Eurovision 2015 - Semifinal 1 Preliminary Reviews | Museled

Welcome, Museled readers! After all the fun of covering Melodifestivalen 2015, it's time to carry on by serving commentary on Eurovision, too.

Many of the songs we won't know the full quality of as a Eurovision competitor until we see the live versions, upon which their live vocals, staging, and overall performance will be put to the test. The most rabid Eurovision fans will have formulated opinions off of earlier performances of the chosen songs, but judging solely off of that would be tricky since many of the songs get revamped between when they are first selected and when they are performed on the Eurovision stage.

Our scoring system will be on a curved 10-point scale, to give you readers a better sense of just how the songs stack up relative to one another. What might seem like a low score does not necessarily mean that the song itself is bad. For example, as there are an incredibly high amount of ballads competing in this year's contest, the songs must do a great deal more to stand out within that style and may have received a higher score from us if the line-up had been more dance-heavy.

In the running order that the songs will be competing in, let's take a look at the songs competing in semifinal 1!


01) Moldova ~ Eduard Romanyuta - "I Want Your Love"

This is one of the few numbers that we've seen both the qualifying live performance video of as well as the music video and the contrast between the two is enormous. "I Want Your Love" is a massive love-letter to the golden pop era of the 1990s/early 2000s. The music video attempts to paint "singer" Eduard Romanyuta as some roguish bad-boy who just can't be tamed, or even bother to pull over in a back alley before getting tongued down by his arm candy (because who cares if you're in a high-speed chase when your libido needs tending to?) The studio version (which has actually become our low-key guilty pleasure) makes bountiful use of auto tune and turns up the backing brass hook to cover up his lack of vocal ability. Admittedly, the melody of the chorus is a carbon copy of the verses of Mariah Carey's "It's Like That" but with how consistently vanilla Eurovision has been, that type of hook is certainly not something that's been played on the ESC stage. This song could have had potential to drum up some support and play on peoples' sentimentality for that glorious pop era if the song's arrangement had been spruced up a bit, as well as had an artist with actual abilities, which brings us to…

The live performance is a complete train wreck that simply cannot be unseen and we would advise all our readers to proceed with caution before doing so. It's also the reason that its Museled score is so low.  There's no way we could've given this song a higher score after seeing this mess. Imagine if you took Justin Bieber, gave him Hanson's 'Mmbop' hair, and removed 95% of his singing and dancing ability (regardless of whether or not you think he is skilled in those areas), and gave him all the charisma of that creepy bloke at the bar that simply wouldn't back off no matter how many times you told him you weren't interested, and you'll have Eduard Romanyuta's live performance. But if you go into watching it with the right attitude, you may derive some enjoyment from laughing at how absurd it is that none of what you're witnessing is meant to be ironic.

Museled score: 1/10


02) Armenia ~ Genealogy - "Face the Shadow"

Genealogy consists of six singers, one of whom is Armenian-from-Armenia, while the remaining are of Armenian descent but come from other continents throughout the world. It's a unique concept that we're fully on board with; we are all for elevating multiculturalism. "Face the Shadow"'s first verse is a slow start to the song but once the first chorus kicks in, things picks up more. It's certainly a unique song and the arrangement aims to highlight and mix the wide variety in vocal styles into an Armenian celebration. The most interesting part of the song is the post-second-chorus breakdown as it flows a bit like some sort of experimental-classical aria. Despite the less-than-stellar beginning, the song builds well and goes out on a high.

Museled score: 6/10


03) Belgium ~ Loïc Nottet - "Rhythm Inside"

One of our top 10 from the first listen, "Rhythm Inside" is a song that commands your attention but perhaps in a more round-about way than the other strong songs. It sits comfortably between mid and up-tempo; you can definitely dance to it but the slight pull-back allows more room for you to lean into it. There's an understated but undeniable attitude to the song, from the alluring bluesy hook, Loïc's sultry vocal delivery, and the touch of scatting.

Museled score: 8.5/10


04) Netherlands ~ Trijntje Oosterhuis - "Walk Along"

Quite forgettable, and lacking impact, "Walk Along" sounds much like a warm-up act at Lilith Fair. No, not even the 2010 revival. The original run in the 1990s. It's not a terrible song, nor is it unpleasant to listen to. But the song is repetitive, lacks range, and despite its title, does little to take the listener on any sort of journey.

Museled score: 3/10


05) Finland ~ Pertti Krikan Nimipäivät - "Aina jun pitää" (I always have to)

PKN is a Finnish punk rock band comprised of adults with developmental disabilities. What is positive about this song being a part of Eurovision is the representation and inspiration it can offer many other similarly disabled people who do not normally get an opportunity to identify with a competitor in Eurovision. As for the song itself, the only melodic aspect is the guitars. The vocals lack any melody for us to connect to, but perhaps some viewers who do like this particular style of rock may enjoy the song.

Museled score: 0/10


06) Greece ~ Maria Elena Kyriakou - "One Last Breath"

A good but not great ballad, "One Last Breath" is one that suffers from the heavy competitiveness that has been established by the abundance of ballads this year. It takes too long to build to its climax and had the tone and momentum of the last 30-seconds been the song's starting point, it may have been able to stand out more in the pack. It's also a bit of a downer, both melodically and especially lyrically. Maria sings the song well enough but being that there are plenty of other decent vocalists in the contest, her vocals simply aren't enough to carry the song to a higher score.

Museled score: 5.5/10


07) Estonia ~ Elina Born & Stig Rästa - "Goodbye to Yesterday"

Taking a page right out of the 1960s with its guitar, horns, and understated drum set, "Goodbye to Yesterday" is a duet that has a well-written backing instrumentation. On top of that are vocalists Elina Born & Stig Rästa. Stig starts the song off and on our first listen, we were rather underwhelmed by his introduction. But as soon as that cheeky guitar hook came in to transition the song over to Elina's vastly-superior voice, we were sold. That guitar hook sounds like it could have been done by the grandchild of the Clifford Essex used to birth the James Bond theme. This is decade-influenced music done right, and Elina's vocals are what carry the song into the 21st century. Elina and Stig's voices blend well together best when the volume is set to be 70% her, and 30% him and the song's producers have wisely levelled it as such.

