How To Get Away With Murder S1E11 - "Best Christmas Ever" Recap

Annalise spends her holidays holed up in a motel room indulging in little but food and drink. When she returns home, Sam's sister Hannah is upstairs waiting for her in her room. The two butt heads over the fact that Hannah wants answers about Sam and thinks Annalise doesn't seem concerned enough. Hannah believes Sam is innocent and that he'll come back.

Annalise gets a new client in the form of Jackie Wilson, a woman who wants to come forward about her husband holding two young women captive in their basement. Jackie has spent years being abused by this man and this is the first time she's ever dared to go against him. One of the young women is pregnant and she doesn't want another baby to be lost. Jackie's husband is arrested and the young women are rescued but there's still plenty to worry about. Jackie is dead set on wanting a plea deal and immunity.

In a flashback, we see Laurel get into it with her parents as she drops all kinds of truths on them about dating two different men at the same, Annalise's husband going missing after getting a murdered student pregnant, etc. She is sent away for being rude or whatever it is that outspoken women get punished for nowadays. Back in the present, Laurel advises Frank that Connor's car is full of incriminating forensic evidence and that perhaps they ought to get rid of it but he belittles her, telling her that talking about this in a courtroom is precisely the sort of thing that will get them caught.

Jackie doesn't get off right away, as the judge says that she must continue to be in custody while they privately get the once-imprisoned women to testify and give their statements. Asher gets fussy with Bonnie and snidely comments that he could file a sexual harassment suit on her because that's apparently how entitled white boys deal with women in charge telling them to get in line and suck it up.

Hannah Keating follows Annalise to Nate's house and Annalise asks if she wants to come inside. Hannah doesn't seem as bothered by Annalise being involved with another man as you might have expected and seems more so to want Annalise to just help her get answers about Sam.

In a flashback, we see Connor at home for the holidays and tell his sister that he has a boyfriend now. She is elated that her "slutty little brother" is growing up. He is shown to later be enjoying a night in with Oliver (surprisingly, not like that) but afterwards, he finds that his car has been stolen. Laurel suggests that he ask Frank what to do about it, as that car was full of incriminating forensic evidence, But Frank tells him it's a bummer and perhaps he should go to the police to claim that insurance money, seemingly not all that concerned by it. Laurel later chides Frank, saying that she knows he took her idea about Connor's car and he just needs to not treat her like she's not capable.

Annalise is horrified to learn that Jackie had drugged the young women before they would be raped by her husband. Jackie says that she only did so to spare them from having the memories of it, since she has been raped by more than one person and claims that the memory of it is the worst part of it. Wes later realises that Jackie must have kept one of the babies born previously, and claimed it was stillborn. Annalise confronts Jackie, who refuses to give up the girl's location until she gets her plea deal. She adds that once the girl (Heather) turned four, her husband started "looking at her" the wrong way so she lied and claimed that Heather died. Annalise has had the final straw when Jackie says that Heather is all alone, save for a stuffed giraffe that she talks to when she's alone. Annalise tells Jackie that she has gotten the plea deal and Jackie reveals that Heather is in a cabin in the woods.

Laurel convinces the other three that they all need to start talking and sharing their feelings or else they are all going to fall apart and end up in jail. She shares about how she got back together with Khan, is trying to get over Frank, and had a horrible time being home with her family. Wes confesses that he has been unable to sleep without having nightmares. He is scared he might be going crazy. Connor doesn't want to share, and the session is interrupted anyways by the arrival of Hannah Keating.

In another flashback, it is revealed that Michaela's engagement has been called off because she was being jealous and behaving erratically.

Hannah tries to coax Bonnie into helping her find answers about Sam. Frank overhears them and Bonnie tells her she should leave.

Annalise goes back on the deal and drops Jackie as a client, meaning Jackie will likely go to jail.

Oliver passionately kisses Connor, unable to contain his feelings. He doesn't want to get hurt again and doesn't want to get back together but for now seems fine with letting Connor stick around.

Frank reveals to Annalise that he was the one that manoeuvred a call that made it seem as if Sam was spotted in New York. He is concerned about Hannah's snooping and asks Annalise if she wants him to "handle it," but Annalise says she can take care of it herself. She makes dinner for Hannah and admits many truths to her about how much she did to try to cover Sam's tracks when she found out he had been involved with Lila. They appear to have resolved some things for now, but… there's one more bomb to be dropped and that comes with the newsflash that Sam's body has been discovered in a landfill.

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC at 10PM.


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