How To Get Away With Murder S1E12 - "She's a Murderer" Recap

The murder-crew is all in a panic over the discovery of Sam's body. Laurel tries to call frank and he scolds her, warning her not to call him and to lay low as well as advise the rest of the group to do the same. The police then arrive at Annalise's house to let her know that Sam's body has been found and as Hannah Keating is present, she becomes hysterical and demands that the police arrest Annalise and accuses her of murdering Sam. Just as the drama unfolds, Frank arrives and watches the scene from the front yard.

Bonnie is emotional about the fact that no one called her to tell her about Sam's body and Frank repeatedly tells her that this isn't about her. Bonnie is concerned that someone killed Sam right after he kissed her and then she had told Annalise.

Annalise has to assure client, Paul Lombardo, that she can handle the case. Paul and his uncle Leo are mobsters of the Lombardo crime family and she assures them that she can kick the FBI's butt in the court room but only if they trust her. Her speech wins them over and they keep her as their lawyer. She has been their lawyer for fifteen years now. Annalise the mob lawyer? Love it!

Hannah says she will testify to whatever she has to in order to help the prosecution and tells them to go search Annalise's house.

The team determines that someone tipped off the feds about the Lombardo cocaine, since they had arrived before it was technically found. Annalise is prepared to argue entrapment. Leo tries to ask Annalise out but she turns him down. She has to change her strategy when the prosecutor threatens to uncover evidence that will put her away for her husband's murder.

Wes is still suspicious of Rudy, the prior tenant in the apartment he currently lives in. His grandmother thinks he still lives there and the landlord tells Wes that Rebecca was the one who called the cops. She still claims she never knew him and remind us again what the actual point of her character is?

Bonnie must cross-examine Hannah Keating in court but loses, thus unable to stop the warrant from being approved to search Annalise's house. Hannah comes to gloat and Annalise thrown in a sly dig, implying that she had incestuous feelings for her brother. The police are unable to find any forensic evidence in the house to incriminate Annalise.

Connor is still panicking, and not trusting that Annalise will protect him so she pulls him in and has him let out all of his worries and concerns to and about her. She then tells him that the reason that she gave him the trophy because she saw much of herself in him, not only because of screwing information out of people, but because they worry so much. She understands that trusting her isn't in Connor's nature but tells him that he doesn't need to worry because she is his only option and the odds are better with her.

Annalise's team finds a man named Pedro who had weighed the container. She was shown to have left his job two days after the incident. Annalise tracks him down and brings him into court where he admits that he was promised a green card by the FBI in exchange for choosing the Lombardo container to weigh (this is what led to the discovery of the cocaine) and that Prosecutor Hobbes was the one who told him to weigh the container. Annalise and Hobbes get into an argument in the courtroom but Annalise's client gets off. Hobbes warns her afterwards that she's in a precarious position and she reminds him that it isn't smart to piss off the mob.

Laurel comes to Frank to vent once again and though she pushes off his attempts to comfort her, he still stands with her to offer her some sort of reassurance that they'll get through all of this.

Bonnie tells Annalise that she's figured out that the trophy was the murder weapon, the missing carpet from her house will match the carpet fibbers found in Sam's body and that the debris will match the woods on campus. She also knows that it was the students who actually committed the murder and warns her that she can't let them ruin her. Annalise has a drink and weighs her options and all the promises she has made her students about protecting them. Annalise comes in to talk to the prosecution and seemingly cooperates a bit more. She is shown a photo of a ring.

As the murder-crew are meeting and Rebecca says she heard from a source that the police found a ring in the woods. Michaela begins to panic, as everyone thinks it's Michael's missing wedding ring but it's actually Sam's wedding ring. We then see that Annalise gave the ring to Frank, who planted it in the woods. It also had a fingerprint on it that Frank broke into someone's house to steal and transfer onto it. There's great tension and suspense built up until it's finally revealed that Annalise has orchestrated the framing of Nate Lahey for Sam's murder. He is arrested and brought in, and Hannah buys the story, though she still tells Annalise that it's her fault that Sam is dead.

Finally, Annalise goes home, emotionally exhausted. She lays down in her bed and calls her mother to say she needs her.

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