Museled score: 7.5/10


08) Macedonia ~ Daniel Kajmakoski - "Autumn Leaves"

Here's yet another ballad, folks, and it won't be the last of the night! The arrangement of the backing on "Autumn Leaves" is more contemporary, and the percussion has a little bit more layering than some of the lower-scored ballads. This song is something that you could find from a bigger Top-40 artist of today, but perhaps more likely as a song from their album as opposed to something released as a single. But it's quite pleasant to listen to and in the biggest moments of the chorus, Daniel's voice bears some similarities to Nate Ruess'.

Museled score: 7/10


09) Serbia ~ Bojana Stamenov - "Beauty Never Lies"

This is another song we've seen both the qualifying live performance of as well as the music video. It was actually difficult for us to score because of this. Originally, the song was in Serbian, entitled "Ceo Svet Je Moj." The general consensus is that the song sounded better in Serbian, which we have to agree with. When sung in Serbian, the song was able to stand out more since the English lyrics aren't exactly innovative. But vocally, Bojana sounds fantastic no matter what language she's singing in. It's quite tricky for non-native-English-speaking countries because many of the Eurovision fans prefer for them to stay true to themselves and sing in their own languages but often the songs selected for Eurovision get translated to English so as to better appeal to the masses. The song is decent to being with, but once it builds up to the inclusion of a dance beat, it really soars. The staging is highly visually appealing, from the light projection onto Bojana's dress, the dramatic back-up dancers, and the wardrobe change mid-number. It's exactly the type of spectacle to make many a new fan of Eurovision but what's great is that it's a spectacle on top a song that's actually good.

Museled score: 6.5/10


10) Hungary ~ Boggie - "Wars for Nothing"

A pandering song about world peace, "Wars for Nothing" is incredibly weak melodically. It's more like something that would be sung around a campfire and put everyone to sleep. We don't mean to be callous about the intended message, but on top of the abundance of ballads, many of those other songs also have subject matter intended to play on people's hearts and humanity so this song just gets lost in the shuffle.

Museled score: 2/10


11) Belarus ~ Uzari & Maimuna - "Time"

A song with great dramatic flair and danceability, "Time" goes above and beyond to make use of strings to strengthen their song by making the track a partnership between singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna. The urgency of the song (which lines right up with the song's concept) is what sets it apart from typical dance tracks, as well as the aforementioned larger incorporation of non-synthetic instrumentation. The hook is also strong as it sinks in immediately and Uzari's phonetic stretching of certain words further individualises the song's identity.

Museled score: 8.5/10


12) Russia ~ Polina Gagarina - "A Million Voices"

Many a joke has already been cracked about Russia's "ironic" sending of a song about world peace. Last year's Eurovision entry from Russia was subject to booing each time they performed due to the strong LGBT following that Eurovision has. As for a "A Million Voices," it's a decent ballad and Polina sounds great singing it. It certainly has great potential to translate well live as there's a lot of big musical swells in the song. For better or worse, this song sounds much like something you've probably heard before, be it generally speaking or specific to Eurovision itself. It sounds like a typical "official Olympic Games theme tune" released every 2-4 years, but all in all it's not a bad song.

Museled score: 5/10


13) Denmark ~ Anti Social Media - "The Way You Are"

Again, we have another song influenced by the 1960s but this one is from the "boy bands" of that era. If The Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" hooked up, "The Way You Are" would be the love child born from it. It's a perky, summery, feel-good song that had us swaying back and forth going "Bahp, bahp, bahp." We're honestly amazed that anyone under the age of 60 could nail this style of music, let alone put out new content of it for us to enjoy.

Museled score: 7.5/10


14) Albania ~ Elhaida Dani - "I'm Alive"

By far, one of the strongest ballads of this year, "I'm Alive" nails pacing and building. It starts off with the guitar laying groundwork to keep it from feeling too slow, and the first chorus only picks things up further with the percussion adding more layers. The construction of the song is really solid because the second verse and chorus are not mere repeats of their first-verse counterparts. The song continues to build and Elhaida even adds more melodic vocalisations as the song carries on. By the time the song hits its climax, Elhaida has you jumping out of your seat and cheering for her. Her vocals are magnificent and those harmonised "Ay-ay-ay"s used for transitioning throughout the song are quite lovely.

Museled score: 8/10


15) Romania ~ Voltaj - "De la capăt (All over Again)" [From the beginning (All over Again)]

Remember what we said about ballads with meaningful messages? Well, here's another one. "De la capăt (All over Again)" is about Romanian parents who leave their children in Romania in order to work elsewhere so the children may be provided for. That's all quite moving and we do appreciate the fact that the song has chosen to dig a little deeper and be more personal in its message. However, the production of the song itself is a bit underwhelming. Many of the ballads we've had to repeatedly go back and re-watch in order to be able to remember and differentiate which is which, including this one. Like a majority of the songs in this year's contest, this one isn't unpleasant to listen to. But without a bigger musical impact, it more so fades into the background of the lineup.

Museled score: 4.5/10


16) Georgia ~ Nina Sublatti - "Warrior"

Nina Sublatti has absolutely exploded onto the scene with "Warrior" and we couldn't be more thrilled! The original version of this song (which we didn't see until later) didn't make as much of an impact but once big-name Swedish composer Thomas G:son got his hands on the track to help Nina revamp it, the new production combined with Nina's powerful lyrics are enough to give us chills. It's sleek, modern, and make no mistake, this is an "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar" anthem. The scope and scale of the song is downright epic and there's so much dimension created from all the moving cogs in this machine.  From the almost dubstep-like swelling used to transition into the chorus to the pulsing sixteen-note-percussion in the post-second-chorus breakdown, there are many plenty of details for even the most well-trained musical ears to geek out over. Nina also fully commits to her vocal delivery and throws herself right in. She delivers top-notch drama and it suits the song entirely. The Eurovision show runners have wisely saved the best for last in this semifinal, and here's hoping that Nina's new staging will match the levels of the song itself.

Museled score: 9/10


Which semifinal 1 songs do you have on repeat? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for our reviews of the rest of the songs!


Grimm S04E18 Synopsis: Mishipeshu (4/17)


A homicide leads Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) onto the dark and mysterious path of a local Native American power quest.

Meanwhile, Juliette's (Bitsie Tulloch) erratic behavior lands her on the wrong side of the law.

At the spice shop, Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) are on a mission and call on Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) for help.

Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee also star.

