The Originals S02E13 Recap: The Devil Is Damned

It's a new day in the city,and Finn is up to plenty of tricks. He's sure that the baby is alive, and he intends to find her. Her tries his best spell, but everything goes up in flames. He has nothing. Freya walks in through the door, but Finn doesn't recognize her. She admits that they both look a little different. He wants to know who she is, before he gets a little aggressive with her. She remembers when they were kids, and they played, and Finn can't believe that its Freya. Freya is happy that he remembers her, and embraces him, but she's got something plotted.

Rebekah looks over her portrait. She still thinks it looks off, her chin was more delicate. Klaus points out that there is nothing delicate about her. Elijah tries to get the pair back on track through the phone about their long lost sister Freya. Rebekah doesn't have much more since Freya revealed herself and then darted off. Klaus is a little annoyed with their family's habit of cheating death. He wants to know if their aunt still lives, since she's a greater threat to his daughter. Elijah reminds both of them, now more than ever, keeping the secret that Hope is still alive is the most important thing. Klaus feels as that Jackson is the weakest link in that department, and that he should take care of his loose lips, but Elijah is sure that Jackson will do nothing to compromise the wedding. Rebekah had no clue about the wedding, and wonders what else she missed.

Jackson wheedles some wood, and Haley wonders why she keeps getting broomsticks every morning. She's not really a homemaker kind. Jackson tells her that since they live far, and it's not always easy to get a preacher out, the community would leave brooms, so they could “jump the broom” so to speak. Haley gets the awkward gist, and Jackson laughs at her discomfort. She asks what he's working on and he shows her the crib. He started it before for Hope, but stopped when he thought she was dead. Now that he knows she isn't he thought he would finish it. Jackson tells her that there are some wolves from nearby who want in on the wedding ritual. The ritual would strengthen their pack only, which is why the alphas are willing to step down and pledge allegiance to them for the power boost. Once they're unified Haley will have one heck of an army to protect her daughter.

Klaus gets word that Finn has Marcel, and he is not pleased. He's unsure where they are, and what he should do about it. The family makes him want to murder people. Kol arrives with perfect timing, but he's not welcomed with open arms. Rebekah is ready to rip out his throat, but he stops her. He's come because he needs their help. Kol tells them that Finn has cursed him, that he is locked in the body. Kol finds no sympathy there. He knows what he's done, but he doesn't think that he should die for it. Rebekah knows that Kol isn't lying, she knows him too well. Kol admits that he was cursed when he was trying to help Marcel for Davina. Finn is trying to get a secret out of Marcel, and Kol warns that he has the means to do it.

Freya confesses that she came because of a spell their aunt cast. She sleeps for 100 years, only to wake for a single year before repeating the cycle. Her aunt reasoned that this was the closest that a witch would get to immortality. In time, Freya realized that all her stories were peppered with lies. Dahlia is still alive, and she's hunting. Freya escaped her long ago, and she's been running ever since. To Dahlia any act of betrayal is punishable by death, but it is her cross to bear. Finn asks about Dahlia's curse to take the first born daughter of every generation. Freya asks why should that concern him, their siblings are vampires, there are no first borns to take. He reveals that Klaus had a daughter. Their mother filled him with terror about what would happen if the baby lived. He's been desperate to find her, but has been unable to so far. Freya knows that nothing is impossible, she can find the baby. In her time away she's learned a valuable lesson she tells Finn as she plucks a dead butterfly from the table and brings it back to like. You have to let some things die so that others may live.

Marcel's vampires continue to slumber, but Marcel awakens. He crawls over to Gia. He knows that she's still in there, but he assures her that no matter what Finn has in store, they will get through it. That can do attitude is exactly why he thinks Marcel is perfect for the job. Marcel doesn't plan on taking orders though. Finn looks to motivate him by killing off his vampires. When Finn turns to Gia, Marcel is ready to bargain. Finn wants him to bring him Haley's blood.

Cami and Elijah play house. Cami tends to baby Hope while Elijah cooks. A crash brings him racing into the room. Hope yanked on the tablecloth bringing a knickknack down on her. She looks to be fine, but there's a scratch. Poor Elijah looks distraught at he sees the pain, and hears her cries. Elijah sees a red door and candles, he's not all better yet.

