How To Get Away With Murder S1E10 - "Hello, Raskolnikov" Recap

Annalise is brought in for questioning regarding Sam's disappearance. She claims she didn't know about the affair until very recently and it was what spurred her on to come forward and demand that all of Lila's teachers be tested for DNA to see if they were the father of Lila's baby. The rest of her students involved in the cover-up are all struggling to keep the secret, and Annalise assures Wes in private that she would take care of everything when he becomes emotional. He also gives her Sam's ring, which he had taken off of him the night of the murder.

D.A. Wendy Parks comes over to insist to Annalise that she would do everything in her power to make sure that Rebecca goes to jail for Lila's murder. Annalise apologises to Rebecca for not coming forward sooner regarding Sam, making Rebecca suspicious, but Wes does his best to convince Rebecca that nothing is out of the ordinary. Things are still on the rocks between Frank and Laurel. Laurel insists that things are over, though Frank tries to tell her that it was just a long-distance girlfriend.

Connor is still pining after Oliver. Oliver says that he and his boyfriend broke up but it doesn't means he's all that interested in rekindling things with Connor. Annalise's team finds that Lila had visited a clinic that among other things, performs abortions and figure they should try to get access to the records but the judge bars them from finding it. Annalise appears to be on better terms with Nate now. He asks about her visiting him the night Sam disappeared and she says she just needed to be with him. He seems to believe her.

When Laurel is questioned by police about Sam, she claims that when no one was looking, Sam would look at her sexually. Connor tries to convince Michaela that it's in both of their best interests to come forward about what really happened with Sam. Bonnie tries to reach out to Annalise, saying she's there if she needs to talk. Michaela gets Annalise a lead she is able to use. They can use the security footage from the clinic that's from the waiting room, but the footage will be viewed only in a secure room in the courthouse.

Frank brings Annalise the result of the DNA test, which shows that Sam was indeed the father of Lila's baby. Frank knows that something's going on and tells Annalise he should tell her, so she can help. Annalise agrees to do so but Bonnie must never know. Asher gives his account of the night of Sam's disappearance and he is the only one to do so without telling lies. He even admits that he had hooked up with Bonnie. She gives her account of the night to the police, which also is more truthful than not. Bonnie angrily confronts Asher later and tells him the what they had was just a one-time thing.

The group gets access to the footage and find that Sam was at the clinic with Lila and appears to be arguing with her, which is confirmed when the receptionist is brought in to testify. Annalise puts Parks on blast in the courtroom by saying that Parks is not having Sam's laptop examined and is just holding it hostage. The judge orders it to be examined by a forensic expert.

Michaela gets questioned and afterwards, becomes alarmed that the police are on to them. She tells Connor that she's willing to come forward with him but he first states that they need Laurel to join them. Frank confronts Laurel, seemingly knowing the truth about what happened the night of Sam's disappearance. He calls her out for being a hypocrite after she had been so angry with him for lying but now she is doing the same.

The results of the laptop examination are in. They have the tracking of where Sam was, which show he was at Lila's sorority house seemingly at the time that she was murdered. The judge orders the charges against Rebecca dropped. Annalise goes to use the washroom to recompose herself following the victory and overhears some rude ladies talking badly about her. She comes out of the stall, revealing herself and they're rightfully mortified.

Connor and Michaela seemingly convince Laurel that they should come forward regarding Sam's murder. But when they arrive at the station, Annalise and Wes are already there waiting. As it turns out, Laurel went and strong-armed Wes into admitting the truth because Frank came to her, meaning Annalise had to have known, which means he had to have told her. Wes then went to Annalise, who agreed to go talk to them herself. She gives a rousing speech to them in which she promises that if they trust her, they will get away with this.

Finally, Annalise gives her class the final exam, in which they are tasked with finding a defence strategy for a hypothetical death/murder, the circumstances of which strongly resemble that of Sam's murder. We also see Michaela trying on her wedding dress, Laurel trying to reconcile with Kan, and Connor getting questioned and speaking highly of Annalise. But there's one final bomb to be dropped and it comes in the form of Hannah Keating, Sam Keating's sister. She meets with the investigator to say that Sam was no murderer. Annalise looks awfully worried…

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC at 10PM.


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