GRIMM -- "Mishipeshu" Episode 418 -- (Photos by: Scott Green/NBC)


iZombie S01E03 Recap: The Exterminator

A boy searches in the dark, taking video. His friend scares him, jumping out at him. The boy is plotting out a horror movie. The boys start to throw some rocks, when something gets their attention. The friend wants to go home, but the video camera boy goes to take a closer look. He lowers his camera and takes a picture.

At the morgue, Liv is hungry as she dissects the current body. Ravi has sent his google alerts to notify him of zombies. Ravi has come across the teenager's picture, about a possible zombie not far from where she was turned. Ravi thinks that she should look into it. She will, she turns back to the body currently on her table, and her phone goes off. She's disappointed by the texts, and Ravi notices. Liv admits that she hit on her ex-fiance and it didn't go well. She broke up with him, fearing she would give him the big Z, but then she ate a sensual painter and tried to jump his bones. She can't tell him the whole story, and it looks like she was a colossal tease. So she sent him a text apology, but he hasn't replied. Ravi thinks that it deserves a face to face. Liv is too hungry to figure out of he's joking or not. Ravi looks over the current body before Liv gets to cutting.

Liv enjoys her meal. She use to be a lot of things, but now she's hunger. When she's hungry she forgets that her meal use to be a person. When she's really hungry she forgets she use to be one. She likes the brains off a knife, and Blaine spots her Zombie Playboy pose. Liv isn't happy to see him. Blaine thinks that she stood him up, and she doesn't correct him, telling him that she saw him making a deal. She missed the whole murder thing that followed. He looks over her tools, the bone saw she uses to cut open the skulls. He asks what she would use if she didn't have that. An ice pick, a hand saw. He uses a rock sometimes. He turned Liv into this, and she doesn't trust him. He may not be a murderer, but she thinks that he's still the same drug dealing scum that accosted her the night of the party. The lines are drawn and they are not on the same team.

Liv returns home, and Peyton is ready to celebrate. Her big murder case has gotten a huge lead. She's officially on her way to the big time. She asks Liv to help her prep, just like old times. Liv plays witness, and Peyton questions her. When Peyton shows her a picture of the murder victim, Liv gets a vision. She ate the brains of the real murderer.

Liv goes to Clive about the Walker trial. It looks good that the murderer was caught, since its really a high profile case. Clive reminds her that his case is the hit and run. Liv tells him that she had a vision that their hit and run victim is the actual killer. She has no real proof of her claim, and she feels like this isn't the first time he's done this, it having to do with debts. Clive laughs. He can't go to his boss with her hunch. Walker was shot from above, with him on his knees. That's not a mugging, but an execution. The homeless drifter was found with Walker's shoes on. Liv points out that most drifters that need to steal shoes don't go around carrying glocks. Plus the murder weapon had a silencer on it. Clive turns her attention back to their case. He cannot go to his boss with a hunch. Liv thinks he would rather send an innocent man to jail rather than to rock the boat. She tells him that she'll man up for the both of them. That brain she recently consumed is kind of a dick and a sociopath.

Liv comes home and Peyton immediately asks if she's okay. She is, so she hasn't seen the video of her ex and his new girlfriend. Peyton tells her that she saw it on facebook and Major had liked it. Liv tells her that December 11th is the most common day to get dumped. That brain Liv ate really sucks with its stupid factoids. Peyton isn't sure what to make of her proclamation. Peyton finds it odd that she's not picking apart the girl's annoying laugh or why they like jenga so much. Peyton is worried and impressed. Its been 6 months since she called off her engagement to the man of her dreams, and he's moving on. She should be feeling something. Liv focuses on the Walker case, she still has her curiosity.

Liv and Ravi go to investigate the zombie picture, to see if its just a prank as Liv hopes. Ravi gets all poetic, and Liv goes all bizarro jeopardy. Her emotions seem to be nulled, turned off. It can be helpful, but Liv is a little concerned. The pair hear some odd noises, and Ravi finds the source. Its the same covered hole the boys discovered. As Ravi moves some boards covering it, he tells her that many hitmen have antisocial disorder, it makes them good hitmen, it also makes Liv long for the days when low blood sugar just made her bitchy. Ravi gets the port clear, and there is definitely something inside. Liv peers down the hole, there's someone inside, someone undead, Marcy. She's looking less living dead girl and more hungry corpse. Ravi is surprised that Liv knows her. She's been in there for months, and Ravi is impressed that she's still alive. She was the resident that invited her to the party. Ravi knows it has to be hard on Liv seeing someone she knows reduced to what she is. Liv starts throwing rocks at Marcy, because she can. Marcy doesn't care. Ravi stops her, knowing that its the hitman brains making her unsympathetic. He hopes that he can fix Marcy. He dumps some brains down into the hole, and Marcy pounces on them. He's hopeful that when they return she will be back to her sermi-normal self.

Liv isn't sure Marcy can be fixed, but she can solve the Walker case. If the hitman brains help her block out her former friend being reduced to a monster, her ex moving on, or not responding to her lame apology text, she's going to embrace it. She heads to Clive's desk. Walker had some gambling debts, and she wants him to help her lean on the lbookie. Clive reminders her that the Walker case is not theirs, the hit and run is. She thinks that the cases are connected. Clive thinks its a big leap. Liv knows the bookie was Frank Smith. Clive knows him, he's a former cop, and bookie to most of the cops in the city.

Clive and Liv head to the cop bar, and they don't exactly fit in with the older white male crowd. Liv remembers the place from her college days, they know how to throw a pretty good shindig when they want to. Clive heads to the bartender to see if Smithy is there, and he goes to check to see if Smitty wants to talk to him. It's Trivia night in the bar, and Liv has the brain for it. She names their team Piggy and the Brain, and gets to writing down her answers. Clive leaves Liv to use the John, and sees a note warning Smitty to pay up or else. Smitty tells Liv that Wally Walker owed him a lot of money, but he's not sure why its her business. Clive comes back, as they're announced the trivia winners. Clive asks about Walker, and Smitty tells him that he recently asked for an extension. He was planning to sell his company for fast cash, and would double Smitty's money if he gave him two more months. Smitty agreed. He thought the guy who killed Walker was caught. Clive tells him that he's just making sure, and following up on a few more leads. Smitty stonewalls, tells him that his captain likes to make Seahawk bets, and that he should call him and tell of Clive's efficiency. Clive takes that as his cue to leave. Liv goes to leave and tells him to stop. On the winners wall they see their hit and run vic. He was in the bar the same night Walker came into ask for an extension. He must have followed him out, and then murdered him.