Kol asks about the secret Finn is looking for as he and Rebekah set up the spell to reverse what Finn did to him. Klaus doesn't find him worthy of that knowledge. The spell Finn cast was a powerful one, and with the extra juice he's getting from the parentals, Kol doesn't think he and Rebekah are strong enough. A gust of wind from Rebekah's uncontrolled power blows away all their hard work. Klaus tells him that they need a stronger witch, to call Davina, but Kol doesn't want to involve her. He doesn't want her to know that he's sick, he just needs more time. Klaus asks if he remembers the spell Finn used. If they can lock him in his body, Klaus can end their woes with a brief snap of the neck. Klaus just needs to pull it from his memory. Kol doesn't want to allow Klaus in, but Klaus isn't taking no for an answer. He doesn't see the spell, but Kol's plans against Klaus, his desires to drive a dagger into his heart. Klaus looks murderous, and throws Kol against a pillar.

Elijah patches up Hope. Cami realizes that he has a trigger. Though he pulled himself back, they can't disregard the fact that he's still suffering. She tells him that sometimes staying physically busy is just as helpful as staying mentally busy or working through his issue. She gives him a honey-do list of house repairs. He finds her home repair to be an odd solution. She offers him an alternative, they can go fishing as she tells him about losing her virginity. Elijah takes the first offer of house repairs, and Cami plans to spend the day with Hope.

Jackson wrestles around with the pack children, as Haley watches. She likes the look of him surrounded by children. She notices that one little girl has a thing for him, but he's a one woman guy, and Haley is it for him. She tells him that the meeting is starting, and sends him off to it. She vamp speeds over to the peeping Marcel. He tries to assure her that he's not there to harm her or her wolves. The stalking aspect doesn't make her all too happy. He confesses that Finn sent him to retrieve her blood for a locator spell to find Hope. He didn't tell Finn anything, but Finn put it all together anyways. He doesn't know where Finn is either, but he has to bring Finn something. Finn is killing one of his people every hour until he delivers. Haley races off to contact Klaus.

Klaus cannot believe the level of Kol's betrayal. He came calling on his brother out of love, when the whole time he's been plotting behind his back. Kol points out that Klaus hasn't been any better, he's threatened him just as much. He's the odd man out he sees now. He tells Klaus if he wants to kill Finn he can find him and kill him on his own. Kol uses his powers against Klaus to bring him to his knees, and throws Rebekah back so he can get away. Rebekah knows that Klaus's temper will be the end of him one day. Haley calls Klaus.

Kol returns home, upset over the turn of events. His nose begins to bleed as Finn calls him. Finn calls with a proposition that may make him spare Kol's life. He want's Klaus's blood. If he delivers it in an hour he'll heal him. Kol accepts the offer.

Elijah looks to take his mind off things, and get to making the repairs that Cami listed for him. He uses his vampiric strengths to make the tasks go by faster.

Klaus is in a rage over Elijah not answering his phone. Rebekah tries to assure him that Finn will never find Hope, but Klaus points out that he would have bet the same about their mother not finding Rebekah,but she found her easy enough. Kol arrives. Noting that their brother does not do calm. He knocks out Rebekah, and uses his powers against Klaus. He's been angry for a long time. He made the dagger to protect himself from Klaus, Klaus who no matter what he's done always gets what he wants in the end. Kol has never been on the winning side. Klaus gets the upper hand, and Kol by the throat. Kol is ready for death, tells Klaus to kill him, but Klaus has no intentions of that. Kol, even with all his mistakes, is still his brother. Kol points out that he's daggered him repeatedly. Klaus has daggered everyone. They haven't always agreed with him, but they're still family and he needs Kol by his side. Klaus talks of family, but Kol still hasn't earned the right to share his secrets. Klaus admits that that is true, but gives him the chance to prove himself. It's not too late. Kol takes his hand, and his offer. He tells him that Finn wants his blood. Kol needs to know why, and if Klaus is willing to trust him with that secret he will stand by his side. Klaus wants to be sure he knows what he's risking. Kol knows enough of dark magic to know that he's been hexed and there's no going back. If he's going to die, he's going to die on his own terms, and not on Finns. He won't let Finn make him into something else. Finn has been dead to Klaus for a long time, and he plans to make it official. He asks him to help him, and if he does, he will share his secret. Kol gives Klaus the location of Finn's meeting. He invites Klaus into his head so that they can finish this.

The other alphas go through their ceremony to unite their packs. Haley comes to Jackson. She tells him that they have a problem. She needs his blood for a stall. It's perfect timing as he has to spill his blood as a part of ritual. Each of the alphas spill their blood to renounce their alpha status, and bring their packs into Jackson's. Jackson spills his blood last to unite them.

