Marvel's Agent Carter S1E4 - "The Blitzkrieg Button" Recap

On tonight's episode of Agent Carter, Howard Stark is back in town and Peggy and Jarvis must work to help him recover his stolen technology.

At Peggy's place of work, Dooley leaves Thompson in charge because he's flying off to Germany since he learns that Brannis and Demidov were supposed to have died during the Battle of Finow. Dooley wants to speak with the Nazi colonel who lead the opposing forces to get more information. Peggy is almost caught by her nosey landlady while trying to keep Howard Stark hidden. (Remember that men aren't allowed there).

Meanwhile, Agent Sousa tries to get a print off the phone used (by Jarvis) to anonymously call in the tip about the stolen weaponry. When he tries to get some information off some locals, one gets aggressive and despite his crutch, Sousa is easily able to take him down and arrest him. Though Thompson and the other agents are snide and rude about it, Sousa remains certain that the man had seen something when the night was called. In the end, Sousa is right but Thompson is the one that gets the man to admit that he saw a fancily dressed man and woman (not a blonde though, a brunette) by bribing him with a bottle of liquor and a burger.

After Peggy does some recon work with Howard's camera pen, Howard identifies an object she must retrieve because it's too dangerous to be left in the hands of the government. It's known as the Blitzkrieg Button, which can cause a permanent blackout that would span all of the city.

Dooley reaches Germany and is unable to learn just how Brannis and Demidov survived but he does learn that the Soviet forces had been massacred before the Nazis arrived.

Peggy is able to retrieve the Blitzkrieg Button but as she is suspicious, she opens it up and sees that there is a vial of blood. She quickly deduces that it's Steve Roger's blood. She also has an unpleasant encounter with Thompson who gives her a speech about how no man will ever see her as an equal because she is a woman. She returns to her apartment to confront Howard and punches him in the face for it.

The criminal who had helped smuggle Stark back into New York, but had been scammed out of his money by Carter and Jarvis, follows Carter back to the apartment but is delayed in his ability to get up to her apartment because of the landlady.

Peggy and Howard are in a fight about Steve's blood. He's apologetic for lying to her, but claims that he held onto the blood as something that could be used to help millions of people but Peggy is disgusted because she knows that a large reason for him to hold onto it was to prophet it for it. Peggy delivers a passionate speech about the goodness of Steve and how Howard's morally reprehensible actions have reminded her of her purpose and mission in life. She leaves but tells him to be gone by the time she returns.

The criminal sneaks up into the building through the vents and tries to break into Peggy's apartment and threatens Dottie at gunpoint when she catches him doing so. She then tells him she wants his automatic weapon and easily kills him in an artful display of fighting skills.

Peggy is still cross with Jarvis, though he had pointed and hinted to her about what she was to find. Jarvis scolds Howard for his continuous misbehaviour and says he is tired of apologising for him. Also, we're treated to a Stan Lee cameo where he asks to borrow the sports section of Howard's newspaper.

Sousa determines that perhaps the blonde from the nightclub wasn't actually blonde, and Dooley returns from Germany. Thompson shares his findings of Howard Stark having returned to New York. When Peggy returns to her apartment, she cranks up the tunes in order to knock a hole in her wall to hide Steve's blood, after which she covers the hole with a framed picture. Angie knocks on Dottie's door to ask her if she's coming to dinner, and Dottie is shown to be enjoying her newly acquired weapon. Finally, we see Dooley begin to receive a message on one of the office's machines.

Marvel's Agent Carter airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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