Clive and Liv head to Webster's home. They tell his wife that they think that the person who hit her husband knew him. She allows them to come in and search his office for clues. Clive thinks she either didn't know her husband was a hitman, or he really was just a pest control guy. Liv gets another Flash of memory, of the car hitting Webster, and backing over him to finish the job. Liv saw an orange car, and the first few letters of the plate. Clive has found something too, the glock with a suppressor, likely the same one that killed Walker.

Liv searches for the car from her vision. Clive suggests that she sketch what she saw. Peyton gets home early, mad that Clive blew up her case. Liv tells her its because he was innocent. Peyton has a pile of evidence that says otherwise. Liv tells her that the murder file was found, and gambling debt. Peyton realizes that she read her confidential case file, and she's angry that Liv has been a slug for months and this is what gets her off her butt, not her fiance, but proving her wrong. She gets that she had to do what she thinks is right,but she also just derailed her career and Liv doesn't feel bad in the least.

Liv tells Ravi that the brains are the worst. She hurt her closest friend, and she couldn't even muster up an apology. Ravi thinks it sounds like she cares. She doesn't, but she knows she should. Ravi points out that she could eat another brain, get the hitman out of her system. Liv looks over the file of the body on the table, and she's sold. Ravi reminds her though that if she eats the old lady, then she'll have no more visions, and whoever killed Walker will get away. She hopes that Ravi is right, but she's also afraid of what she's becoming. Ravi is sure that tat fear is a good thing. It means she'll be okay, and he needs her. He plans to go check on Marcy, and try to gather samples. He feels like there will be improvement. Liv wants to know if he has a plan B, but Ravi doesn't get the chance to give her one. Major comes to ask for her help. He has a kid with him, who needs to see a cop. His roommate went out on his skateboard a few days ago and hasn't come back.

Liv takes them to see Clive. Major works with a halfway house for wayward boys. The boy tells Clive that he's been in contact with the police for the last few days, but there has been no follow-up. Clive asks if the boy could have just ran off. He left behind his ipod. If he was leaving for good, he wouldn't have left it behind, he's been doing really good lately. He was skating a lot lately, and spoke of the Candyman. Some guy handing out Utopium like it was jellybeans. Clive offers to walk it over to missing persons and make it a priority. Liv spots Jerome's shoes and goes all weird andriod spitting out factoids. Jerome doesn't know what Major saw in Liv, and asks her if she really thinks she can do better than Major. Major leaves in a hurry, pulling Jerome along.

Liv may not know cars, but she's decent at drawing them. Her picture got a hit, and Clive is able to identify the make. With the license plate its down to one car. They've traced it to the previous owner. He's a little miffed that the car was used to kill someone. The buyer paid more than the asking price, but didn't want him to know his name, but he's seen him a lot in the paper recently. He pulls out the paper, and shows them a picture from the press conference. He IDs Walkers angel investor, who offered up a reward for information that lead to capture of Walker's murderer. Clive thinks that the car has probably been dumped into a lake somewhere, but the owner tells him that the car has lo-jack.

Liv sits and waits in the interrogation. Clive comes in and gets to immediate work. He questions the investor, Watts, about the car, which they located and has Martin Webster's hair and blood on the bumper. He plays dumb, this isn't his car. The previous owner was able to ID him by his picture in the paper, and his DNA was found in the car. He suddenly remembers the car. His lawyer pipes up. His client came as a courtesy, if they want to charge him for something, that's a different matter. He wants to go, but Watts wants to hear how the story ends. Clive lays it out. Walker was a brilliant programmer, with mounting gambling debts. He was planning to see early rather than wait to go public. He gets offed, and Watts makes millions. After Webster did the dirty work, he killed him. Phone records show that he was called by a disposable phone, 45 minutes before Webster was run over and killed. He asks what the call was about. Watts doesn't know, claims it didn't happen. Watts plays devil's advocate. He knows they don't have the phone. He claims that maybe he bought the car to restore, maybe he thought he hit a deer that night, either way they'll have a hard time proving anything. For now, they'll place him under arrest for verhicular manslaughter. He points out that he's on the cover of a magazine right now. He thinks even if they can pin him for the murder, he'll be lauded as a hero, cleaning up the streets. He taunts Clive, that he'll spend zero days in jail. His lawyer promises to get him out of jail within the hour.

Liv wonders if he will really walk. Clive tells her that he could if they can't find a connection between the smarmy investor and the hitman.

They head back to Webster's, and search his car. The wife protests about the impound notice. Clive and Liv look through his GPS. They look at the place where he went before he was murdered. As Clive gets out to question some people, Liv dives back into Webster's psycho brains for a little pick me up. Clive tells her that so far no one has seen Webster. Liv spots the ice cream man, and gets a vision. There was a witness, a garbage man that saw Watts and Webster meeting. Liv leaves Clive to do the tracking.

Liv heads off with Ravi to check on Marcy, and she's nervous, cold. Ravi hopes that Marcy will be better. She sees Ravi's fear, that if she isn't better, what he'll have to eventually do. He pulls off the cover, and they see that it didn't work. Liv thinks that cold feeling that she has, is the same that Webster felt before a kill, cold clarity. Liv knows that they have to get rid of Marcy. She's not going to get better, and she's a timebomb waiting to go off. Ravi tries to plan to transport her somewhere safe, but Liv knows that they have no safe place. She also hopes that if she were reduced to that monstrous thing down there someone would put her out of her misery. Ravi took an oath to do no harm, and he wants to help her. Liv goes looking for something to kill Marcy with, while Ravi tries to get a sample from her. Marcy pulls Ravi down into the pit. Liv watches the whole thing, as Ravi tries to fight off Marcy. He calls to her for help, and she finally leaps into action and into the pit. Marcy attacks her, and Liv goes full zombie on Marcy, bashing her head in. Ravi has to talk her down from her state, and she comes back to herself, but its close. He can get his sample now.

Liv and Ravi bag their soiled clothes, unsure if the blood is a contaminant or not. Liv realizes that she almost watched him die. Ravi points out that she didn't though. She's remorseful, and Ravi tells her that he's fine, she saved him. Even with all that sociopath swimming in her veins, she pulled through. She gets a call from Clive, he needs them both.

