Red Band Society S1E12 - "We'll Always Have Paris" Recap

Kara is having her heart transplant and while under, she visits the in-between world where she meets Hunter. He says he has a bit of time left before he'll "go into the light" and he also knows that she slept with Leo. He doesn't care. But now the two of them must go on a trip together. First, they visit the operating room where Kara is receiving Hunter's heart.

Leo hasn't spoken a word, or slept or eaten anything since receiving the news about his cancer returning. As for Charlie, he's slowly regaining some motor skills and is now able to move his fingers enough to play some video games that are meant to help with his physical therapy. Dash wants to help snap Leo out of his slump but becomes distracted when a temporary patient named Mae arrives at the hospital. Dash and Mae had met online through a cystic fibrosis forum.

Jordi's grandmother Alma isn't a fan of Dr. McAndrew, who tries repeatedly to get her to sign off on the surgery. Meanwhile, Hunter and Kara head to Paris in the in-between world, as Hunter had told Kara to focus on a happy time in her life. Hunter's mother also stops by the hospital and asks about a shirt of Hunter's she has been unable to locate. She then invites Nurse Jackson to attend Hunter's funeral. Nurse Jackson also has to tell Dr. Naday to not get so personal, as it's part of her job and it's a lot for him to jump into with her as they have only just begun seeing each other.

Emma meets Mae, who is friendly, loves photography, and tells her she has a boyfriend. Jordi tells Dr. McAndrew that he no longer wants the surgery. He appears to have lost his faith because of Hunter's death and Leo's cancer returning. Dr. McAndrew implores him to go forth with the surgery, as it is the best option but Jordi remains unmoved. When Jordi shares this news with his grandmother, she is disappointed in him for losing his faith.

Kara learns that Hunter wanted to be a doctor when he was a kid. She tells him he would've been a perfect doctor. Dr. McAndrew apologises again to Jordi's grandmother, who appears to have warmed to him slightly, believing that McAndrew does indeed want the best for Jordi. Things go sour between Dash and Mae, as Mae mis-overhears a conversation which leads her to believe that Dash had hooked up with someone else. Also, she had come to the hospital just to surprise him.

Kara muses that she can leave with Hunter when she looks up and can see the light, when at the beginning only he could. Hunter implores her to stop running towards it, while in the real world, the doctors are trying to get Kara's heart to beat. Dash explains to Emma that the reason he and Mae can't be together is because of their conditions and that they could literally kill each other due to a bacterial infection, even from being in the same room together. Jordi's grandmother implores Jordi to get his faith back and he begins to reconsider.

Hunter gives Kara a touching speech to carry on living and enjoy all that life has to offer, and live on his behalf. Dr. McAndrew is elated to learn that Jordi's grandmother has agreed to let him stay and have the surgery. Dash and Mae reconcile, and Kara wakes from her surgery and finds that her mother is waiting by her bedside and her father has apparently left her macaroons from Paris. Nurse Jackson and Dr. Naday finally have their first date by attending Hunter's funeral together. Finally, Jordi gives Leo a pep talk, saying they are brothers and he will help Leo through this next chapter of his fight. Finally, someone is able to get through to Leo and Leo talks for the first time since receiving the news.


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