Red Band Society S1E11 - "The Guilted Age" Recap

Leo and Kara try to deny the fact that they had sex but Dash quickly determines what happened between the two of them when they return to the hospital. Their guilt worsens when they learn that Emma has been brought to the hospital by her father. Also, Kara learns that Hunter has complications from his transplant surgery and has left a note for her that officially states that he will donate his heart to her in the event that he doesn't survive the surgery. Emma is apologetic, and implores Leo not to hate her. She asks him to stay with her and she says that she never should have said those things to him.

Dr. McAndrew apologises to Nurse Brittany for snapping at her and she seemingly accepts his apology. He later learns that Dr. Grace wants to appeal Hunter's decision since she thinks Kara does not deserve the heart over other patients and this only escalates the tension between her and Dr. McAndrew. Kara gets drunk and makes a scene over her guilt over Hunter signing his heart to her and her sleeping with Leo. She gets caught by Dr. McAndrew and Nurse Brittany while Dash is trying to help her. McAndrew implores her to pull herself together while Brittany is more compassionate to Kara's emotional state.

Leo gets a visit from his parents who give him good news that they can sign him out and take him off, which is what he has wanted for some time now. Dash wants to celebrate but Leo admits that he is concerned about Emma and doesn't know if he should leave. Dash gives him some hard advice, which is that Leo makes Emma worse and that he needs to cut ties so she can learn to take care of herself and stand on her own.

Jordi has successfully sold the aspirin as drugs and then has a court hearing for his emancipation case. When he is at the courthouse trying to prepare to speak, he gets a call from someone who wants to buy drugs, which only stresses him out further. Nurse Jackson comes to meet him at the courthouse to show him support. He freezes up due to being distracted from selling the pills and walks out of the testimony. Nurse Jackson gives a statement on his behalf and it's quite moving but the judge still denies Jordi's emancipation. Outside, Jordi admits to Nurse Jackson about selling the pills and why, and he expresses his fear that he is already his mother. Nurse Jackson tells him that he's a better person because he owned up to what he did.

Emma is in a panic since she learns that her eating disorder may have done irreversible damage to her body. Leo visits Emma to tell her about his being discharged. Emma tries to make it clear that she wants to get back together with him but Leo says that she needs to focus on herself. He then admits that he slept with Kara, angering Emma who then kicks him out of her room.

Kara tries to pray for Hunter but is interrupted by Hunter's sister Ashley. She tells Kara that she should honour Hunter's last wish which is to accept his heart, should he fail to survive. She later visits Hunter in his room to tell him she loves him and implore him not to die. He wakes and smiles at her but then the machines start beeping and his heart rate begins dropping. Kara goes to visit Emma, who admits that she never felt like she had lost control of things until now. Unfortunately, Hunter doesn't survive his surgery and Ashley breaks down in Kara's arms.

Jordi returns to the hospital and much to his surprise, finds his grandmother there waiting for him. Dr. McAndrew is preparing for Leo'd discharge but then discovers that his cancer has returned. Leo meets with Dash to toast his leaving but then he learns about his cancer returning when he comes back downstairs. Jordi also learns about Leo's cancer, as do the rest of the Red Band Society. Finally, Emma comes to Leo's hospital room to comfort him in his hour of need.

The finale of Red Band Society will air on Saturday, February 7 at 9PM.


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