Clive is questioning Watts again, and Watts is recording the whole thing for his own record so he has proof for when he sues him for harassment, and defamation. Clive goes over the likely story, and Webster's greed when he found out what Watts was worth. Watts claims that he still lacks the evidence to prove anything. Sure he doesn't have the phone, but Liv does have answers like location where Watts and Webster met, the color of his car, even what Watts was wearing. Clive tells him that the most helpful bit of information is what the witness overheard. He picked them both out of a line up, and over heard “you gave me a price, and I met it now shut up.” Peyton walks into the interrogation room. Watts tells his lawyer to do something. He suggests they walk out. But Clive wants to finish his story. It was garbage day, Watts turns and seeing the orange coat and reflectors jogs his memory. Watts turns back, Peyton offers him a plea deal, a one time only offer. Watts's attorney tells him to walk out. Peyton reminds him its a one time offer, if he walks out then she'll make sure he never breathes a free breath again. Clive hands him a confession and Watts signs it. Liv sees Clive get his kudos. Ravi finds it all exciting, in his orange gear. He never knew it was so flattering. Liv admits that he was totally convincing. It was thrilling, he's almost happy that the sanitation worker couldn't remember anything. Liv feels almost like herself again.

The brains are wearing off. She never felt like a monster until she ate Webster. But with him leaving her system she worries about getting her emotions back. She doesn't want to feel what she did to Marcy. One bite could make it all float away. Liv doesn't let it float away. She throws the brains down the garbage disposal. She can't forget. Marcy was a real person, and she went through something horrible in the dark. Liv goes to Marcy's mothers, leaves a note in her mailbox, and returns the necklace that Marcy always wore to her. Marcy was a person and she killed her. Marcy's mother collapses as she sees the necklace.

Liv mourns her loss of Major. She watches the video and breaks down. Peyton comes in to comfort her. Feeling pain doesn't make it stop, it makes you human.

Jerome continues to look for his friend, taking his picture around skate parks. No one recognizes him. He runs into Blaine, shows him the picture. Blaine tells him that he just saw him, that he's in a house party a few blocks over, and offers to walk him there. Blaine innocently asks if anyone is waiting on him. Jerome tells him no, and Blaine promises to reunite him with his friend. Poor kid has no clue what he's getting into.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E15 - "One Door Closes" Recap

Flashback to the day SHIELD fell. Mack is being held captive by Hydra double agents until Isabelle Hartley and Bobbi show up and rescue him. They've infiltrated the aircraft under Nicky Fury's order to save the commanding officer, Robert Gonzales, after which they are to sink the ship and the cargo. This is SHIELD's last chance to survive against Hydra. After finding Gonzales, they struggle to help him given his severe leg injury. Bobbi plans for Hartley to clear the way for Mack so Gonzales can be rescued while she'll sink the ship but when Hartley finds other SHIELD agents fighting back against Hydra, she and Mack convince Bobbis and Gonzales that they need to help the remaining agents instead of killing them by sinking the ship. Thus begins this other branch of SHIELD, that is designed to fight against Fury and all his secrecy.

In present day, Bobbi steals the "toolbox" that Nick Fury gave Coulson but gets confronted by May while Coulson is confronting Mack about his allegiances. Bobbi and May fight, and back-up arrives to help May. But Bobbi sets off some back-up off her own, allowing her and Mack to escape. May tells Coulson that Bobbi's gotten away with Fury's toolbox and is claiming to be working for the "real" SHIELD.

When Bobbi checks in with Gonzalez, we learn that they are looking for Skye. Skye is still at "The Retreat," a safe house designed by Brunce Banner for people with abilities. She tries on the gloves that Simmons designed to help inhibit her new earthquake powers. Though they are effective in that regard, they also cause Skye to grow light-headed. She is then visited by Gordon, the man without eyes who has the ability to teleport. He tells her that her abilities are a gift that can be used for good, and tap into the vibrations of all things. He offers to take her to a safe haven where she'll be free to learn to control her abilities, and promises to return if/when she decides to accept.

Simmons is able to apprehend Bobbi by playing on Bobbi's underestimation of her. Meanwhile, Mack corners Fitz and implores Fitz to trust him. But May discovers a gas mask among Bobbi's possessions and realises that Bobbi and Mack had never planned on escaping. It's then that dendrotoxin gas fills the base and everyone except for May is knocked unconscious. The "real SHIELD" agents infiltrated the base and seize control.

Agent Tomas Calderon is able to retrieve Skye's locations and sends a team to find her. Bobbi tags along with that team. At the cabin, Skye removes her glove and learns that Gordon was right when she finds she is able to manipulate water. A little while later, May calls her to warn her that this team is coming after her. She tells Skye about a panel to bring down the cabin's grid and tells her she believes in her.

Gonzales has a meeting with Coulson, saying that he wants Coulson's help in opening Fury's toolbox so that none of Fury's secrets can harm SHIELD or the world itself again. Coulson is not interested in helping and refuses. May breaks in and knocks out Gonzales before helping Coulson escape, telling him to find Skye. She then surrenders herself to Agent Anne Weaver.

The "real" SHIELD team arrives at the cabin and Bobbi orders the other agents to use icers instead of real bullets because Skye is an agent just like them. Agent Calderon has had one too many bad experiences with gifted individuals so he tries to shoot Skye with a real gun. Naturally, skye tries to defend herself but given her lack of control over her abilities, she ends up bringing down a large chunk of the forest when she deflects the bullet back onto Agent Calderon. Bobbi also ends up knocked down from the blast. An emotional Skye calls out to Gordon for help and he immediately appears, asking if she wants to go home. She agrees and then he teleports her away.

Finally, Coulson meets up with Lance Hunter in a tropical bar. Hunter agrees to become a permanent agent for SHIELD and together, the pair begin plotting their next move.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


Fresh Off the Boat S1E10 - "Blind Spot" Recap

Eddie panics when he realises the school's science fair is coming up and despite having had six months to prepare, he has nothing to show for it. Eddie's younger brothers both have better projects set up but then Evan develops chicken pox, much to the delight of Emery who thinks that this will pave the way to his victory. Jessica and Louis declare that everyone needs to keep out of Grandma Huang's room, as this will be the quarantine zone. Eddie decides he should try to get the chicken pox to get out of the science fair. Evan refuses to help Eddie get chicken pox because he says he's wasting his potential, but Evan is also scheming to give Emery his chicken pox because he sees him as his rival. Evan sneaks into Emery's room to try to breathe the germs on him but Eddie was two steps ahead, as he was hiding in Emery's bed. But when Eddie wakes up the next morning, he doesn't have the chicken pox. But Emery does. When Eddie complains to his younger brothers about not catching the chicken pox and reveals the wealth of knowledge he gained from researching the chicken pox to try to catch it, they band together to help Eddie throw a project together on the disease. Eddie doesn't win the science fair but he brings his brothers some pizza anyway.

