Midnight Boy (Melodifestivalen 2015) Interview

Midnight Boy Talks Music, The 1980's, Hair, & Melodifestivalen

One of the greatest parts of viewing Melodifestivalen is the show's ability to introduce its viewers to an array of new and upcoming (or reviving) artists. This year, one such example of this is Midnight Boy, a Swedish synthpop artist who derives much of his musical inspiration from the glamorous 1980's. Midnight Boy is about to compete in Heat 4 of this year's contest but was kind enough to take time out to answer a few of our questions about his musical artistry.


Hello, Midnight Boy! Thank you for taking time to speak with Museled.com ~

Museled: For those not familiar, tell us a bit about your musical background and how it is that you got your start in the music industry.

Midnight Boy: Music and theatre has been a part of my life as far as I can remember. In my early days, I used to sneak into my mother's bedroom to borrow some of her accessories and make-up. I wore it in front of the mirror while I was dancing and singing to my favourite Michael Jackson and Prince tunes.

When I finished school, music became an even bigger part of my life and I've never had a "real job" really. I started playing at pubs and all kinds of places to earn a living. I moved to Stockholm in 2008 which was a big step for me. I was able to buy some recording gear and got into songwriting and production more seriously. When I eventually got my own studio, I pretty much lived in that place and that's where Midnight Boy was born. I was contacted by my current management and record company as I was trying to get a scholarship from Stim (a Swedish performing rights society) in late 2012 and released my first single "Roll with it" in 2013.

Watch the music video for Midnight Boy's "Roll With It" here:

Museled: Your music is very much inspired by the 1980's. What is it that you love about that decade?

Midnight Boy: Musically, I would say it's the groove and the melodies and also the synths of course - I love synths. In a broader perspective, it's more about an attitude to life. The 80's was a lot about craziness and very little about boundaries, which I find very inspiring. I think we all should be more experimental instead of judgemental when it comes to our identities and have a more open mind to ourselves and the people around us.

Museled: Your hair appears to combine the big-permed-hair trend of the '80s and the shaved bit [on the side] that's become trendy in the last few years. Was this a deliberate choice to reflect your work?

Midnight Boy: I've always had long hair so shaving one side was a pretty big surprise to my family and many of my friends. It wasn't really a deliberate thing, I just wanted to try something different.

Museled: How important is the visual element of your music to your overall artistry?

Midnight Boy: It is very important. I think it helps people to understand the "Midnight Boy" thing. I just recorded a music video for "Don't Say No" that will be released on Youtube tomorrow, on the first of March. I love to get really deep into the process. I also have some plans to do a short film later on.

Edit: Watch the music video for Midnight Boy's "Don't Say No" here:

Museled: What sort of impact would you like for your music to make on those who listen to it?

Midnight Boy: Hard question. I don't think that matters really, as long as it does make an impact. It could be anything. Music needs no instructions.

Museled: Tell us about your Melodifestivalen song "Don't Say No" and the inspiration behind it.

Midnight Boy: It's a groovy tune about peoples' right to their own expression. I wrote it with Kristoffer Östergren and Olle Blomström which was an interesting collaboration. Me and Kristoffer were pretty much yelling at each other during the whole process while Olle was more calm, trying to put our ideas together.

Museled: What are some of your favourite Melodifestivalen songs/performances and why?

Midnight Boy: I think Loreen was amazing. She sort of changed something and I think she's so talented. That's probably my number one favourite.

Museled: Tell us about your upcoming EP and what we can look forward to from it.

Midnight Boy: I wrote some of my best songs during 2014 and I'm really excited to put them out there. There are a lot of interesting things going on right now and I'm not sure of how and when it will be released yet so I can't tell you too much right now, I'm afraid.

Museled: Who are some international and Swedish artists you'd like to collaborate with?

Midnight Boy: There are so many! I've always dreamt of working with Vince Clark (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly, Erasure). That would be rad! In Sweden, I'd love to give it a try with Kleerup, Markus Krunegård, Vincent Pontare, to name a few.

Museled: Being that this isn't a Swedish outlet, we have to ask; any upcoming plans for touring or promotion outside of Sweden?

Midnight Boy: I had a blast while I was touring in LA last year in April and I would love to go back. It would be fun also to visit more cities in the U.S. and Europe of course! There are no scheduled plans right now but hopefully there will be soon.

Thank you for your time, Midnight Boy, and we look forward to hearing and seeing more from you!


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  1. cant believe he didnt do better in melodifestivalen : ( great song


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