The Big Bang Theory S8E13 - "The Anxiety Optimization" Recap

Sheldon is struggling with a problem in his research on dark matter proton decay. When he learns that Penny does a fitness workout that she hates simply because it motivates her, Sheldon decides that he should replicate this for his own work. He asks the guys to throw him off his game to up his anxiety level as he works. He also has Amy help him with the research on his anxiety levels. The guys have plenty of fun annoying Sheldon, who even asks to sit in on the ladies' "girl talk" to help annoy him but instead the ladies end up being the ones annoyed. Amy is especially annoyed later when Sheldon won't concentrate on anything but his research when they are having their date night. With all the exhaustion and sleep deprivation, Sheldon begins to hallucinate. He also won't listen to Amy when she advises him to get some sleep and take care of himself. On the bus ride home, he hallucinates that the man next to him is an Armadillo version of Isaac Newton. Leonard and Penny get Sheldon to go to sleep after they have sung Soft Kitty to him. Sheldon is able to better carry on his research once he has gotten some sleep.

Howard creates a game called "Emily or Cinnamon" in which he gives quotes said by Raj, and the friend hearing it must guess whether or not Raj said it to his girlfriend Emily or his dog Cinnamon. Raj does not appreciate their playing this game. Emily say that she thinks it's sexy how sensitive Raj is but is put off when she kisses him and finds there is dog hair in his mouth.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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