Jessica's college boyfriend Oscar Chow is coming to visit the Huangs. After hearing from many other women that it's surprising that Louis isn't jealous of Oscar coming around, Jessica begins to want Louis to be jealous. Jessica gets upset at Louis for not getting jealous of Oscar, who arrives in all his camp glory. As it turns out, Louis isn't jealous of Oscar because he believes Oscar is gay. Louis points out to Jessica that she has a blind spot when it comes to gay people, as she is unable to tell when people are gay. But finally, she realises the truth of the matter when Oscar comes out wearing her robe. Jessica is further perturbed when she realises that Oscar had feelings for Louis. Jessica confronts him on this matter and tells him he has a blind spot when it comes to people liking and having feelings for him. Things are made even more awkward when he learns that Oscar believes that he and Louis were dating in college. Jessica is still hurt after everything, as she had wanted him to be jealous to prove that he thought Jessica was a catch. Louis and Oscar patch things up and go to make Jessica feel better. They find her at a lesbian bar (she has no idea it's a lesbian bar), and assure that she was always the hottest girl in school. Louis also finally expresses some jealousy when one of the lesbians at the bar is shown to be staring Jessica down.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


The Flash S01E17 Recap: Tricksters

Wells finally revealed his secret to Cisco, and Barry had to admit that Joe was right about Dr. Wells, but a bit of time traveling nulled that timeline, as well as the kiss he shared with Iris.

15 years ago. Barry's mother puts Barry to sleep when a pair of speedsters enter her home in a fight. They fight around her, and she ends up dying.

Barry shows everything that he knows about Wells. Wells is a speedster, and his machine made Barry the Flash, it's all connected. Since Barry got struck by lightening Wells has done everything he could to make Barry faster. They're unsure if he's the Reverse Flash, but he's something. Whatever Wells wants from Barry he's been patient, scary patient, since this all started fifteen years ago.

Balloons float down from the sky. They look innocent enough, until the balloons touchdown and begin exploding. Barry runs in and saves one of the children before he can grab the explosive gift.

Joe, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin watch the Trickster's video as he claims responsibility. He's a copycat killer, copying a nutcase from a few decades ago. James Jesse was the original Trickster, one who terrorized the city, causing many casualties. Barry points out that he was the most lethal until the accelerator accident. Joe and Barry plan to pay him a little visit and see what he knows about his groupie. Wells wonders if Barry is okay, but Joe brushes it off, even the Flash can wake up a little cranky.

Past. The young Barry gets transported to the street as the two Flashes fight. Yellow and Red clash. Reverse Flash finds that the fight has left him depleted, and no longer able to run in time. The Reverse Flash removes his mask, but its not the Wells that we know.

Joe and Barry head to a place in the prison that they've never been to. It was specially built for James. He was seeing the prison psychiatrist, until he convinced that psychiatrist to commit suicide. Barry and Joe are brought into a room, with given some red ropes. James can smell them in Barry's pocket. Barry hands over the licorice and the case files. No one was killed in the attack yesterday, but the bombs were similar to the ones that James use to use. It was the same chemical composition. James thinks its impossible, he never shared the formula. The newest incarnation calls himself the Trickster too, and James does not like the sound of that. He is nothing like James. James finally rises to retrieve the items. If he did know who it was, he would tell the police so that they could catch the amateur. Joe asks him to help them. The Trickster won't be tricked, but he assumes that this copycat found his lair. James tells them that when they find him, they should make sure their safetys are off.

Iris goes to see Eddie. She's worried that something has happened to Mason Bridge. He's a reporter though, so Eddie thinks its normal for him to disappear, chasing down a story. Iris thinks that its something more. Eddie wonders if he's running from a story, or lying low because of a threat. Mason thought threats were no more than nuisances. He was investigating Wells and now he's disappeared, and she has a bad feeling about it. Most of the police resources are being used to find this Trickster, but once he has a free moment, he will look into Mason's whereabouts.

Joe and Barry head to old Trickster lair. It looks like its been untouched since the 90's. The Trickster seemed to be very ticked off that someone was besmirching his name. Barry finds a hidden door, and he has to use some super fast wiggling to get into the room. The door pops open, and Barry has to grab Joe fast as he sets off a trap. Once the smoke clears, they see that the room has been completely cleaned out.

Joe and Barry head back to the prison. Barry takes a moment to stop by his father's cell. He's very close to finding out who really killed his mother, and to freeing his father. His father doesn't want him to keep looking into this, but Barry isn't going to stop.

James greets Joe and Barry, but notes that they aren't baring sweet gifts this time. They're a little miffed that the place they were sent was booby trapped. James tells them that one can never be too careful. Barry tells him that he was protecting nothing. Everything was gone. James begins to lose it. This insult cannot continue, the new wannabe is stealing his legacy and he won't stand for it. James had a bomb inside, one big enough to blow up all of Central City. Cisco calls with news, the new Trickster just put up a vlog,that he thinks Barry should really see. Barry shows James the vlog, where he talks about a bigger display, and all James can focus on is the fact that he's wearing his mask.

Wells goes over the findings with Joe and Barry. Barry's jabs get more brutal towards Wells. Cisco tells him that the guy is using some crazy Felicity-scambler. Until he uploads a new video, finding his location will be tough. Caitlin is sure that they will catch him. Wells asks for an aside with Barry. He tells Barry that he knows what he's thinking, what he's feeling. Wells thinks that he knows what Barry is thinking, that talking with James had brought on feelings about his father. Barry agrees that knowing that his mother's killer is hard on him. Wells thinks they should focus on the case at hand. Barry gets a text and runs off.

Past. Wells babbles on the beach. He sketches the buildings that will eventually become S.T.A.R. Lbas. His wife gives it the name, and it looks picturesque. The Reverse Flash watches Wells on the beach from a distance.

