Supernatural S10E12 Recap: About A Boy

Pendleton, Oregon. Two guys fight in a bar over one, and JP gets tossed with a threat of death if he comes back. A homeless man sees the exchange take place, and Jp stumbles out to his car. He manages to almost get his key in the door, when a man comes up from behind him, grabs his hex bag, and JP goes up in a bright light. Only his clothes remain behind.

Dean researches the Mark of Cain to look for answers. Crowley had told him that when Cain killed his brother he became a demon. When Cain met Dean he felt a kinship immediately, and he offered him the mark if he really desired it. Dean searches his books, but doesn't find the answers that he needs. Sam comes in with a case for them. Dean suggests that Sam look into the case while he holds down the fort. Sam points out that he hasn't left the bunker in weeks, and he needs to get out. Dean can't forgive himself. He's worried about the mark. Sam doesn't think that sitting, and just researching through the same books is doing him any good. Sam believes that he can beat this thing. Dean notes that Sam also believed in the Easter Bunny until he was 12. He was 111/2 he admits, and Dean reluctantly agrees to go.

Sam and Dean go to question the homeless man. He tells them everything that he saw right up until JP's abduction. There was no smell of sulfur, but flowers. The man thinks that it was aliens, and Dean definitely doesn't want to go there. It wasn't ghosts, or demons. Sam thinks it could have been angels, which isn't better to Dean. He suggests Dean head into the bar and talk to the locals, while Sam goes and checks out JP's place.

Dean steps up to the bar, and sits down for a drink. He asks the bartender if he knew JP. He was the one who tossed him out that night for stealing his tips. He has no clue what happened to JP, but figures, whatever it was he probably deserved it. Dean stares at his shot, before downing it. The mark bothers him. A girl overheard his talk with the bartender. She tells him that JP wasn't horrible, but she wouldn't have bought a used car from him. Dean and Tina make friends. They sit and have drinks and bond over some old motel living that they both experienced as kids. They toast to crappy childhoods. Dean gets a call from Sam, and Tina takes her leave, before Dean falls in love with her. Sam gives Dean the update, and it doesn't look good. JP was days away from an eviction. He blasted Neil Diamond constantly, and his bathroom looked like the Devil's butt. Dean thinks they should just throw the towel in, both finding nothing when Dean sees a man follow Tina out. He heads out after her, and hears her scream, before a blinding light takes her away. As Dean investigates her disappearance, the hex bag man comes up from behind him, and Dean is taken by the bright light as well.

Dean awakens in a cell. He's completely locked in his cage, and he's been turned into a teenager. Dean isn't pleased to see his youthful face, or his youthful clothes. In the cell next door is a young teen, and sees no exactly happy about being turned into a kid as well. She thought it was all a dream, but if Dean is there, then it has to be. She's freaking out, and wondering how he's so calm. He's had lots of practice. He asks who her friend is, but she's unsure, he doesn't talk much. Dean calls out to JP, and the boy confirms his suspicions. The hex bag man comes back and drags out a screaming JP

Sam makes it to the bar, to find Dean not there.

Dean gets a delivery, cake.

Sam calls his brother, and the jacket on the bar rings. When he asks the bartender about the jacket, the bartender comes back with a smart ass remark. Sam slams his face into the bar, and he gets the truth. He found the jacket next to the dumpster.

Dean digs into the cake. Tina doesn't trust the cake, suspecting poison. That makes Dean put down the cake, fast. She wonders what they're doing to JP. Dean isn't sure what, but its probably not good. Dean looks for a way out. He breaks a piece off his bed, and looks for a way to get out. Tina admits that before she thought he was just a drunk. He claims he was a professional alcoholic. She's serious when she asks what he is. He admits that that is a long story.

Sam looks for clues as to what happened to Dean. He finds a shoe under the dumpster and a gun. He wipes at the handle and gets the scent of flowers.

Dean gets one of the bars free. The man returns. Tina tells Dean to get out, that she will distract him while he goes for help. Dean is reluctant to go, but Tina starts screaming, and he has no choice but to go with her plan. Dean gets out while the guy check to see what Tina is screaming about.