Klaus, Rebekah and Kol head to the bell tower, but Finn is nowhere to be seen. Klaus wonders if its a trap. Kol sees the remnants of a spell, and is impressed by it. Klaus has no time for his awe. Rebekah notices something in the ash and Kol uses a spell to reverse it and see what Finn was looking for. Its a runic tile for baby, and Kol suddenly realizes Klaus's secret, his baby is still alive. Finn tricked them into running around all day thinking he was looking for Hope, but he already knows where she is. Klaus calls to Elijah, who answers his phone this time. He warns him that Finn is on his way, but he's unsure how soon. Elijah sees just how well on his way Finn is, as he steps into the barn and tosses Elijah with a flick of his wrist.

Cami and Hope are out at a local market. Cami checks in from a pay phone, as she forgot her cell phone. Surprisingly payphones are still a thing. Cami notices that Hope is all better, and she's not sure that the pediatrician would approve of Elijah using vampire blood to heal boo-boos.

Klaus is worried when he can't get a hold of Cami. Rebekah is sure that Elijah can protect them, but Klaus isn't so sure with Finn being supercharged. He needs to sever Finn's link to their parents. Kol can't do it, but he has a plan. It'll take a whole lot of power, but it could work.

Elijah asks Finn how he found him. Freya helped, and he doesn't think that Freya likes Elijah all too much. Dahlia would do anything to get another Mikelson first born, and Finn doesn't want to die as she goes through him.

Haley tells Marcel that Finn was distracting them all. She plans to head off and go after Hope. Marcel points out that its a long journey, and that Elijah will protect her. He reasons with her to go help Jackson build the army to protect Hope tomorrow.

Gia and the others awaken in a van in the woods and they smell blood. It's going to be a blood bath for those bleeding former alphas.

Elijah mocks Finn's witchcraft, calling him pathetic. After all the despicable acts he's done he sees the audacity in his name calling. Finn is doing what he thinks has to be done to save his family, unfortunately Elijah doesn't call into that category anymore. He sends farm tools after him, piercing Elijah's heart.

Kol and Rebekah prepare to take out Finn. He can't get past Finn's spell, but he can overload Finn. By supercharging Finn, he can push him over the edge. Finn will have no choice but to release their parents' power or disintegrate from the inside out. Regardless, it'll give Elijah a chance to take care of him, and he'll have to abandon his current body, taking him far away from his niece. Rebekah admires his thinking. He promises to get Rebekah back into her body. Klaus arrives with the supernatural items of power. Kol notes that most of them were his in the past, many he thought where long gone. Klaus hands over his stake, and Kol is surprised that Klaus trusts him with it. Klaus is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe. Kol and Rebekah get started.

As the anointing of the alphas gets under way the vampires show up and they are hungry. Marcel tries to keep his people alive, as does Haley. The alphas head to the cabin for safety, where they'll weather the storm, until Finn's spell wears off.

Finn heads to the main house, but Camille isn't there. Elijah wakes up, and he's pissed.

Kol and Rebekah are close, but they don't have enough juice to do the spell. Klaus offers himself up. He asks his brother to use him to boost his spell. Kol has earned Klaus's trust, and as a vampire/werewolf hybrid with centuries of blood on his hands, he's about as powerful an object as you get. Kol reluctantly agrees. He carves a rune into his head, and they begin again.

Finn calls out to Cami, but she doesn't answer. Elijah arrives, and he throws a stake through his brother. Kol and Rebekah's spell takes hold, and Finn bleeds from his nose. He still has enough juice and concentration to toss Elijah around. Elijah looks at the blood on his chest, and he remembers. Kol and Rebekah continue their chant, and Finn goes down.

Marcel's vampires continue to fight around Haley and Marcel. Haley comes face to face with Gia. She doesn't want to kill her, and then she falls. Finn's spell is broken.

Rebekah is overjoyed that Kol's plan worked. Kol admits that he wasn't sure it would. Rebekah vows to save Kol, somehow.

Seeing all of the downed vampires, Haley knows that Elijah will protect Hope. She also knows that things will only get worse. She tells Jackson that they need to get married immediately.

Klaus awakens. He's relieved to see Kol and Rebekah still standing, and happy to hear that their spell worked. Finn may not be dead, but he's no longer a super witch, just a jerk like normal. Klaus appreciates family all the more, and recognizes what Elijah has been saying all along, that there is power in family.

Cami drives towards home. Elijah looks at the blood on his hands. His soiled clothes are his undoing. Finn rises to his feet, taunting Elijah. Had he been able to face Finn, Hope may have lived, but with Elijah in his current state, Hope has no chance. Cami's car loses all power. Finn continues his ranting, but Elijah isn't afflicted. He's let is brother have his monolgue so that gas could permeate the entire house. Elijah removes his daylight ring, and stick his arm into the sun. His skin catches fire, and the house goes boom right in front of Cami's eyes. With the threat gone, Cami's car turns back on, and Cami suspects Hope's role in that.


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