The Flash sneaks up on Iris. She asked to meet him in her former workplace, she thought it was kind of their thing. Iris tells him that Mason Bridge is missing, and she's worried. Eddie says that he's fine, but she's not so sure. For her, he will look into it. Iris notices that he appears to have a heavy heart. The Flash isn't sure why he even wears the mask with her. Cisco signals that the Trickster is broadcasting another message. The Flash asks to use Iris's laptop. The Trickster claims that he's going to be nice, to give them an area to find the bomb. Barry races off to search that area. He runs the streets, but can't find anything. The bomb should be giving off some sort of signal, but its nothing that Cisco has been able to pick up. Wells thinks that its a trick, tells Barry to trust him. But Barry remains adamant that he's going to continue to look. Barry finds the crate that the Trickster said the bomb would be in, but the crate is empty.

The Trickster isn't anywhere near there, he's causing explosions elsewhere. Cisco gets a notice that there has been an explosion at the prison. Wells was right, it was all a diversion. It was all a ruse to release James Jesse. Barry calls into Joe, that the bomb threat was a diversion to break out James Jesse. Joe already knows, they have video footage of the escape, and worse they have a hostage, Barry's father. Barry does not take the news well.

The Trickster pulled one hell of a trick, and he's back to laughing manically ala the Joker. There's a reason that Mark Hamill has voiced that iconic character many times, he brings the crazy. The Trickster's protege is so happy that they're in the same room. He's gushing at him. Barry's father tells him that James is just using him. The young kid doesn't know why they took Barry's father. It's because his son works for the police. Barry's dad is confident that if the police don't catch James, then the Flash will. James hopes so. The protege asks whats next, he said that he had something big planned. He has a big bang planned. The protege's next question is why him. He knew that he could be trusted, that he could carry out his plan, and well he has a Darth Vader moment, he's his father.

Joe fills Team Flash in on his findings. The protege is named Axel and he's been corresponding with James for the past decade. And no one noticed this sooner? Caitlin is sure that they will find his father. Barry admits that he should have listened to Wells.

Past. Wells's wife has trouble straying awake on their drive home. The other speedster has something planned for them. A spike strip strategically placed causes their car to crash. Tess doesn't look good, and Wells begins to panic. He sees the man, and thinks that he's there to help. Wells tells him to hurry, she's dying, but the man tells him that she's been dead for centuries.

Barry worries over his father. Joe knows that he was taken for leverage, he's fine at the moment. Their team is looking for him. Barry isn't happy to leave his father's fate in the hands of the man who may have killed his mother. It doesn't make sense. Why is Wells helping him? He doesn't understand his motivations. Joe tries to help him hold it together. Barry and Wells are connected. Barry is the type of person who always sees the good in people. As fast as he is, that's his real power, and he can't let Wells take that from him. Joe tells Barry he's not sure why Wells is helping, only that he is, and they have to trust in that for now.

Iris enters the gala to re-elect Bellows, taking a glass of offered champagne, unknowing that she just took it from the Trickster. Her reporter skills really suck, since he's not really in much of a costume. The champagne is almost out, and the fun is about to begin. Iris approaches Mayor Bellows about his lovely party. The Trickster takes the microphone, and cracks some jokes. Bellow silences the mic, and asks the Trickster who he is. James Jesse introduces himself, removing his disguise. He then tells everyone in the room that he's robbing them, and to make sure they're compliant, he's poisoned them. They have one hour before they're dead. One man begins to froth at the mouth, he arrived to the party early, and drank the first glass of champagne. He's beyond the antidote's help. It's a good motivation. He tells them that they have time to call their bankers and transfer money to the account on their glasses. If anyone tries to call 911, then they'll be poisoned by lead.

Cisco searches traffic cameras for leads when Joe gets a call from Iris. Joe puts it on speaker phone, and they hear the Trickster's little speech. Barry races off, while the team works on synthesizing the cure.

James appraoches Iris, who happens to stand out since she's not only in the middle, in red, and not on her phone or panicking like everyone else. He's been in prison a long time, and Iris looks delicious. She tries to sass him, but the Flash arrives, slamming James into a wall, asking where Henry Allen is. He tells him that he's in heaven where the Flash will soon be. Axel straps a bomb to The Flash's wrist. They're gonna play a little speed game. If Flash slows to under 600 mph, he'll explode, if he tries to remove the bomb he'll explode. The Flash speeds off. Cisco tells him that it appears the Trickster wasn't bluffing, the device is linked to a speedometer. Barry knows that he cannot maintain that speed. Caitlin isn't sure how to get the device off without hurting Barry. Wells tells Barry that he needs to find a wall and run through it. If he can get his cells to vibrate at a high enough frequency then he'll phase through the wall, and the bomb will be left on the other side. It sounds just crazy enough to work. Barry doesn't think that he can do it, but Wells believes in him. Wells talks him through it, telling him to feel the air, the lightening. Become the lightening, its part of him, part of something greater, that's his. Barry goes all zen, and he shifts through a truck. It worked. It felt weird, but the device is off. It explodes, and Barry is safe.

The Flash races back through the gala. He speeds through the inoculation process, which may not be sanitary, but it is efficient. He approaches the Trickster, asking where Henry is again, James is going to jail either way.

Henry waits for his rescue or death. Barry speeds through his traps,and rescues his father. Henry laughs looking at his son. Barry unmasks himself. He's always looked good in red.

Barry takes his father to S.T.A.R. Labs. He's very impressed, most of the equipment in that lab wasn't around when he was working. Cisco offers to give him a crash course. Caitlin offers him a hug. Henry is in awe of everything. He asks his son what it feels like to run like that. It feels unlike anything else. Henry thanks Wells for everything that he's done for his son. Wells has kind words for Henry about Barry. He's just doing what he can. Henry is ready to return to jail, but Joe doesn't cuff him to return him. Caitlin gives Barry a hug, he seemed like he could use one too. Wells tells Barry that his father is an extraordinary man. Barry feels lucky to have him, and lucky to have Wells too. Barry walks away after his lie.

Past. The man pulls Wells from the car. In the year 2020 Wells and his wife launch a successful particle accelerator and change the world, but if he's going to get back to his time he needs to speed up the time line Eobard tells him. He's not coming to save Wells, but to save himself. He uses a weird device, linking himself and Wells. It gives Eobard Wells' face, and leaves the man crumpled on the ground.

