Supernatural S10E13 Recap: Halt and Catch Fire

Spencer, Iowa. A young couple drive home. It's late, and Billie isn't sure he's okay to drive, nothing that a few tacos wouldn't fix. Billie gets directions from Trini, but she sends them to a dead end. The car gets really cold, but the air isn't on. Billie tries to get alternative directions, and Trini yells at Janet to get out of the truck. Janet reluctantly does, and Billie tries to follow suite, but the car goes Christine on him, locking him in, and driving off the closed bridge.

Dean devours a cronut, not caring what it really is. Cas has good/bad news. He's discovered River boat gambling, and may have found Cain's location. Dean figures that if Cain knew how to remove the mark he would have. Sam doesn't want to give up hope, Dean wants to spend their energy elsewhere, on a case. He shows them the case of the Iowa Christine.

Sam and Dean head to the college campus to question Janet on the events in the truck, while Dean scopes out all of the hot college girls. Janet was drunk, but not hallucinating. The truck wigged out, the air blasted but wasn't on, and his phone's AI Trini went crazy too. Sam jokes about Dean's behind on technology. Janet explains that Trini is the navigation app that they used. The truck went full Christine. Sam asks if Billie had any enemies. Only his brother Joey, but he died at war. He didn't have anything on him except the truck after Joey died.

Sam and Dean head to the junk yard to take a look at the trunk. The blood splatter is everywhere, and the ghost readings are off the charts on the car. Dean isn't surprised that the brother killed the other over the vehicle. Sam asks if Dean died and he drove Baby if he would come back and kill him. If he stunk up the car with taquitos he would. The boys salt and burn the truck, bye bye spirits.

A pair of roommates cannot believe that finals are right around the corner. One is planning to head off to the library, the other plans to stay in since she's screwing the TA there's no need to study. The one who stays in takes a selfie and posts it. Someone requests a chat, and shes more than happy to chat, until the person calls her a liar. She asks what about and the reply is 810. She logs out, but the 810 isn't done. She turns off the computer, but 810 covers the screen. She tries to get out and away, but the door shuts, and she's strangled by her computer cord.

Another murder, another day on campus, too many pretty girls, and Dean is sure he's not going to make it. The police officer tells them that Julie was found dead by her roommate, Delilah, after an all nighter at the library. There are no suspects, and the door was locked. Delilah has given them her passwords to look into her social media. Both deaths involved machinery, and its not following any patterns they're use to.

Sam and Dean question Delilah. Julie knew Billie, but not his brother. Julie was nice, and popular, and there isn't much to tell.

Dean finds more good food to eat than Sam can stand. Dean digs in, while Sam goes over what he's found on Julie's computer. He tells Dean that he hasn't found much, but he's looking into her deleted files, since nothing is really deleted from the internet. Sam finds the deleted Snapchat that she had deleted from the night before,with the 810 and Liar accusation. Sam finds some address leads, and Dean heads to get togo boxes.

The boys head to the first house on the list. PrincessElsa8, is not a crazed sorority girl, but an 8 year old, so not a likely suspect for killing Julie. She was fast asleep during the Snapchat, so likely a hack job. The boys watch a woman leave her house with a garbage bag. They follow her to the corner, where she picks up all of the flower bouquets, stuffing them into the bag. They ask why she's doing it, the flowers look fairly fresh. She feels like they're taunting her. Her husband died in a car accident there, nine months ago. They were newlyweds who didn't even make it to their first anniversary. Sam asks if she noticed something weird after his death. She seems confused by the question, so Sam drops it. Dean asks if she knows who is leaving the flowers. She isn't sure, a girl from the college she assumes by the greek letters she always wears. The only other description she has is the girl has red hair.

Dean calls to Delilah telling her to call him immediately. Sam finds the car accident, and information on the victim. Andrew Silver's body was burned beyond recognition, and it was thought he died on impact. Dean tries to connect the dots between the dead teacher Andrew, and the two dead and Delilah. There are no bones, since Andrew was cremated. They try to figure out what is tethering him to this world.

Delilah freaks out about the feds calling her, but Kyle seems completely uncaring about it. She thinks that they know, and that maybe its time to come clean. Kyle thinks that its a bad idea, and a coincidence. Delilah worries that its a curse, or karma. Kyle threatens her, that if she doesn't keep quiet she'll have more than a curse to worry about. Delilah leaves in a huff. Kyle gets a booty text. He's very interested. There's a knock at his door, but when he answers it, there's no one there. He gets a call, asking him what time is it? Its 810. The music goes way up, to the point of blowing out his windows and eyeballs.

