Marvel's Agent Carter S1E8 (S1 Finale) - "Valediction" Recap

Peggy, Thompson, and Sousa are brought in to investigate what happened at the cinema. Sousa is momentarily infected with the gas after discovering the canister and attacks Thompson but he is knocked out before he can do any significant damage.

Dottie and Ivchenko are on the run and get pulled over when Dottie misses a traffic light. She's able to charm her way out of it but kills the cop after he realises that her description matches that of a fugitive.

Sousa comes out of his gas-rage and is apologetic to Peggy for hitting her in the struggle. The SSR is discussing the gas when Howard Stark comes in with Jarvis. Everyone (minus Peggy) wants to arrest him but Howard's there to help. He knows that the gas that was used was the Midnight Oil, which was a failed experiment that was used to kill the Russian soldiers. Howard had developed it partially but his lab was raided by the enemy, who stole his work and manipulated it. Of the Russian soldiers, there was a man named Johann Fennhoff, the sole survivor who is now known as Ivchenko. This is his revenge mission.

The SSR puts out a false news bulletin about Howard getting exonerated, also adding a particular location Howard will be for a press conference. Howard has volunteered himself as bait. Ivchenko hears about it in the car radio. Peggy is worried about Howard, thinking he's being reckless, but he's determined to redeem himself for the wrongs he has done. The press conference happens and Fennhoff/Ivchenko orchestrates a scheme to capture Howard.

While Howard is being transported with Ivchenko driving, he tries to hit on Dottie, who scolds him for not remembering that they already had a fling six months earlier. Ivchenko is angry about losing his brother and comrades to Midnight Oil. The only reason Ivchenko survived is because he had a gas mask. He brainwashes Howard to distribute the Midnight Oil on Times Square from the air during V-3.

Peggy and Jarvis arrive at the hanger. Jarvis chases after Howard who is flying up into the air and Peggy must fight Dottie. Ivchenko gets away while the two fight but once the battle's all said and done, Dottie's the one who falls out a window. Ivchenko knocks out Thompson and tries to brainwash Sousa but Sousa's too clever and is able to defeat him by a simple pair of earplugs.

Peggy tries to talk Howard done on the radio but Howard is still trying to save Steve in his jumbled brain. Peggy pleads with him, and insists that Jarvis not take the shot to blow Howard out of the sky. Peggy is able to pull Howard out of his brainwashed state. Johann is gagged and arrested while Dottie has apparently gotten away.

Some politicians come in to commend Thompson for his good work and he doesn't bother to say that Peggy's the one that saved the city. Sousa is angry and wants to tell them what really happened but Peggy tells him that nobody else's opinion matters to her and he decides against it. Sousa then asks Peggy out for a drink and she says perhaps another time since she has plans. It looks as if something will happen though. We're still thinking that's Peggy's future husband and that cop Enver Gjokaj played was their grandson.

Peggy leaves the SSR office and brings Angie to meet with Jarvis at one of Howard's penthouses that he as left for them to live in free of charge. Angie leaves to call her mother and share the good news leaving Peggy and Jarvis alone. Jarvis says that he'd be honoured to help Peggy on any future missions she may embark on. He also tells her that Howard is trying to get his inventions back so he can destroy them since no one can be trusted. Jarvis also returns the vial of Steve's blood to Peggy. Later, Peggy goes and dumps the vial's contents into the river and says goodbye to Steve (BUT IT'S NOT REALLY GOODBYE ~ SHE JUST DOESN'T KNOW THAT YET).

Finally, we see a gagged Johann being brought into his prison where he meets his new cellmate, Arnim Zola, who gives him a pencil and paper so they may exchange ideas, adding that America is the land of opportunity. *whispers* Hail Hydra….



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