Joe had asked Eddie to meet with him, he wants to talk to him about Iris. She was looking into Mason Bridge's disappearance, and he can't let that happen. The Flash runs in, and Barry unmasks himself. Eddie looks at him in shock. Joe tells him that they need his help.

Eddie spins a story that Mason moved to Brazil. There was a girl involved, and he decided to go off the grid, to follow this girl. Iris guesses she didn't really know Mason. Joe and Barry arrive for dinner. Iris seems to believe the story. Joe thinks it better to keep her in the dark for her safety for now. Eddie isn't so sure, but he'll go with it. He wants to know the next move. Barry tells them that when Wells was talking in through the phasing, he sounded like he was speaking from experience. He's sure that Wells is the Reverse Flash.

Past. The police come across the car accident, they help Wells out of the car. He tells them that he's Harrison Wells.


BOOM! Studios Heads to WonderCon Anaheim 2015 and Announces Signings,Panels, and Exclusives

March 31, 2015 (Los Angeles, Calif.) - Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at WonderCon Anaheim 2015, which will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, during the weekend of April 3-5.

BOOM! can be found at booth #611 on the show floor and will host the following creators:

Appearing and signing all weekend will be:
  • Bryce Carlson (Hit)

Sketching at the booth all weekend will be:

  • Kassandra Heller (Adventure Time)
  • Stephanie Gonzaga (Adventure Time)

Appearing for one-hour signings throughout the weekend:

  • 3-4 PM - Marc Andreyko (Clive Barker’s Nightbreed)

  • 11AM-12 PM - Yehudi Mercado (Rocket Salvage)
  • 12-1 PM - Matt Gagnon (Day Men)
  • 1-2 PM - Mike Johnson (Sleepy Hollow: Origins)
  • 4-5 PM - Brian Lynch (Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return), Amy Stoch (Missy from the Bill & Ted ), Scott Kroopf (Bill & Ted films producer)

  • 1-2 PM - Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes)

BOOM! will also present and participate in the following panels at WonderCon:

BOOM! Studios: From Page to Screen
Comics publisher BOOM! Studios is actively developing several of its original titles for film and television. Have you ever wondered what that process is like? Hear from BOOM! Studios Founder and CEO Ross Richie, President of Development Stephen Christy; screenwriter Arash Amel (Butterfly); and entertainment attorney Matt Sugarman as they talk about the process of shopping a comic book property in Hollywood. Moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit.

Push Comics Forward: BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Looks Ahead to the Next 10
10 years ago, Ross Richie started BOOM! Studios from a spare bedroom in his house. Today, BOOM! is a multiple award-winning top 10 publisher. But rather than look back at what we’ve achieved the past 10 years, join us as we look ahead to the next 10 years and talk about Push Comics Forward, a movement to inspire publishers, creators, press, and fans to join the conversation on what is helping to improve the industry, and what more can be done. Join Ross Richie, President of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik, and Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon as they host creators Bryce Carlson (Hit); Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes); Trevor Crafts & Matt Daley (Lantern City), and more to talk about how BOOM! is helping to Push Comics Forward. Plus, each attendee will receive an exclusive Lantern City pin!

Push “Excellence” Forward: New “Bill & Ted” Comics Come to BOOM! Studios
As part of its ongoing desire to Push Comics Forward, BOOM! Studios carefully selects key licensed properties to help bring new readers to comics. In March, the publisher launches Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return, a new comic series based on the classic films about two, excellent high school buddies who go on to bring about world peace through their music. Join the comic’s writer, Brian Lynch; editors Ian Brill and Alex Galer; star of the films, Amy Stoch, PhD (Missy); and producer of the films Scott Kroopf as they talk about the new series and the everlasting popularity of Bill & Ted. Moderated by BuzzFeed’s Kirk Damato.

Push Fun Forward: The Importance of All-Ages Comics
All-ages comics are important now more than ever in helping to bring in new and lapsed readers, from practically every demographic. Join us as BOOM! Studios Associate Editor Whitney Leopard leads a discussion of the significance of all-ages comics—from what it has achieved thus far to what lies ahead—with creators Shelli Paroline (Adventure Time), Derek Fridolfs (Batman: Li’l Gotham), Mairghread Scott (Transformers: Windblade), and more.

BOOM! Studios editor Shannon Watters will participate in an hourlong portfolio review on Saturday of WonderCon:

BOOM! Studios Portfolio Review
Shannon Watters, the Editor of BOOM! Studios' all-ages imprint KaBOOM! and experimental imprint BOOM! Box, is conducting portfolio reviews at WonderCon Anaheim. Please bring sequential work relating to all-ages content as well as out-of-the-box ideas, plus cover art, color art, and materials showing off your personal style. No story pitches, please.

And finally, BOOM! will have the following exclusive variants available for purchase at the booth:

  • Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1 - Cover by Braden Lamb (Adventure Time)

  • Sleepy Hollow: Origins #1 - Cover desoigned by Michelle Ankley (Photo credit: Brownie Harris and John Lopez)

For tickets and more information on WonderCon Anaheim 2015, visit their site at

Founded by Ross Richie in 2005, Diamond Gem Award-winning “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios ( generates a constellation of best-selling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning original and licensed comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent. BOOM! Studios is comprised of four distinct imprints. The original Studios imprint is home to Mike Carey's Suicide Risk; James Tynion IV's The Woods; Mark Waid's Irredeemable; Sons of Anarchy; and Big Trouble in Little China. Steven Grant’s graphic novel 2 Guns was released as a feature film from Universal Pictures, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. BOOM!’s all-ages imprint KaBOOM! publishes Charles Schulz’ Peanuts; Jim Davis’ Garfield; Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe; Mike Kunkel’s Herobear and the Kid; and Natasha Allegri's Bee and PuppyCat. BOOM!'s experimental imprint BOOM! Box publishes The Midas Flesh and Lumberjanes. In June 2013, BOOM! acquired Archaia Entertainment ( Archaia is the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning graphic novel publisher of Mouse Guard, Cow Boy, Gunnerkrigg Court, Rust, and Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand. In October 2013, BOOM! Studios entered into a unique first-look relationship with 20th Century Fox, giving the studio access to its library of titles and giving the publisher access to Fox's vast catalog of films. In August 2014, BOOM! Studios began a similar first-look relationship with 20th Century Fox TV to develop properties for the small screen.


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