Delilah is totally freaked after the latest death. Kyle died by decibels. Dean wants to know what happened at 810, since they already knew about the accident. Delilah knows that she will be the next victim. Delilah admits that the accident wasn't an accident. They were all on their phones when their car drifted into oncoming traffic. Andrew's car veered off to avoid theirs, and crashed into a pole. They stopped. Delilah wanted to call for help, but they all sat there watching. A electric wire from the pole Andrew crashed into fell onto his car catching it on fire. Billie speed off. Delilah tried to call for help, but Billie couldn't risk another DUI. Julie and Kyle agreed. Delilah knew that they should have called the cops, that she shouldn't have let them talk her out of the doing the right thing. Sam and Dean salt the room, and prepare a salt circle. They know its a ghost, they just have to figure out how he's traveling. Dean wonders if its via the power lines since Delilah said that's how he died. Sam plans to go back to the crime scene to investigate further while Dean stays to protect Delilah. He grabs his iron crowbar, and sits waiting. Delilah at least is use to staying up late, studying hard and thinking about the guy they killed.

Sam takes a look at the powerlines.

Delilah has been obsessed about someone she's never met. Dean can relate. He's made more mistakes then he can count, ones that haunt him all the time. He copes with whiskey, denial, and trying to make things right. She's got to find forgiveness, to really deal with it. Sam calls and tells Dean that Andrew isn't using the powerlines, but wifi. It makes sense, all the kills had an internet component. Dean has to get Delilah away from wifi and the lawnmower man. Sam has another idea, and heads off to look into it. The room gets cold, and Andrew makes his move. Andrew's burnt and bloodied form is on every screen in Delilah's room. Dean goes about smashing her equipment. He's not sure it's going to work, but he has to try, even smashing their phones. They need to get rid of everything connected to wifi.

Sam knocks on Silver's door. He knows that its an odd thing to bring up, but the wife already knows its about her husband.

Dean gets Delilah out of her room, with computers all over the house. They need to get somewhere without wifi. She leads them down to the basement, the reception sucks down there. Dean salts the windows and the doors. Andrew has no way of jumping via wifi, so he'll have to come directly, or so Dean believes.

The wife opens up to Sam. Her husband started contacting her shortly after his accident online. She thought it was a cruel joke at first, but he knew things that no one else would, inside jokes, the code to their alarm, her obsession with lifetime movies. She knew she had her husband back, even if it is just online. She knew he was a ghost, but she didn't care. He was great, romantic. They were able to stay up and reminisce, then he stated acting strange. He would go radio silent, then he'd start emailing again. He was focused on revenge. Then the kids at the college started dying and she suspected that Andrew has something to do with it. She wasn't sure what to do, its not a story she could go to the cops with, but mostly she didn't want to face the truth. If revenge brought him back, and she tried to stop him then he would go away again, and she didn't want to lose him.

Delilah paces the room, and Dean tries to keep her calm. There's a vibrating coming from the couch. Dean finds it, and its a phone. Andrew suddenly appears, and throws Dean before he can stop him. Andrew begins to strangle Delilah. Dean gets to his feet and takes a swing at Andrew with his crow bar. He tells Andrew that he understands him, that he can't keep going down the path he's on. It'll destroy him, turn him into a monster. Dean texts Sam with a 911. Andrew reappears and manhandles Dean. Andrew's wife Corey facetimes. She pleads with Andrew to stop, to listen to her. She asks him to give up his hollow revenge. It won't bring him back. She should have said it earlier. She tells him that its time for her to let go, for him to do the same. Her words get to Andrew. He releases Dean and she asks him to let go for her, for us, and he does.

The next day, Dean drives Delilah over to the Silver household. She should have done this long ago. Delilah walks up to the door, and Corey invites her in. Andrew wasn't the only one that chose peace. Dean has decided that he will chose peace as well. He just wants to help people. He's going to no longer look for a cure, there may not even be one. He's not giving up, the answer isn't out there, but its with him. He needs to take control, he needs to know where he stands, or he's going to lose his mind. He's going to fight until he can't fight anymore, and when its all done he's going to go out swinging.


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