He sends a quick message to his mother about Adalind. Juliette storms into the house, she's more than angry, but she's gotten control. Juliette wants to rip her apart, but Nick reminds her that Adalind is a hexenbeist, and more than a little dangerous. Nick's mother sends him a picture of Diana, which is deleted shortly after.

Monroe gets the council call for Rosalee. They get their answer, which is a non answer, warning her to stay out of council business and offer the Grimm no help. They also advise her to not look into the matter further.

Nick and Hank meet Wu at the newest crimescene. The killing looks the same as the fortune tellers. Rosalee calls Nick, and tells him what the council said. The council knows whats going on, and Rosalee and Monroe are worried. Nick tells them to hang back and stay out of it. Monroe wants Nick to find someone else to take up the case, but they both know he can't do that. Monroe tells him to watch his back, the council is already pissed at him, and they'll be further angered by this.

The Wesen Council has made a decision. Alex asks what it is. The older man shares that the council has decided that the Grimm has interfered one too many times. They send the Mantacore Maréchaussée a new bounty. It's for Nick, and it's not nearly enough money as far as I'm concerned.

Hank looks over the case and evidence they have. Wu delivers a new piece for them. There has been a fingerprint pulled from Casey's cell phone, and it has already been traced to a vehicle.

Renard gives Adam all he has on Kelly Burhardt. He needs to find her before Adalind does. He knows that she claims to have gotten far away, but Renard doesn't think she's gone too far. He wants her found, but doesn't want her to know he's found her yet. He warns Adam that she's a grimm as well.

Nick talks to the officer's who've found the vehicles. He tells them to proceed with caution, to watch the man, but not to confront him. Nick, Hank and Wu head out to intercept the killer.

Juliette's bottle pops, and Henrietta looks concerned about the results.

Nick and Hank bust down the door. The man claims to have done nothing wrong, as Nick tries to get him to warg, but Hank holds him back. They arrest him. At the station, Wu wonders if the man is actually the Mantacore since he didn't warg. Nick is sure he is, but because he's a professional, he's cooler under pressure. Nick heads in to interrogate him, and Hank accompanies him. The man confesses to getting a prostitute, but nothing more. He claims to not know anything about Wesen, or warging. They try to figure out what to charge him with. Wu shows them what he has on his ipad. He has pictures of the crime scenes, so they can prove he was at the scene, along with his bounty papers. Wu reveals that there is a bounty on Nick as well.

In his cell, the Mantacore cries. A guard mocks the tears, but when he wargs rather than running, he draws his gun and gets stung. The mantacore grabs the guard's keys and he's free.

Juliette tries out her warging skills, looking at herself in the mirror. She's one ugly beist. Henrietta calls her with the results and she heads straight over. Henrietta has never seen results such as hers. She's very powerful. Juliette claims to not want this, but Henrietta warns her that this is what she is now. Juliette wargs, and Henrietta slaps her. She needs to learn control, but Juliette isn't taking that for an answer. Her blood ate a hole through the table, into the floor and who knows how much further.

Hank and Nick worry about the Maréchaussée, when Wu reports that he's gone. The pair rush down to the cell, and find the down guard. Renard warns that he'll be after Nick now. Nick calls Juliette, to warn her. Juliette needs to talk to Nick too, but now isn't the time, Nick is on his way home. The Mantacore is there, and he takes the phone form Juliette. He tells her that he has no plans to kill her, only the Grimm, but Juliette wants him out of her house. When she gets feisty with him, he decides that maybe the Grimm should come home to find her dead before he kills him. He wargs, and so does she. She thinks that maybe he should be the dead one. The Mantacore puts up a fight, but Juliette plunges his stinger into his chest killing him. Nick rushes though the door and finds Juliette sitting nearby. She tells him that the Mantacore missed, she got lucky. This should have never happened to her, and he vows to protect her. But she's not going to be anyone's victim anymore.

Alex gives the elder council member his news. The Maréchaussée is no more, the mantacore is dead. The man hopes the council isn't angry, Alex tells him he should hope that the Grimm isn't angry.


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