The Big Bang Theory S8E15 - "The Comic Book Store Regeneration" Recap

Amy agrees to help Barry with his work on string theory, which upsets Sheldon since she didn't help him when he was still working on it. Sheldon complains about it to Penny, who advises him to let it go. Penny further suggests that thinking of something else could help, or visualisation. However, Sheldon then tells Penny that Amy has been giving her puzzles to do to compare the results against that of the monkeys in her lab. This angers Penny, and this allows him to deflect his own anger towards Amy. Amy then becomes angry once she learns that Sheldon told Penny about Amy's experiments.

Stuart is finally able to re-open the comic book store, which impresses most of the group. However, Howard loses his temper because Stuart has some of the den furniture Howard's mother gave him, not to mention she helped him financially in order to be able to re-open. Leonard and Raj run into Nathan Fillion at a deli, who at first claims to not be who they believe him to be. He later admits to being Nathan Fillion and offers to take a picture with them. Raj then asks him to prove his identity by quoting Firefly, which he does successfully, and they take the photo together though Nathan is quite annoyed.

Leonard is annoyed at learning from Penny about the experiments, as he realises that Sheldon was doing the experiments on him too. Their disagreement is interrupted by Howard coming out of the back of the comic book store. He gets a phone call from Florida where his mother was visiting family, and passed away while taking a nap. The group puts their differences aside to comfort Howard in his hour of need. Even Sheldon is sensitive about the matter, telling him that he has friends to help him (unlike how Sheldon was when he lost his own father). Howard and Bernadette leave for Florida, and the rest of the gang toast the memory of Mrs. Wolowitz and the many positive(ish) memories they had of her.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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