Walking Dead S05E10 Recap: Them

Tyrese's grave is still fresh, as is Maggie's grief. They've all lost so much in such a small span of time. A walker interrupts Maggie's moment, and she stands up long enough to brain him, before falling back into her misery.

Daryl digs in the dirt looking for a plump worm. He eats the juicy morsel.

Sasha walks a trail alone, and finds no tracks, but a hole lot of dead frogs. She covers the closes frog by kicking dirt over its corpse. There's no water to be found. They're going to die out there without water. Maggie, Sasha and Daryl return to the group empty handed.

Just as the supplies have run out, so has the gas, and the group is forced to carry on on foot. They're more walking dead than the zombies are now. Rick is looking extra gruff. In the last few weeks they've lost a lot, but they still have some hope. Baby Judith is good. Rain should come sooner or later. Daryl plans to head out to see what he can find, and Carol will accompany him, because he can't stop her.

Carl gives Maggie a music box to lift her spirits. She notices Father Gabriel fidgeting with his collar. He gives her a brief history lesson. She use to be religious, but is no longer. He offers to give her a shoulder to cry on, but she doesn't want it. She doesn't want to talk about her father, and definitely not about her sister. He never met her family, and he doesn't know her pain.

The group is being trailed by a pack of walkers as they shamble along, mirroring each other. Sasha thinks she could take on the group. Michonne tells her that her brother was pissed too about what he lost. They were never the same, and Sasha keeps walking.

Daryl looks over the landscape. It's too dry, there's nothing there. He tells Carol she should go back. She knows that Beth saved her life, that she saved Daryl's too. She gives him Beth's knife. She knows Daryl well. She can't let herself feel Beth's loss, but she also knows that Daryl is different. He needs to let himself feel it. She leaves him.

They come to a bridge, and its time to take care of the trailers. The group separates, and they wait for the walkers to come to them. They toss the zombies over the side of the bridge. One by one and sometimes many, are tossed off the bridge. Sasha though has other ideas, and stabs one. The rest of the group has no choice but to follow suit. Michonne tries to pull her back, to get things back in order before chaos reigns, but Sasha will have none of it. Rick has a close call, with a walker nearly biting his arm before Daryl jumps in and pulls the walker back. Sasha slashes wildly, nearly cutting Abraham's arm off as she kills walkers. Michonne points out her recklessness, but Sasha is too far gone to hear it.

The group finds a number of cars on the road. Maggie approaches one, it looks empty. She searches it. The keys are still in the ignition. She checks the trunk, and kinds a walker tied up in the back. She closes the trunk without a second thought, but the thing thumps at the trunk lid, and Maggie can't get it back open. She takes aim, but she can't pull the trigger. Glenn stops her, and calmly works the trunk lock open. He gently stabs it, putting it out of its misery.

Back in the woods, Daryl continues to hunt, but only finds a carcass. Nearby a hunter took his life.

The group is resting on the side of the road, when Daryl emerges. Abraham drinks down some whiskey. A group of dirty, mangy dogs emerge from the woods. They look like there were someone's pets at one time. The group goes on edge as the dog come out barking, but no one, except Sasha makes a move. Sasha shoots the dogs. Looking at the dead animals, Rick grabs a stick. It may not be the ideal meal, but its food. They roast the dogs, and eat. Noah is haunted as he looks at the collar one of the pooches wore. Sasha tells him not to think about it, just to eat. Everyone eats their meal in misery around the tiny fire.

It's another day on the road, and Maggie is slipping deeper into depression. Her sister was a beacon of light, and Maggie is having a hard time with her being gone. Glenn tells her they have to go on, to keep fighting. Abraham offers some of his rations to Sasha, but she refuses. Daryl sees bodies on the side of the road, and refuses any of Glenn's water. Glenn remains optimistic. They will make it through the day.

Daryl heads back into the woods. He spots a large barn and stops for a cigarette. He takes a few drags before putting the cigarette out on his hand, and finally he lets his grief take him.

The group has found a note that says its from a friend, along with a whole lot of water. The group is wary of it, but Eugene is willing to take the risk. He goes to take a drink, and Abraham knocks the water away. Finally the group's luck changes, and the skies open up and pour down on them. Rosita and Tara lie on their backs taking it in. Maggie and Sash look unmoved. Father Gabriel asks for forgivness. Rick tells the others to get whatever they can to gather the rain, but the storm is raging hard, and not safe to remain in. Daryl tells Rick about the nearby barn.

They head to the barn, a few go in to make sure that it's clear and safe. Maggie kinds the walker inside, and she reluctantly brains it. Carol comes to check on her. Some people can't give up, she tells her, like them. The group bunkers down for the night as the storm continues to rumble all around them. They gather around a small fire. Rick looks at his sleeping children, but Carol is sure that they're going to be okay. Rick feels sorry for them, having to grow up the way they are. Michonne thinks things will get better, but Rick isn't so sure. They're current reality is all they have. When he was a kid he asked his grandfather if he killed anyone in the war. He wouldn't answer, it was grown up stuff. So he asked if anyone ever tried to kill him. He grew quiet then admitted that he was dead the moment he entered enemy territory. He forced himself to wake everyday and do what he needed to do to survive, then one day he was back in the land of the living. No matter what they find in DC, they'll get up everyday and head towards it. They are the walking dead. Daryl doesn't find solace in his words. Rick tries to convince him that they aren't them, but he's not so sure.

Daryl wants to get away, but they're trapped in the barn, and not just because of the storm. Walkers are outside of the doors, and they want in too. The group masses together, trying to keep the doors hut, as the storm continues all around them. Carl has to put down Judith, to lend a hand.

As the sun rises, the group sleeps. Maggie awakens to find Daryl with his eyes trained on the door. She tells him to get some sleep, offering to take over his watch. Daryl tells her that Beth was tough, she just didn't know she was. He hands her back the music box, telling her it has some grit in it. She thanks him, and heads over Sasha with a gentle hand waking her up.

Outside the trees are strewn with walkers. The storm was a bad one. Sasha muses that it should have torn them apart, but it didn't. Maggie leads her off to watch the beautiful sunrise. Sasha tells her how Tyrese wasn't sure he could make it, and that's how she feels now. Maggie is sure that she will make it. The losses she's sustained have been large, but they'll go on. She shows her the music box, now fixed, but as she winds it up, it breaks. The girls laugh. But they're not alone. A stranger, Aaron, introduces himself. The girls go on guard. He wants to speak to Rick, he has good news. The music box begins to play.


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