Marvel's Agent Carter S1E6 - "A Sin to Err" Recap

Peggy firmly believes that following the discovery of the training centre in Russia, that a female Leviathan operative that was trained there was used to manipulate Stark and gain access to his weapons as well as kill Agent Krzeminski. Dooley signs off on her pursuing that lead, more so because he knows she's not going to let it go. Peggy tells Jarvis her theory and they'll now have the lengthy task of tracking down all the women Howard has been involved with in the last six months.

Sousa follows his lead of Peggy being the woman who made off with the weapons. She is identified as the one who did so by the driver of the bomb that is currently incarcerated. Peggy needs Jarvis to come in and re-see Howard's flings, which he is reluctant to do. But Peggy needs to see their wrists to see if they have scars from being cuffed to the bed. This results in Jarvis being slapped repeatedly, and even kicked in the shin by these various women.

Dr. Ivchenko is meeting with Dooley to apparently help out the investigation. Between their work, Dottie is shown to be holding a sniper rifle at Ivchenko but instead of killing him, she flicks a light on and off to send a message. He then sends one back by tapping out morse code at the open window. He needs more time to get "the item," and then tells her that her new directive is to kill Peggy. Also for anyone wondering, Peggy gets a new copy of her key from Angie.

Peggy and Jarvis visit the apartment of a woman named "Ida," but find that she is long gone. However, she has left scratches on the bedpost, leading Peggy to realise that the habit is hard for this operative to break.

Dr. Ivchenko lets Dooley know that it's not too late for him to save his family. He doesn't need to keep putting his work before his family. He then appears to be trying to hypnotise Dooley but they are interrupted by Sousa who pulls Dooley out to tell him about what he has learned regarding Peggy being a so-called "traitor."

Peggy realises she's about to get arrested, or at least that some men will try to, so she has Jarvis man the door while she fights them off. Thompson meets her outside and tries to get her to come in but she easily knocks him out. She then runs into Sousa who pleads with her not to run because then it will be true but he's unable to shoot her. Dooley orders the rest of the agents to track her down and it's priority number one. During the commotion, Dr. Ivchenko, who is of course a Leviathan agent if you didn't realise that already, hypnotises Agent Yauch and uses him to learn that only Dooley can access Stark's weapons. Yauch also shows him how to exit out of the SSR, and then commands him to leave like he would any other day, go out and order a bourbon, and then walk into traffic where he is killed by an oncoming truck.

Peggy is determined to get back to her apartment and retrieve Steve's blood. Peggy is able to do so but Thompson, Sousa, and the other agents are hot on her tail. Also Peggy's landlady is less than pleased about the hole Peggy knocked in her wall. Peggy must scale the outside of the building. Angie catches her but covers for her when the agents come knocking to question her. She's able to get a sly dig in about Peggy complaining about her male co-workers. Angie then starts crying and goes on about Peggy's sick grandmother and is able to make them all leave because they're typical macho men uncomfortable with emotions. Peggy thanks Angie and says goodbye to her but is knocked out by Dottie in the hallway with Peggy's own knock-out lipstick. Peggy is able to check Dottie's wrist and confirm she's the Leviathan operative before hitting the floor. Dottie's about to kill her but then Thompson and Sousa arrive and arrest Peggy, while Dottie feigns ignorance. Later that night, Angie goes to Dottie's apartment and finds it's been cleared out, while Peggy is brought in for an interrogation.

Marvel's Agent Carter airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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