Sam researches the flowery scent, thinking that it comes from the yarrow flower. There's a knock at the door, and Sam is shocked to see Dean's youthfulness. Dean strides into the room, grabs his bag and Sam just watches him in a daze. Dean arms up, but he doesn't know the hows or why, only that a girl is going to die if he doesn't hurry. Sam wanted Dean back in the game and now he's back. Outside, an elderly woman drops her room key, and Dean rushes over to retrieve it. She remarks to Sam about the politeness of his son. Poor Sam is still in a stupor over the whole turn of events. He follows Dean to the car, but when he moves the seat forward to drive, Moose thinks he should drive. Dean lets him, and they head off. Sam wonders why they gave him cake, and Dean isn't sure. It wasn't even good cake. They would have been better off serving him pie. Sam is still confused over Dean's youth. He wonders what it feels like. It feels really weird. He's still the old him, but also fourteen. He admits that there was a Taylor Swift song playing on the bus that he was on, and that he liked it. He liked it a lot. His voice is weird, he has zits and no voice modulation. It's puberty at its worse. Sam tells him that he checked out the place where he was jumped, and all signs point to witch. Lucky for them, they still have witch killing stuff in the trunk. Dean plans to head in, save Tina, reverse the spell then torch the Sabrina. Den isn't sure he wants all of that. The upside to being s teen, is the Mark is gone. When they reverse the spell, the mark will be back. Dean wonders if it might not be better, at least for awhile to remain a teen. For not its problem solved. He's still Dean, he can still hunt. He has a point kind of. Dean thinks finds another upside, a virgin liver. He wants to take it for a test drive, Sam agrees in like seven years. Boo, the downside to remaining a teen.

Sam and Dean make it back to the house, and decide that they should go get Tina first. Hex bag guy is headed back towards Tina's cell as well. Dean tries his window, and finds that its still open. He wants to go back through the window, but Sam is way too big to fit. Dean climbs in through the window, and Sam looks for an alternative way in. The basement is quiet, the cake smashed. There's no sign of Tina or anyone else. In the corner, Dean finds a skull. There's someone behind him, but when he investigates, he finds no one. The hex bag man grabs him, and Sam knocks him down. He tells them that Tina is upstairs. He's not a witch he claims, but only works for one, and she's the worst person in the world. He's been there for centuries, and he's seen her do some awful things. She's subjected him and his sister to some pretty awful things, and when he tried to rebel, he was tortured and he had to eat poor Gretel's heart. He claims to be from the Hansel and Gretel story. Dean is excited to BBQ a celebrity. Hansel doesn't think that there is a way for them to succeed, they're just men. They're more then just men, they're hunters. If they're gonna kill that witch, then Hansel wants to help. He tells them to reverse the youth spell, they just need to squeeze the hex bag around his neck. Dean hesitates. Hansel wants to hurry. He tells them when they waste the witch he will give them the cure.

The witch prepares her soup with Tina watching. She tells her that JP didn't have much meat on his bones. The woman tells her that the girl is too good for soup, she envisions Tina as a roasted pig with an apple in her mouth. She stokes the fire, and is surprised to see Hansel. She's happy to see their lost lamb. She thought that they would have to go looking for him, or find a replacement. She tells Hansel to take care of Dean and Sam. Hansel doesn't make a move. Dean points out that he's not a fan of hers since she made him chow down on his sister. She didn't make Hansel do anything. Hansel nearly knocks out Sam, and Dean has no choice but to throw down his witch bottle and surrender. The witch looks over the scrawny Dean, she's gonna have to fatten him up. Sam wonder why they have to change adults into kids to eat them, why not just grab kids. The witch admits that its too hard to grab kids, instead she grabs adults no one will miss and turns them into kids. Dean continue to stall, while Sam works to get something out of his pocket. She's only in town on the grand coven's orders to take care of Rowena, but she's been enjoying the delicious marbling of American flesh. The mention of Rowena stops Dean and Sam. They know Rowena. Sam uses the distraction to free the knife from his pocket, and go after Hansel slashing at him. Dean jumps at him, and Sam turns to the witch. She uses her power to fling him aside, while Hansel beats Dean pretty good. The witch orders Hansel to turn him, but he's missing his hex bag, Dean has it. Dean turns himself back, and he's as intense and handsome as ever. He stabs Hansel, and stuffs the hex bag into the witch;s mouth before shoving her into her own oven.

Outside. Tina is still a teen, and she's marveling into the craziness of the night, realizing that they do that sort of thing all the time. She asks if they can turn her back, and Dean admits that the hex bag went up in flames. Sam is sure that they can find a way to change her back, but Tina isn't so sure they should. She had 3 ex husbands and over $50,000 in debt. She was a crappy adult. She has a second chance to get out of town, and make something better of her life. Dean worries if she will be alright, and Tina is sure that she will be. Sam asks if they can atleast give her a ride somewhere. Dean drives them to the bus stop, and Sam gives her all the cash that they have. Tina gives Dean a kiss, telling him that they'll always have the Grand Royale hotel, and is off on her new life. The boys start their BM moment. Dean tries to make light of the Grand Coven. Sam asks if the mark is back. It is. He didn't have a choice. Sam knows that it couldn't have been any other way. Dean pulled a move only Dean could, saving him and Tina both. Sure he wants the mark gone, but he wanted his brother back more, and they'll figure it all out. Dean gets into Baby, glad to be back, turns on some Taylor Swift to Sam's horror, and jams to “Shake it Off.”


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