The Big Bang Theory S8E14 - "The Troll Manifestation" Recap

Leonard has a revelation about the Superfluid helium he is working with while talking to Penny and shares his theory to Sheldon who agrees that it is indeed good. They work together and put their findings together into a paper which they publish online. They get a great deal of positive feedback, save for one internet troll that leaves a negative comment. Sheldon gets into an online war with him. When Sheldon challenges the troll to reveal themselves, they try to call Sheldon, who panics and shuts the laptop closed without answering. Howard and Raj pep them up enough so they're inspired to call the troll back. It is revealed to be Professor Stephen Hawking who actually liked their paper and found the premise intriguing. He says he just got bored sitting around so he picked a fight to entertain himself.

The girls are spending the night together and first decide (well Penny doesn't) to watch the terrible gorilla film she had done most recently. Penny is annoyed so she ups the embarrassment stakes by finding a video of Bernadette in a beauty pageant. An upset Bernadette shifts the focus onto Amy by revealing that she writes Little House on the Prairie fan fiction. It's got a female lead, Amelia, who falls in love with a time-traveling physicist named Cooper (obviously this is Sheldon). Penny begins to read it out loud to the group. As they carry on reading, they actually become quite invested in the story. Leonard later enjoys Penny reading the fan fiction to him but insists that she stop before a sex scene.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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